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Controlling Your Home From Smartphone Apps: Ideas and Integrations

Having the ability to check on your home through your phone is key to having a secured household. Find out the different ways you can integrate your phone with your security equipment today.

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Smart Solutions to Protect Your Home and Family in 2021

Looking for new security solutions to protect your home this year? Read this blog to learn more about different options you can take to secure your household.

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Are Smart Locks Safe For My Home: A Pros and Cons Guide

Are smart locks safe for my home? Find out all you need to know about the electronic locking system. We break down the pros and cons of smart locks and compare the system with traditional lock and key systems.

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Smart Home Front Door Accessories: What You Need to Buy 

Having smart home security starts right at your front door. Find out the best options to place at the front of your home!

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How to Secure Your Home While Away On Vacation

Are you planning a trip but worried about keeping your home safe while traveling? Here are some easy and helpful tips on how to secure your home and stay connected while away on vacation.

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looking at phone to make changes to smart home and adjust accounts

The Top Smart Home Automation Ideas To Integrate In 2021

Making switches to smart home automations can make your day to day life easier and more user-friendly. Find out some small changes you can make to your house in 2021.

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A white Qolsys IQ2 Panel installed in a family’s living area.

Product Spotlight: Introducing the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 +

Switching your home to a smart home starts with a panel. That's why we're spotlighting the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+. This technology forward security panel helps your daily life become easier, more reliable and secure.

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hands picking up a wet cardboard box due a flooded basement without water sensors

Different Ways to Prevent a Flooded Basement This Spring

Having a flooded basement is a frustrating task to take care of. Luckily, there are a few different measures to help prevent a flooded basement! Here's a guide to understanding why floods happen, how to avoid them, and what to do if your basement floods.

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How to Improve Energy Conservation in an Older Home

Older homes have great charms and quirks that make them special. Learn these energy conservation tips to keep your older home beautiful, and keep your wallet full.

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How Many Security Cameras Do I Need At Home?

Security cameras are excellent for monitoring and protecting your property. But how many security cameras do I need at home? We've got answers in this guide.

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Home Security Systems and Companies Without Contracts

If you're wanting to integrate home security into your home, you might not want to sign with a company that requires a contract. Instead, learn about these security companies that offer no contract.

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Smart Home Ideas for Newbies: Easy Equipment to Advance Your Life 

Making changes for smart home integrations are easy! If you're unsure where to start, we have you covered. This guide will help you learn about different smart home ideas, products, and how ONIT can do it all for you.

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Internet Outage: Does it Interfere With A Security System’s Cloud Storage?

An internet outage is a pain for many reasons. But is their interference with our security camera's cloud storage one of them? Read to understand what happens to your camera's cloud storage during an outage and what your options are for storing important clips without internet.

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