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Alexa Routines: How To Utilize Smart Home Scheduling In Your Daily Life

Having an Alexa routine helps you stay hands and device free, while consuming information or having daily routines set in place. Whether you're using it for an alarm clock, a bedtime story, or making sure your doors are locked, the Alexa routines will help improve productivity.

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Outdoor Home Security to Install Before Summertime Begins

Before summer hits, make sure your outdoors have home security equipment. Keep unwanted visitors away and have an extra eye on your kids in the backyard with these easy steps.

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How to Prevent a Christmas Tree Fire: a Tips Guide

There are so many things to think of during the holidays. Don't let the fear of a Christmas tree fire ruin your home or your holiday spirit! Follow these easy tips to make sure your home stays safe.

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How a Water Sensor or Freeze Sensor Can Prevent Frozen Pipes

Water sensors or freeze sensors are great tools that can give you insight to your home, whether or not you're there. Don't walk into a flood from pipes that burst open, know the status of your water through a smart home app.

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How Cold Weather Affects Outdoor Security Camera System

Having an outdoor camera security system is a great way to deter criminals. However, each camera has an operating temperature that must be followed. Make sure that your camera is safe for usage during the winter months.

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viewing a block of security camera footage

Hidden Home Security Cameras: Where and When to Disguise Home Security

Hidden security cameras can be beneficial if they are installed in a safe and legal spot. Learn more about where to store your camera both effectively and legally.

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smart phone faces camera with four grid camera footage

5 Home Security Tips to Make Your Home Safer in 2021

Use these five easy tips to keep your home and family safer in 2021. Not only are they easy changes, but their effects can save you from someone breaking in.

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yale smart lock keypad and deadbolt

Yale Smart Lock: Make Your Daily Life Safer and Easier 

Having keyless entry to your home is quick, efficient and safe. Yale smart locks boast sophisticated and modern equipment pieces to add to your front door.

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Security Spotlight: the Ring Home Security Packages and Equipment

Having a Ring home security system means complete control through your application while providing state of the art security. Read more about their differing packages and supplemental equipment.

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The 5 Best Home Security Systems to Install for Your Household in 2021

With so many home security companies out there, who should you focus on? Learn about these top five companies to gauge who you'd be interested in.

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5 Tips to Avoid Package Theft in Apartment Complexes

Living in an apartment could make you more susceptible to package theft. Learn these quick tips and tricks to make sure your online orders are delivered safely to you.

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DIY Security: How to Build a Custom Security System

Having a custom security system gives you the freedom you want, with the security advantages that you need. There are different types of equipment on the market, learn what brands you should consider.

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How to Protect Your Business from Burglary: 6 Essential Tips

If you're a business owner, it's important you know how to protect your business from burglary. Here are 6 ways you can start protecting your company today.

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