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How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last? Comparing Ring Models

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The Ring Doorbell has become a top choice for homeowners who want to beef up their home security with smart security cameras. One consideration Ring Doorbell users have is battery life, which greatly impacts its reliability. In this article, we will explore the question: “How long does Ring Doorbell battery last?” by comparing different Ring Doorbell models’ battery life.

But before we go into how long the battery lasts, let’s look at what type of battery is used. In a nutshell, Ring devices use rechargeable lithium batteries charged using micro USB chargers. It’s a good idea to buy an extra battery to maintain continuous use even when the main battery drains.

How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last?

Generally, Ring Doorbells’ battery life ranges from 6 to 12 months based on moderate use and optimal environmental conditions. The actual battery life depends on the model, motion detection frequency, Live View usage, and Wi-Fi signal strength.

Understanding the battery life of a doorbell can help you make an informed decision when choosing the right Ring model to meet your home security needs. Picking the best option can be a little daunting since Ring has different doorbell models. That’s why we have gone the extra mile to list some Ring Doorbells and their battery life for you.

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Battery Life Comparison for Different Ring Doorbell Models

The battery life of Ring Doorbell depends on the specific model. Here are some different Ring Doorbell Models’ battery life:

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) Battery

The Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation) has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 6-12 months with normal usage (3-5 events per day). This doorbell takes around 5-8 hours to fully charge. Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation) comes with the option of hard-wiring.

Ring Video Doorbell 4 Battery

The Ring Video Doorbell comes with a removable, rechargeable battery which, according to Ring, can last 6 to 12 months. Ring says it can take between 5-10 hours to charge a Ring Video Doorbell 4 battery, depending on whether you’re charging from a wall outlet or a USB port. The charging hours also depend on the battery level before charging. Reviews show that a Ring Video DoorBell takes about 8 hours to recharge the battery. Since this video doorbell comes with a removable, rechargeable battery, you can buy a second battery to use when the other one is charging.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Battery

Like other Ring Video Doorbells on this list, the battery is expected to last 6 to 12 months. However, some users can drain the battery in a few weeks due to their settings. The Ring Video Doorbell has a rechargeable, quick-release battery pack that can take 5 to 10 hours to recharge.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus comes with energy-saving features, which, according to Ring, the battery should last three times longer than the first Ring Doorbell. However, this depends on your settings and environmental conditions. Some reviews show that the battery can even last up to six weeks.

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus can be an all-around choice for homeowners. It comes with a removable, rechargeable battery pack, allowing you to purchase another pack for backup power. You can connect it to a Ring plug-in adapter or hard-wire it to a transformer for trickle charging or an existing doorbell system. In addition, this doorbell model comes with enhanced energy-saving features than the previous model.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus comes with advanced features such as head-to-toe video, better video quality, people and animal recognition, and a better viewing angle. From what we have gathered, Ring does not list the actual battery life of its products. They only give a range, and this is because the actual battery life relies on many variables that we’re going to discuss below.

A Ring doorbell camera installed next to a bright blue front door.

What Factors Influence Battery Life?

How long a doorbell battery lasts can be impacted by several factors, including

Frequency of Use

A doorbell that is used frequently will drain the battery faster than one that is used occasionally.

Weather Conditions

Ring doorbell batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures, affecting their performance and longevity. Extremely cold weather can cause the battery to discharge faster and can stop working completely when the cold increases. Extreme heat can also drain battery power quickly and even lead to overheating and damage to internal components.

Signal Strength

Poor Wi-Fi signal strength can increase battery consumption since it disconnects and reconnects constantly.

Live View Usage

Your doorbell battery will consume more energy if you use the Live View feature to view real-time video footage of your surroundings.

User and Manufacturers-Configured Settings

The specific settings you choose for your doorbell directly impact the battery life. For example, choosing higher motion sensitivity or longer video recording durations can increase battery usage. In addition, default manufacturer’s settings, such as continuous self-checks or any settings that cause frequent activations, can reduce battery life. Adjusting the settings can help optimize battery life.

Doorbell Position

If you install your doorbell in a position where it detects frequent motion or activity, it may trigger more events and use mre power recording, and send alerts. This is common for a doorbell facing a busy street— it will drain faster than one in a less busy backyard.

How to Optimize Your Ring Doorbell Battery Life

Your Ring doorbell battery life will be determined by the environment and the settings you have chosen. Here are some tips on optimizing your Ring Doorbell battery without risking your home’s security.

  • Ensure the Wi-Fi connection is strong: Strong signal strength has fewer disconnecting and reconnecting, which consumes energy.
  • Adjust motion settings: Fine-tuning the detection setting reduces triggering events. For example, you can set motion zones to avoid busy streets. You can also adjust motion sensitivity to low. This helps minimize false alerts and battery consumption.
  • Utilize the solar charger: If the model supports a solar charger, you can use it to provide your doorbell’s battery with continuous power during the day. It can also eliminate the need for frequent battery changes.
  • Disable motion or activate motion snooze: You can turn off the motion detection option or temporarily disable motion alerts during specific times to conserve your battery’s energy. For example, during busy times like when kids are playing outside or when your gardener is around.
  • Check if your device firmware is up to date: While firmware updates require more power, they can help enhance your battery efficiency since they come with the latest improvements and features.
  • Change smart alerts: You can adjust smart alert settings from standard to light.
  • Other simple tricks include:
    • Reducing the device’s brightness
    • Setting the Light Sensors to turn on when it’s very dark
    • Using recommended battery brands
    • Avoid installing the doorbell in direct sunlight
    • Always ensure you fully charge the battery before you use it

FAQs on Battery Life

Below are common questions we receive from users about Ring doorbell batteries:

How Do I Know the Battery Level?

To check your battery level, open the Ring app and navigate to device settings. Tap on the doorbell you want to check, and select device health. You will see your doorbell battery status under Battery Level.

Do All Ring Doorbells Have Batteries?

No. Not all Ring Doorbell models have batteries. However, most models use rechargeable batteries except the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Video Doorbell Elite. The Ring Doorbell Elite charges through the Ethernet cable, while Ring Video Doorbell Pro uses existing doorbell wires.

Can I Use My Ring Doorbell While the Battery is Charging?

Yes, but it depends on the model and whether it’s hard-wired. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Ring Video Doorbell Elite work while charging. If you have hard-wired your doorbell, it can be trickle-charged and can take longer to charge, depending on the functions the device is performing.

Are There Any Additional Options For Powering My Ring Doorbell?

Yes. However, it depends on the model. You can hard-wire it to the existing doorbell transformer for continuous power supply. You can also use a solar charger if your doorbell supports it.

Does It Provide Low-Battery Notifications?

Yes. You will receive a low battery notification once the level falls below 30%. You also have the option to check which devices are using the most power to help you adjust the settings accordingly.

Can I Extend the Battery Life of My Ring Doorbell?

By changing a few settings on your device, you can maximize your doorbell battery life. For example, you can adjust motion detection settings, optimize Wi-Fi signal strength and reduce video recording length. Consider purchasing a second battery to avoid downtime and ensure your home is always secure.

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Improve Your Home’s Security With ONIT Home

Ring Doorbell batteries can last between six and 12 months depending on the model, frequency of use, device settings, and environmental conditions. Newer Ring Doorbells come with enhanced battery-saving features that help extend the life of your doorbell battery. If you want an option to extend the battery’s life, you can consider hard-wiring the doorbell. We have also discussed tips for optimizing your doorbell battery life, so you can consider trying them.

At ONIT Home, we can help you install a Ring doorbell or any other home security equipment you want in your home. We also help homeowners design home safety systems to meet unique security needs. Get a free quote today or call us at 1-833-433-0331 to speak to our experts. Looking to beef up your security? We’re ON IT!

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