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Common Home Security Mistakes and What to Do Instead

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Typical home security mistakes like not locking doors and windows put you and your family in danger. Others include hiding spare keys in common spots and not securing second and upper-floor windows. However, there’re steps you can take to improve your home security. After all, isn’t your home a haven and castle? Meaning it’s crucial to do all you can to keep intruders, thieves, or unwanted guests away. So, what can you do to avoid the common home security mistakes? In this post, we guide you through these mistakes, considering statistics in the US show:

  • The country experiences 1 million plus burglaries annually
  • Most of these happen during the day and aren’t pre-planned
  • An average break-in takes 8-10 minutes

Plus, we offer solutions on what to do and how ONIT Home can help you with all your home smart security system needs.

Common Home Security Mistakes and What to Do Instead

As a homeowner, you’ll find yourself (knowingly and unknowingly) making common home security mistakes. With burglars becoming more sophisticated and daring, securing your home has never been more critical. In this section, we look deeper at the mistakes you should avoid and how to improve your home’s safety.

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Casually Hiding Your Spare Keys in Obvious Spots

Spare keys are crucial, especially when you lose or lock your main keys inside the house. However, where to hide the spare is a commonly ignored task. You may think you’re wise and unpredictable in how you hide that extra key. Many go for ‘under the welcome’ doormats, flower pots, or fake rocks. However, most burglars know where to look. If you’ve hidden the key in these apparent spots, you only make a thief’s job easier. Like a mockery, some burglars will open the house, steal, and return the key. This means you may not immediately realize your loss.

How to Avoid

A spare key may be a must-have depending on your home’s lock. Nevertheless, leaving it with a trusted friend or family is safer. Alternatively, invest in a secure lock box that’s undetectable. Similarly, going for a keyless entry system is even more advisable. This way, you can control the lock with your smartphone, eliminating the need for a key and improving your home’s security.

Excessive Travel and Home-Related Postings on Social Pages

In this tech era, social media is an everyday tool. You should be careful of your posts, even if it’s your ‘office.’ While it’s a connecting and learning tool, frequent home and travel-related posts may attract burglars. Posting you’re traveling or have acquired the latest 4K TV is an open invitation to burglars preying on their next victim. Also, frequent house photos are akin to giving outsiders a map of your home. So, when you’re away, these unwanted visitors will have a field day. The question then is, what should you do to avoid this home security mistake?

Your Options

The easiest and wisest action is to avoid sharing your every move and latest gadgets. This way, even if there’s a stalker, they won’t find it easy to predict your movements. Remember, such individuals work with the information you share to determine your life steps. Alternatively, have a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member watch over your house while you’re away.

Ignoring or Forgetting to Lock (Second-Floor) Windows

An FBI report on burglary shows 37.8% of the incidences were unlawful, and no force was used. In addition, a KTVB survey among inmates reveals most gained access through an unlocked window or door. On the other hand, these statistics confirm many homeowners leave their house’s doors and windows unlocked. Many may think they’ve gone for a few minutes and will be back soon. However, with break-ins happening every 35 seconds, you can see the risk when leaving your house unlocked.

Still, no one would leave it knowingly. So, always check your doors and windows before leaving. More studies show that many burglars knock on the front door before gaining entry. This means they have easier access to do their dirty job if they find it unlocked.

What to Do Instead

With the grim statistics presented, you can enhance your home’s security by:

  • Checking if your doors and windows are locked
  • Ensure all windows have high-quality locks, including those on the second floor or higher.
  • Keep nearby trees and shrubs trimmed so they don’t act as climbing aids
  • Keep ladders out of reach or near second-floor windows

DIY Security System Installation

DIY projects are an amazing way to save costs, develop a skill, and create a fantastic solution to a problem. However, installing a security system is best left to a professional. In a DIY security system, you may place the sensors incorrectly, wire the components improperly, or set the control settings incorrectly. These misconceptions ultimately leave your home insecure and vulnerable. Additionally, many studies conclude a security installation is a significant deterrence to a burglar. Thus, you can see how much of a risk you’re exposing yourself, your house, your loved ones, and your property.

Solutions to the Mistake

Consider professional installation. A professional installer offers expert insights, customized installations, comprehensive assessments, and assurance that your systems are correctly installed. At ONIT Home, we provide customized installations, high-tech equipment, and expert advice for every homeowner.

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Not Installing a Security System

This is also among the common home security mistakes closely related to the DIY security installation issue. Many homeowners think a locked door is enough to deter burglars. However, an intruder can break a door, but a security system provides a higher level of deterrence. From Reseachgate’s study, 60% of burglars admit a security system is enough to make them seek an alternative target. More so to one without such a system.

What Should You Do

It’s easy to rectify this mistake. All you need to do is contact a professional home security installation expert like ONIT Home to help you.

Making It Obvious You Are Not Around

It’s okay to go on a vacation but don’t let it be evident to anyone. An easy target for burglars is an empty home. Some signs of an unoccupied home include:

  • Newspapers piling up outside your home
  • Mail overflowing from your mailbox
  • Uncut grass
  • A light that is on all day and night

So what should you do to avoid attracting unwanted guests?

What to Do

While it may be challenging, you can employ a few tricks to mimic an occupied home and keep burglars away. These include:

  • Talk to your post office to hold your mail
  • Have a trusted family or friend to check and collect any deliveries while you’re away
  • If on a subscription-based newspaper, consider arranging for a temporal hold while away
  • Install a smart alarm and smart lights with vacation mode to simulate an occupied home’s lighting pattern

Providing Cover for Burglars

Large trees, shrubs, or bushes can provide cover for burglars. This gives them the perfect hiding spot as they plan to break into your home. Also, burglars are more likely to target poorly-lit dwellings, as it allows them to move around and operate unnoticed. Most homeowners focus on indoor lighting, such as nightlights and motion-activated lighting, but leave the outdoor area dimly lit. Similarly, thick bushes or hedges can make it difficult for neighbors and patrolling authorities to detect a burglar.

What to Do Instead

  • Keep hedges and shrubs trimmed and no more than three feet tall
  • Ensure that the landscaping and the outside of your home are well-maintained.
  • Consider installing outdoor lighting around entrances, patios, balconies, and other vulnerable areas or cameras to increase visibility at night.
  • Installing a motion sensor light that activates when someone walks in the detection zone is an excellent option.
A white southwestern style home with two light brown garages.

Not Locking the Garage Door

Your garage door is a common entry point burglars use to gain entry into a house. They may also hide in the garage, waiting for an opportune time to gain access to your home. This means you’re aiding a burglar in executing their tasks when leaving it unlocked.

What to Do

Rectifying this issue is an easy one. Always ensure the door is locked. You should also check the side door to ensure it’s closed.

Let’s Help You Secure Your Home With Authentic and Reliable Home Security Systems

A well-designed smart security system can eliminate the most common home security mistakes. It alerts you on threats, allowing you to act quickly and minimize loss. These security systems utilize advanced technology to connect security cameras, smart locks, motion sensors, and other devices that prevent burglaries or break-ins. At ONIT Home, we offer customized installations with low monthly rates and no upfront costs. This gives us an edge over most of the big brands. We also have a contract-free option, allowing you to switch your chosen product.

When you need an affordable, flexible, reliable smart home security system, we’re the experts to go to. Call us at 1-833-433-0331 or request a free quote, and we’ll gladly send it to you. Whatever level of home security you need, we’ll be ONIT!

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