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5 Home Security Tips to Make Your Home Safer

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Having home security is a great resolution to an ongoing theft problem in America. With all the equipment out there, it can be overwhelming. There are so many tips and tricks to making the most of your home security, and we are here to guide you through the new experience! Here is our list of 5 home security tips to help make your home safer, and make the most of your security system. 

Tip #1: Secure Your Windows

One of our 5 home security tips is to secure your windows. You should especially secure any windows that are accessible without needing to use a ladder. These windows are the most vulnerable to being broken into, so make sure that you secure them! You can secure your windows in a few different ways. 

Adding Window Sensors

Attach window sensors directly to your window to alert you or make a noise whenever a window opens. While it’s ideal to put these on every window, for a low budget option you can keep it to the lower level or any window that can be easily accessed. A great way to keep thieves away is to have a loud alarm.

Add Shatterproof Window Films

Adding a shatterproof window film is a great way to keep your home safer. Shatterproof window films are put on the inside of a window and on the outside. In a situation where a burglar tries to shatter your window to get inside, the window film will keep your window from breaking open. While the glass will still break, the film layers will keep that broken glass together, making sure they can’t get into the house. This will deter any criminals because of how much noise they’ve already produced, and they will leave your property. 

You can buy shatterproof window films through Amazon

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Tip #2: The More Cameras, the Better 

Home security cameras can be put just about anywhere. There are hidden cameras, outdoor cameras, or indoor cameras. Typically, if a burglar sees a camera, they’re going to choose another house that doesn’t have the same level of security. 

Optimal Locations for Security Cameras

Making sure your security cameras are in the right place is a sure way to make sure that you make the most of your security camera. Here are the best spots to place your security cameras, according to CNET. They report that 81% of burglars enter through the main floor, so make sure to cover these spots:

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • First floor windows

Tip #3: Secure Your Doors

Securing your door will keep intruders out. Here are three different ways that you can protect your doors. 

Strike Plate

Install a strike plate on your door frame. This prevents anyone from kicking in your door.  The deadbolt will go directly into the strike plate, giving more security and reliability to your lock. You can find strike plates on Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes and more. 

Smart Lock

Did you know that smart locks are virtually impossible to lockpick? It’s true! Not only is a smart lock a great security bonus, but it helps you go key-free and have your own access to your home that you can customize and change whenever necessary. 

Video Doorbell

Video doorbells generally have cameras, which adds another layer of surveillance to your house. Here is our list of the best doorbell cameras

A close up of a clear glass bulb and the glowing light inside.

Tip #4: Light Up Your Landscape

Lighting up your landscape can help keep unwanted people off of your property. Lights can also be used to eliminate any hiding spots. Bright, LED spotlights can 

Motion sensor lights will help shine bright lights whenever motion is detected on your property. Vandals, burglars and other criminals won’t want a spotlight put on them, and will keep away from your home. 

To save energy, you can purchase outdoor solar lights that charge through the day, and then shine through the night. There are options for solar powered motion lights, like the Aootek 182 LED Solar Outdoor Lights

Tip #5 Use ONIT For All Your Security Needs

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