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How to Install Doorbell Cameras: Positioning Tips For Extra Security

A silver Skybell doorbell camera is installed next to a black front door.
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Doorbell cameras are great for adding an extra layer of security to your home. For example, many homeowners trust them to keep an eye out for potential package thieves. But similar to the other security cameras you may have throughout your home, you need to install a doorbell camera in the right spot for maximum security and benefits. Unfortunately, there are common mistakes homeowners can make when installing this device. Specifically, mistakes that can ruin efforts for clear surveillance. In this article we’ll help you navigate how to install doorbell cameras for proper positioning and extra security.

How to Install Doorbell Cameras: Understanding the Basics

If you’re wondering how to install doorbell cameras, you first need to understand a few standard recommendations that come with using the device. 

In general, most doorbell cameras are going to be mounted about 48 inches above the ground. It’s important to make sure you mount the doorbell camera flat against a surface. Therefore, consider mounting the camera against a wall, door, or doorframe.

After meeting these requirements, it’s time to to fine-tune the doorbell camera. You can do this by making additional adjustments to the horizontal and vertical angle of the security camera.

A Ring doorbell camera installed next to a bright blue front door.

Factors Affecting the Positioning of the Doorbell Camera

There are several factors playing a role in the doorbell camera’s effectiveness. These include the:

  • Power Source
  • Height of the Camera
  • Angle of the Camera
  • Landscaping Surrounding the Camera
  • Patio Structure Around the Camera

Power Source of the Camera

To improve overall security of your home using a doorbell camera, think about how you’re going to power the device. While shopping for doorbell cameras, you may find that many of them need to be hard-wired to your home’s existing doorbell wires. If this is the case, it may limit the options you have available in positioning a doorbell camera. 

If you want more flexibility surrounding how and where you position your camera, think about going with a doorbell camera that uses a battery. These doorbell cameras offer more freedom and give you the freedom to install them anywhere on the door, the frame, or even the outer wall.

Height of the Camera

As mentioned above, most doorbell cameras are going to work best when they’re about 4 feet off the ground. If you mount the doorbell camera too high, then the motion sensors may detect nonessential activity happening across the street, such as cars passing by. 

On the other hand, if you mount the doorbell camera too low, then the field of view might not be large enough to capture people’s faces.

Angle of the Camera

Before installation, take some time to think about the angle of the security camera. Some doorbell cameras are going to come with kits that allow you to adjust the doorbell camera from left to right or up and down. It’s best to take a look at what the doorbell camera is going to see to make sure you’re positioning the angle appropriately.

Landscaping Surrounding the Camera

Don’t overlook the role your landscaping will play in influencing the amount of security you get from your doorbell camera. Sure, a doorbell camera may provide a nice field of view when it’s first installed. But once the flowers start to bloom, this could block the camera.

Patio chairs tucked into a table outside.

Patio Structure Around the Camera

If you’re installing the camera on the patio, then chairs, columns, and decor might also obstruct the camera’s view. You can prevent this from becoming an issue by moving outdoor furniture or other potential barriers from out of your camera’s field of view. 

The bottom line is that it’s critical to make sure the doorbell camera is going to capture everything that’s relevant. You also want to prevent your camera from capturing so much that it becomes ineffective.

Common Mistakes Made When Installing a Doorbell Camera

There are several common mistakes homeowners often make when installing a doorbell camera. Some of the most common mistakes include:

  • Installing the Camera Behind Something. If the doorbell camera is directly behind a large object, such as a column on the patio, then this is going to create a large blind spot that will limit the utility of the camera. 
  • Forgetting To Consider the Internet Connection. Most people retrieve doorbell camera footage from their smartphone. Who could blame them? It provides a quick and convenient way for checking up on home. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your internet connection is strong enough to handle a doorbell security camera. If the internet is not strong enough, then the security camera might not be able to relay the information appropriately. 
  • Neglecting Malware Protection on the Security Camera. Unfortunately, doorbell cameras using the internet for connectivity are vulnerable to hacking. You can defend your device from intrusion by maintaining a secure password to your Wi-Fi network. You should also maintain a secure personal account with your doorbell camera’s applications. Using malware and antivirus protection is another step for securing your device. 
  • Not Considering Night Vision. A doorbell camera with night vision provides your home with 24/7 protection. Read the fine print of your top doorbell camera contenders to make sure night vision is available and that you understand how it will function.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can get the most out of your doorbell security camera.

Trust the Experts to Know Your Camera Is Properly Installed

The best way to make sure your doorbell camera is installed properly for extra security is to trust a professional to do the job for you. At ONIT, we’ve been installing and helping families secure their homes with best-in-class systems for over a decade. We have the experience you need to identify the best locations in your home for installing equipment to enable maximum security. We also have no problem customizing security packages to meet the needs and preferences of your home. Think professional installation is too expensive? Not with ONIT. Our Smart Choice financing options make professional home security a reality for all families. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your home and family with a doorbell camera!

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