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Alexa Routines: How To Utilize Smart Home Scheduling In Your Daily Life

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When the Amazon Alexa was first introduced, the world paid attention to how easily it could be integrated into a daily routine. There are so many different ways to take advantage of the Alexa routines, from morning to night routines, the possibilities are endless. In order to fully take advantage of your Alexa routines, learn the different ways to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle. 

Set an Alarm

Tired of oversleeping your alarm due to snoozing? Switch from using an alarm or your phone to programming an Alexa routine for waking up. You have the option to wake up to an alarm noise or music. You have the ability to snooze the machine, but if you keep your Alexa away from your bedside, you do have to respond to it. Responding to an alarm might be the difference in waking up on time, instead of mindlessly snoozing.

You can also utilize alarms throughout the day. If you work from home and would like to increase your activity, you can set daily alarms in your routine. These alarms can remind you to get up and move around, or remind you to stretch. 

This can also be helpful to children who are homeschooling and need alarms to remind them when they can take a break, and when they need to go back and focus. 

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Setting an Alexa Routine for Background Music

Ever wanted to walk into your kitchen and be greeted with music while you fill your morning coffee? You’re not alone. You can set routines for when you’d like music to play. If you have geofencing location services through your smartphone, you can set a routine that you enter your home to music playing. Think of it like your baseball walk-up song: anything you want to enter your home to you can do with your Alexa routines. 

An Alexa Routine for Lights 

Having an Alexa routine for your lights can have many benefits. If you’re someone who struggles with a sleeping schedule, having smart lights in conjunction with your Alexa can be helpful. You can have brighter lights in the morning, neutral in the daytime, and softer at night. This automated feature can help you settle down easier at night and be livelier during the daytime. 

Morning Routine 

It’s easy to immediately glue yourself to your phone first thing in the morning. With all the information at your fingertips, it can be consuming. This consumption can cause you to be late or miss important steps in the morning, like eating breakfast. Take the phone out of your hand and focus on your tasks ahead. Instead, have your Alexa create a routine for every morning so you can keep off your phone. This routine could include weather information for what you should wear or a news digest so you can see what happened in the world. It can also give you information about real-time traffic. This way, you can plan your commute before you get in the car in case you need to take an alternative route. 

You can also tell your Alexa to start your lights or start your coffee pot. Once the routine has been set up, you just need to say “Alexa, start my day.” Take your time in the morning, enjoy your breakfast and coffee while Alexa lets you know important events in your day.

The morning automations are helpful because it assists your  morning routine instead of dictating it. These features are all things that you would ordinarily do, but this way you can do it hands-free. You can also increase volume in the morning to make sure that you wake up on time, or hear the news correctly. 

Evening Routine

On the other side, you can also set nightly routines. This could mean dimming the lights in your home or locking the doors. Your Alexa can also play comforting sounds, like rain, or give you a bedtime story. 

If you have small children, you can also enable a feature to alert you if there’s motion in the hallway at night. This can be helpful if you have a small toddler who can escape from their crib as a way to inform you. That way, you’ll know to grab them before they could hurt themselves on stairs or eat something that could harm them. 

Like the morning routine, you have the ability to adjust the volume for the nighttime. If you don’t want to be disturbed or wake anyone in your household, lower the volume. If you’re using your Alexa for notifications for motion or security: increase the volume. 

an alexa on a shelf next to a plant

How to Create an Alexa Routine

Creating routines is easy! Just download the Alexa app and choose the option “More.”  From there, hit the button that says routine. From there, go to the featured page and tap enable. After that, your routine is ready to go! You can enable a routine by time or through a voice command. 

.For more information about how to set a routine, visit the Alexa Routines website. 

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