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Professional home security systems and home monitoring are important in this day and age. In fact, with more packages being delivered, UberEats perusing your streets and more people being home this year, the activity has likely increased in your neighborhood due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s unfortunate that not everyone has the best of intentions with our property and so it’s important to be proactive rather than reactive in home security and home monitoring.

One of the biggest deterrents in the home monitoring industry is the long-term contracts that you have to sign. Every day, more people sign onto long-term contracts for security equipment that they regret. Instead of signing onto a penalized contract, there are companies who offer the same sense of security, great products, but on a month-to-month basis, rather than contractually obligated deals. 

So what company should you go with? There are great options for country-wide security, and we’ll break down the home security systems they provide and the important information about the company. Each company has their own positive and negatives, but the beauty of all of them is that you are not locked in to a multi-year deal. 

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SimpliSafe security offers great home security systems, but it also comes at a low price and no contract necessary. Additionally, SimpliSafe allows customers to customize their own security system through base station and wireless keypad colors, and additional add-ons such as motion sensors or cameras.  

Along with the low upfront cost of equipment, they keep their monthly prices and monitoring costs low. For someone looking towards finding a value option for home security with no contract, SimpliSafe leads the pack. 

SimpliSafe is one of the original DIY companies with selling points like no contract, easy wire-free setups and low monthly monitoring fees. Since its origination in 2006, SimpliSafe now secures over one million homes between the United States and United Kingdom. 

They offer both curated packages and the ability to customize your own security system. Their current packages include the Haven, the Knox, the Hearth, the Essentials and the Foundations. SimpliSafe frequently offers deals and coupons to lessen the cost. However, below you’ll find the base pricing without any current discounted price additions, as they change frequently. 

SimpliSafe Home Security Packages

The Haven package is retailed at $489 and offers the following equipment for customers:

  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Key fob
  • Four entry sensors
  • Two motion sensors
  • One siren with 105db
  • Panic button
  • Temperature sensor
  • Water sensor
  • Smoke detector
  • Free HD Camera

The Knox home security package is listed at $449 and includes: 

  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Key fob
  • Six entry sensors
  • Two motion sensors
  • One siren with 105db
  • Smoke detector
  • Free HD Camera

The Hearth is $374 and includes the following equipment:

  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Key fob
  • Three entry sensors
  • One motion sensor
  • One siren with 105db
  • Smoke detector
  • Free HD Camera

The Essentials lists at $259 and includes:

  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Three entry sensors
  • One motion sensor
  • Free HD Camera

The Foundations package costs $229 and has: 

  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Three entry sensors
  • One motion sensor
  • Free HD Camera

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The Cove home security systems come with a touch screen control panel, which is not as common with no-contract security systems!  The panel allows you to talk directly with a monitoring agent. Cove is one of the newer home security companies, but nonetheless they offer great security and optimal equipment. Unlike other companies, they let you pay for equipment over time. Therefore, you’re able to get a more expensive and safer system, without having to worry about a steep up-front cost. 

Cove requires no contract and monthly fees total out to $15/month for the basic plan, or $25/month for the Plus. The basic plan includes:

  • 24/7 live alarm monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring with smoke alarms or other environmental sensors installed
  • Alerts sent through notifications on the touch panel, phone call, and through text
  • Quick text notifications and response times
  • Two-way communication using the panel
  • “Smash and Grab Protection” to notify you if the touch panel is moved or tampered with while it’s armed
  • 24-hour battery backup
  • A 100% AT&T 4G LTE cellular connection

The plus plan offers the same as the basic plan, but includes extra coverage such as: 

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • $5 equipment credit supplied monthly 
  • Locked in prices for monitoring

Their products are also DIY installations with the promise of quick and easy installation times. Rather than doing starter packages, Cove has you take a quiz to find out what products best suit your needs. Their equipment is no-frill and allows for easy understanding. So, if you’re not technologically inclined- Cove might be for you. 

Their current hardware offerings include:

  • Touch-screen alarm panel ($184)
  • Door/window sensor ($15)
  • Motion detector ($30)
  • Key remote: $25
  • Glass-break detector: $35
  • Smoke/heat/freeze detector: $30
  • Flood sensor: $20
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detector: $50
  • Medical panic button: $20

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If you have a smart home, Abode is a great company to give you a solid home security system, while providing you without dealing with a contract. These systems are also renter friendly for both rental homes and apartments, using adhesive backing rather than drilling holes directly into the wall. This also helps with quick and easy installation anywhere and house-to-house if you’re moving. 

Abode services come as both professional and self-monitoring, giving you the freedom and capability to spend as much or as little as you’d like month to month. Of course, having professional monitoring provides an additional layer of security and protection, but it’s not for everyone all the time. That’s why Abode offers an alternative, giving you one month of monitoring if you were to be on vacation! Since there isn’t a contract, you’re not changing anything on your plan. Instead, you’ll pay $20 for every month that you’re wanting to utilize the professional monitoring. 

Abode systems also have two factor authentication for their customers profiles. This helps add an additional layer of protection against anyone trying to virtually hack your system. This two step authentication works with entering your information and then asking for a second layer for confirmation of credentials. This second layer could be a PIN, pattern, phone number, or fingerprint. 

Abode Home Security Systems

There are two different options for the home security systems offered by Abode. The first option is Abode Iota, costing $329, but is currently running on sale for $279.99. The Iota is listed as a starter kit, with base equipment and the option to supplement your home with more. An Iota system comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty. This home security system offers the following equipment:

  • Built-in HD camera 
  • Motion sensor 
  • 93 decibel (db) siren
  • Two way voice capabilities 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 

The second starter option is the Abode Smart Security Kit, retailing at $229 but currently on sale for $219.99. This option comes with a Gateway system that can have up to 160 devices connected to it. The Gateway is a hub coming with the 93db siren. This hub can use features like smart lights and other smart home integrations all in the same space. This way, everything you want to use is right at your fingertips. This system comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and one year warranty.

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Vivint is a home security that is both innovative and no-contract. Similar to Cove, Vivint allows customers to pay up front for equipment or make monthly payments, as their prices are higher than other companies listed.

It’s known for its technologically advanced home security systems with two-way talk, live video feeds, user-friendly apps, and multiple sensors. Their listed sensors are for flood, freezes, smoke and carbon monoxide. With their wide selection of equipment and no-contract agreement, Vivint is as popular as it is advanced.

Vivint’s security systems include smart home features, allowing you to lock and unlock your door, adjust your thermostat, move security cameras and turn your lights on and off from their app. Unlike other security system companies, Vivint delivers to your home and sets up installation for an additional $100. 

Their starter kit is $500, giving you a Hub, two window and door sensors, motion detectors, and a flood sensor. Their starter kit is like a brain for the system itself: the Hub allows you to adjust settings through their smartphone application. Other home security systems are personalized, letting you decide what kind of level of security you want for your home. Their equipment all works well with each other, letting you have a fully innovative and secure system, whether you’re at home or thousands of miles away. Their packages also include professional monitoring for $29.99

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ONIT Home Offers No Contract Top Home Security Systems

ONIT Home has supplied families and businesses with home security for more than a decade. We offer great tips and tricks for getting the most out of your security system and provide different solutions for avoiding package theft and unwanted visitors. We work with top security brands and install equipment for you. Additionally, we offer 24/7 monitoring and budget-friendly options. To find out how ONIT Home can help secure your home, visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331.

ONIT Home is your one-stop shop for all your bundled home needs. We’re currently offering $1,500 in vouchers to be used with security, water and solar. You can also get a free water filtration system and security system with the purchase of a solar panel system, or a  $2,000 security system for only $1,000. That way, you can protect your family from contaminated water and protect them with a safe home.