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Don’t Break the Bank: DIY Smart Home Ideas

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Smart homes are all the rage. From having fully automated homes to lightbulbs that are controlled with the ease of a button, smart homes are here, and they’re here to stay. In order to have a smart home, you don’t need to have absolutely every feature that is on the market right now. There are plenty of ways to create your own smart home ideas, all by doing it yourself. Here are some great DIY smart home ideas for your home. 

DIY Smart Home Ideas: Security 

a gold ring doorbell camera against white wall

Security Doorbell With Camera

Notable Companies: Nest, Ring

Have you ever had your doorbell ring when you weren’t expecting guests, walk to the door in your pajamas, only to realize there’s a salesman there? Not the most fun situation. Instead of walking up and engaging in uncomfortable small talk, smart security doorbells with cameras allow you to see who is at your door without having to get up. 

For security reasons, smart doorbells with cameras allow you to see who is coming to your home, when packages are dropped off, and make sure nobody steals your package. Close to 40% of Americans have been victims of package theft, so getting a doorbell with a camera on it can help you deter thieves, or see exactly who stole it. 

white security camera pointed left mounted on yellow wall

Security Cameras

Notable Companies: Nest, Ring, Wyze

Home security is booming right now, and everyone wants to keep their homes safe. A really popular choice is by installing a security camera. These cameras can record videos in up to 1080p HD quality, have night vision, and some even have spotlights and alarms that can be triggered if someone gets too close to your home. Control your camera through your phone, your Google Home, or on your Amazon Alexa. Here’s our list of the best security cameras for your home. 

smart phone facing smart lock to unlock front door

Smart Lock

Notable Companies: Nest x Yale, SimpliSafe, August

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and wondering if you remembered to lock your door before you left. Luckily, there are now smart locks that can be locked through your phone, even if you’re not there. With smart locks, you don’t need to worry about your home being unlocked anymore! It also gives you the freedom to have keyless entry into your home, which is great for runners, or anyone who doesn’t want to have keys in their pockets. Some locks are used directly through your phone to access, while others allow for a pin number to be put in. Feel free to change this number as often as you’d like. So if you have a pet sitter for a week, just change the pin after you get home so they no longer have access. 


DIY Smart Home Ideas: Design and Easy Use Products

Using a Google Home to Set Schedules 

Connect your smart home light bulbs to your Google Home or Nest. Then, turn the lights on/off or dim with voice activations or with your phone or tablet. Some of the light bulbs even have the capability to be other colors; so if you want red lights at night, just tell your device! Google offers a great guide to help you set this up in your home. Google Home Schedules are ideal for when you are arriving home late and want the lights on before you get there. If you normally get home at 7:00, you can set a schedule that your lights come on before then. That way, your home is lively and bright before you step in the door.

couple dancing in room with christmas tree

Connecting Your Phone to Play Music Through Your Home

The Sonos Boost gives you the opportunity to play music anywhere in your home through the use of your cell phone, Alexa or Google Home. The Sonos gives every room high sound quality, increasing home experience or increasing home entertainment. You can play the same music in every room, or have different sounds in each room. The customization is all up to you. All you need is WiFi and a great playlist! 

smart thermostat on wall set to 63

Add a Smart Thermostat 

Adding a smart thermostat is a great way to boost your home without having to make a huge change. If you have a thermostat that can be set on a schedule; you already have a smart thermostat. But, it could be time for an upgrade. Companies like Honeywell, Nest, and Ecobee are great choices for a new thermostat. Control your thermostat through an app or set a schedule for the whole day.  No more coming home from a vacation to a warm home, change the thermostat when you’re almost home and walk into a cooler home that didn’t run your electricity bill through the roof.


Smart Homes, Worth the Investment?

The best part of updating your home is adding value to it, so it is absolutely worth the investment. With the updates, you can find new ways to love your home and enjoy the improvements. 

If you’re wanting help with installation, look no further! We offer services to help you install your new smart technology. Contact us today for a free quote, and to answer any questions you might have!

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