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Home Security Installation: 10 Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

A man is installing an outdoor security camera at the side of a home.
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Having a security system set up at your home can provide you with peace of mind. These systems help deter intruders and can alert you of any suspicious activity on your property right away. In order to get the most out of your security system, it’s important to ensure it’s set up properly. You can do this by avoiding any of the following home security installation mistakes.

General Installation Errors to Avoid

Lack of Weatherproofing

Rain, wind, and other kinds of weather can damage home security system equipment, such as cameras or sensors. When installing one of these systems, it’s important to make sure you are protecting these components from the elements. For example, your security system should be waterproof and secured properly to protect it from windy conditions.

No Password

When you have a wireless home security system installed, you should take steps to ensure that it’s safe from hackers. You should also make sure it’s something family or friends can’t easily guess. Therefore, set a password you’ll remember, but make sure it isn’t something simple, such as a name. Spice things up by adding numbers and symbols to make it challenging for others to guess what the password is.

Outside of Wireless Range

Setting up a wireless home security system involves ensuring that it’s in range. Otherwise, the wireless features on your security system won’t function. You should set your cameras up so they’re within range of your wireless network. If not, you might need to use Wi-Fi extenders to make sure they’ll stay connected to your wireless network. Keep in mind that these systems should also be installed close to a power source, such as an outlet, unless they run on batteries.

Lack of Remote Access

Your wireless home security system should allow you to view images or real-time video footage from your mobile device with ease. This is great for checking up on your furry, four-legged friend back at home through the security camera. Or checking up on a package from your doorbell camera.

However, you might not have this kind of remote access if your device isn’t compatible with the security system’s software. Check to see if the home security system you want supports the operating system on your smartphone or tablet. If not, you won’t have the ability to enjoy remote access.

No Optimization for Motion Detection

Motion detectors can do a great job of alerting you of intruders on your property. However, they need to be optimized. Being able to adjust the settings on motion detectors ensures that you won’t get false alarms. For example, a motion detector that’s too sensitive might go off when an animal enters your yard.

Low-Quality Equipment

Although you might need to stick to a budget, you should avoid getting security equipment at the lowest cost that’s also of low-quality. Home security systems should offer high-quality video footage and images. They should provide durable components that won’t easily break or trigger false alarms.

Investing in high-quality equipment also means you’ll have a more dependable security system to keep you and your family safe. Take the time to research a security system before making a purchase. Read reviews from customers or check out articles that break down each company’s offerings and specializations. Or ask friends and family with security systems for suggestions. Talk to a representative to make sure you fully understand what you’ll be getting in your security package. If they offer a trial period, use this time to make sure everything is working. Ultimately, choose a security system that offers good quality while also existing within your budget.

NEST outdoor security camera with LED halo

Surveillance Cameras Installation Errors to Avoid

Too Few Cameras

When you’re installing a home security system, not having enough cameras can make it hard to monitor certain areas around your house or property. You shouldn’t rely on one camera to keep your entire property secure.

Even if you have a camera that allows you to zoom in and out, you might still have trouble seeing images clearly. For example, your camera might be too far away to capture a clear image of someone approaching your home. You should make sure you have enough cameras installed to provide clear images and views, especially in more vulnerable areas of your property.

Poor Camera Positions

Having enough security cameras for your home won’t help much if they’re not positioned correctly. You should avoid placing cameras in the following locations and positions:

  • Spots with too much exposure to sunlight, since this can affect the quality of the images you get
  • Positioning your camera toward the ground, since this limits the views you’ll get
  • Areas where cameras will be obstructed by bushes, trees, or other objects, since this makes it harder to get clear images and views
  • Anywhere intruders can easily reach, since this can make it easier to disable them

An American craftsman home surrounded by trees and beautiful floral landscaping.

Hidden Cameras

Hiding cameras away might seem like a good way to catch intruders sneaking onto your property. However, security cameras work in part because they tend to deter intruders. 

If you choose to hide your home security cameras, they won’t be able to warn unwanted visitors that they’re being recorded on video. This can be effective in keeping intruders away. While completing a home security installation, you should place your cameras in locations that make them easy to notice.

Poor Night Vision Cameras

Security cameras should be equipped with high-quality night vision. This helps ensure that you’ll be able to get clear images and videos from your cameras when it’s dark out. With poor night vision, you might not be able to get a clear view if an intruder walks onto your property at night.

Home Security Installation Tip: Leave It To The Professionals

You can easily avoid making mistakes with security system installation by having professionals handle it.

Relying on professional installation services means that your home security system will be set up the right way. This means you can depend on it to help you stay safe. ONIT provides high-quality, dependable security solutions for homes and businesses. Please contact ONIT today to get a free quote. Or call us at 1-833-433-0331 for more information about our home security installation services.

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