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Best Professional Home Security Systems: Your Yearly Guide

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If you’re looking for the best professional home security systems, then you need to make sure you do the right research. Unfortunately, this can take a tremendous amount of time that not many homeowners have. So we did the work for you. Our primary goal is to keep you safe by leveraging the latest technology for home security systems. Take a look at some of our suggestions below and learn more about why we have selected these home security systems as the best options in 2020. 

ADT Home Security

ADT is known for its impressive degree of longevity in the industry and its certified, experienced, and professionally run monitoring center. There are four separate packages that customers can choose to meet their needs. Even with the Video Lite Plan from ADT, customers will still get motion detection, video surveillance, and smart home capabilities, providing them with a comprehensive home security option.


  • Over 140 years of service, offering customers an unparalleled level of experience 
  • Six-month, money-back guarantee, which is significantly longer than any other company in the industry
  • Optional theft protection guarantee that customers can purchase


  • The mobile app is not available in the basic package
  • There is a required contract that ties customers to ADT after the six-month guarantee expires

Vivint Home Security System

Vivint offers state-of-the-art security monitoring combined with the latest tech in the automation field. This is ideal for anyone who runs a smart home. Yes, Vivint is a fairly new contender in the home security arena.  However, the company has gone all-in when it comes to home automation and home security. There are hands-free control features, advanced monitoring options, and added control with this system. Homeowners even have the option to purchase this equipment outright, meaning that there is no longer a long-term contract. 


  • Best home security system uses advanced technology
  • All security packages are customizable to meet the needs of the homeowner 
  • There are short-term contracts available 
  • There is a security consultation that takes place in the home, free of charge 
  • Access to a convenient, intuitive mobile app 


  • Termination fees are high 
  • Overall cost of the system is higher than the average 
  • There is a large upfront payment for those looking to avoid a longer contract 

A professional home security system's smart door lock is installed on a white door.


A SimpliSafe security system is a comprehensive protection plan that provides a wide range of packages and equipment. Monitoring services at SimpliSafe are covered by COPS Monitoring, which has over four decades in the field and serves over 3 million customers. There are two separate 24/7 monitoring plans. One of them provides expanded app functionality, and the other does not. There is also visual personal monitoring, allowing customers to view the surveillance system if an alarm is triggered. 

SimpliSafe systems work well with many smart home devices, including Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also control your SimpliSafe with voice commands using Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. And while we primarily know this company for being a self-install option, professional installation from SimpliSafe is not only possible—but inexpensive and efficient. Finally, anyone who has questions about how their SimpliSafe monitoring system is performing can reach out to a professional customer service provider at any time.


  • SimpliSafe equipment is wireless, making it easier to manage
  • The professional monitoring service is inexpensive
  • The app provides a wide range of functions, including cellular monitoring


  • Smart home capabilities are not available in the basic plan
  • Mobile alerts are not available in the basic plan

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Rely on the Experts from ONIT Smart Security

The search for professional home security systems ends with ONIT. Our team of experts can handle your security installation to ensure your equipment is properly working and ready to protect your home. We provide families with best-in-class equipment and customizable packages that are as unique as their preferences. You can trust us to help answer any question you have about securing your home or business with around-the-clock professional monitoring and innovative equipment. And with flexible financing, home security never has to become a burden.

Reach out to us today for a free quote or to learn more about how our professional home security systems can help you.

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