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Self Monitoring Home Security Systems: Are They Worth It?

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There are countless reasons to invest in a security system. Maybe you just had a new baby or moved to a new neighborhood. Or perhaps you just want to stay connected with home while you’re away. Whatever the reason may be, when shopping for security systems, you’ll find two main types to choose from: professional monitoring and self monitoring home security systems. 

The appeal of self monitored systems is that they typically have a lower monthly cost than professional systems. However, in many cases, you’re likely to find that self monitoring home security systems aren’t worth the price.

What Are Self Monitoring Home Security Systems?

Self monitored security systems feature products such as sensors and cameras with built-in motion detection. When the cameras or sensors detect motion, an alert goes directly to the homeowner’s smartphone. Whatever action taken must be left up to the user. From the mobile application, the homeowner can usually review footage or see the alert and decide whether to call the authorities.

With a professional monitoring home security system, your property receives professional monitoring by security personnel. Once the security system receives an alert, the company assesses the situation and determines whether to dispatch the authorities.

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Drawbacks of Self Monitoring Home Security Systems

The main perk of self monitoring security products is monthly fees are usually low or free. Some companies charge nothing to use their applications and receive alerts. Others may charge a monthly fee for access to cloud storage. 

Professional systems cost more per month but provide an extensive amount of protection. The following are the top reasons more and more homeowners are believing self monitoring home security systems aren’t worth the investment.

You’re Responsible For Taking Action

The main reason homeowners should second guess investing in self monitoring home security systems is there isn’t a group of professionals looking out for them. 

In most cases, even in emergencies, homeowners must contact authorities for help. If incapacitated due to an emergency, such as if you’re unable to reach your phone during a fire or break-in, this becomes problematic. When a home receives professional monitoring services, the security company receives an alert and will send help even if they cannot reach you by phone.

Loss of Connection

Self monitored systems rely on a wireless connection to operate. If your home is having issues with your internet, the system is likely to not function properly. 

Your phone service also determines the reliability of the system. If you have your phone turned off, or your battery dies, you won’t receive an alert. Also, if you’re traveling through a spot without phone service, you may receive a delayed security notification. This makes it difficult to receive important notifications or quickly check in with home. 

Also, systems may not work if you lose power, and your modem goes out. Professional equipment usually has backup power supplies and cellular systems to help in case of power outages.

A woman wearing a teal t-shirt is looking down at her smartphone and smiling.

No Alarm

Some self monitored systems and equipment don’t use an alarm to ward off intruders. Although a camera can record suspects, it may not stop burglars from actually entering the home and stealing your belongings. Professional systems traditionally include a siren if unauthorized access is detected.

No Customer Support

With self monitoring home security systems, the buyer is usually responsible for the installation and upkeep of the security equipment. You must install the cameras in the desired areas and set the parameters such as motion detection levels and coverage inclusions. If you have issues with the monitoring, the company may offer limited support. With professional security systems, a technician installs the equipment and can provide any troubleshooting. 

Professional installation also lets you know your equipment is set up correctly the first time. You don’t have to spend hours flipping through manuals or searching the internet for help.

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Keep Your Home Secure 24/7 With Professional Monitoring

Professional security systems allow you to keep you and your loved one safe. Instead of worrying about getting the help you need in an emergency, you have access to a team of security experts that can help you protect your home. 

ONIT, a top-rated smart home security provider, is here to help you secure and monitor your property. For over a decade, our smart home security products and services have been helping customers protect what matters most—their family. Our professional monitoring services are affordable and feature around-the-clock coverage. All equipment packages are designed to your exact needs, with financing options well suited for any budget. 

Contact one of our knowledgeable team members today to learn more about ONIT’s professional home security systems.

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