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How to Change Code on Keypad Door Lock Quickly and Easily

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You can enjoy increased security in your home and allow for easier entry for personnel that you have authorized, by changing the door lock on your keypad. Programmable codes allow you to protect everyone in your home, as well as all the valuables that you maintain there. You may want to share your keypad code with close friends or family members. But do you know how to change code on keypad door lock? While this does present a slight weakening of your security coverage, it’s an unavoidable situation that must be allowed for.

However, you can still maintain a high level of security by regularly changing the keypad code. When changing the code, you should not use the same code within a short period of time. If you have any reason to believe that someone knows your code who shouldn’t, you should immediately change the keypad door lock. This will reinstate the higher level of security.

Obviously, you should limit the number of people whom you disclose your door lock code to. This will allow you to maintain the highest level of security possible. You may have misplaced the instructions on how to change code on keypad door lock. If so, you’ll be able to use the procedure described below to accomplish it safely and securely.

When Should You Change Your Keypad Code?

First Time

There are several significant instances where you should probably change the keypad code on your door lock. This is generally to prevent a loss of security, or to simply maintain confidence in the general security of your home. One of these cases is when you first install a keypad door lock on your home. A newly purchased keypad door lock will have a factory default code issued with it, and it will be necessary to change this code for personal usage. You should change it to a code that is easy to remember for you and family members. However, you should use a code that is difficult or nearly impossible to guess.

When Too Many People Know Your Code

Another case when you should retrieve your instructions for how to change code on keypad door lock is when the code is known by quite a few people. It is probably more convenient to use the same code for your entire family and for your whole circle of friends. However, this is not the most secure way to use a keypad door lock. It’s much safer to establish a different code for each person who requires access to your home. If it becomes a problem with family members or close friends remembering their code, you can jot down the codes. Then you can remind individuals who have forgotten them.

If It’s Too Simple

One other case when it might be necessary to change the keypad door lock is when you realize that you’ve made it too simple. For instance, you should definitely avoid using obvious codes. Some of these include birthdays, street addresses, phone numbers, or other details that people know about you. If you use any of the schemes just listed, it’s very possible that someone who knows you could simply guess the code. Because they’re familiar with your details, they could access your home without authorization.

If You Forgot It

One final reason for changing the keypad code might be that you have forgotten the code yourself. In a situation like that, it will still be possible to unlock the keypad door lock without using the code. However, when you do regain access, you’ll have to use your instructions for how to change code on keypad door lock immediately.

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Advantages of Changing the Code Often

There are several advantages that you’ll receive from frequently changing the door lock code on your keypad. Here are some of the most useful advantages that you’ll gain from regular changing of your keypad door lock code:

Previous Codes Become Useless

Once you change the door lock code on your keypad, all previously used codes become useless. That means no one can gain access to your home unless they know the current keypad code. This will allow you to monitor home entry much better and improve the overall security of your household.

Compromised Security Codes

If someone has breached or compromised the door lock code in some way, it must be changed immediately. This doesn’t require changing the physical locks on the door, and it’s a very simple process to make the change. If you happen to be renting out your home, you can change the code and provide tenants with the new access code to maintain entry privileges.

Security For Your Family

Whenever you change the passcode on your keypad, it will improve the security of family members who are home while you happen to be away. You also won’t have to worry about your children losing their keys if they have a hectic day and misplace them. You also won’t have to worry about your children being locked out of the household. Since no one else has the instructions for how to change code on keypad door lock, no one will be able to intrude.

It’s Easy To Make the Change

It’s very practical and very easy to change the keypad door lock. It will only take minutes, if not seconds, to change the entry code, so there’s no difficulty involved at all. Resetting the keypad on your door lock is just as easy as changing your smartphone password. This is especially handy when you require immediate restrictions on access to your property.

No Chance of Hacking

Some keypad door locks are hacked or compromised because they are misconfigured in the first place. If you change the code regularly, it will deter criminal-minded individuals from attempting to manipulate your door and gain access.

Greater Control Over Entry

You’ll have much greater control over who is allowed to enter your home when you regularly change the code. If you have caregivers or house managers who need access, you can issue them a unique passcode that no one else has, and still maintain a high level of security.

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How Often Should Codes Be Changed?

The best approach for frequency of changing door codes is generally to make the change every four months or so. It’s even more important that you don’t ever repeat a code that you have previously used. Whenever you do use the instructions for how to change code on keypad door lock, you should use a completely different code, one with no relationship to previously used codes. By maintaining the four months rule, you can be confident that you’re maintaining the highest level of security possible. Some people may become annoyed with the frequency of changing codes and consider it a nuisance. In this case, just remind them that their security is far more important than the inconvenience associated with changing passwords.

Changing the Code

Of course, there are many different manufacturers of keypad door locks. However, most of them follow very similar procedures in terms of changing the keypad lock. Here are the general steps you’ll have to follow in order to change the smart code on your keypad door:

  1. First, you’ll need to use a screwdriver to loosen the screws which are on both sides of the smart code assembly. You need to be careful about this process, so you don’t damage the lock assembly.
  2. Once you gain access to the interior, you’ll notice a keypad button labeled Program. Press this so you’ll be able to open the door.
  3. After you’ve pressed the Program button, you should notice the lock symbol blinking. Enter the four to eight digit master passcode used for your keypad door lock.
  4. Once inside, press the checkmark symbol one time.
  5. Next press the lock symbol one time. The lock symbol is the one that looks like a physical lock. This will put you in Programming mode.
  6. Now enter the new user code which you intend to take effect immediately.
  7. Once again, press the lock symbol.
  8. Your passcode is now changed and is in effect for all users.

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Protect Your Family With ONIT Home

Protecting your family and your household valuables is a matter of the utmost importance. It isn’t enough to simply install a keypad door lock and expect that you’re protected indefinitely. There are literally tons of ways that door locks are compromised, including the issuance of the passcode to a number of associates. That makes it necessary to change the keypad code regularly, so that people who know the previous code don’t still have access.

Not everyone is a do-it-yourselfer, with the ability to easily install and maintain keypad door locks. If you’d like to have a security system installed in your home by professionals, you couldn’t do any better than to partner with ONIT. This is a company that offers affordable, customized solutions for home security.

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