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How to Hide Outdoor Security Cameras

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Visible security cameras keep malicious people off private and public property. However, they are sometimes vandalized by determined criminals, which defeats their purpose. This is why experts recommend property owners to learn how to hide outdoor security camera. Hidden security cameras come in to fill this security gap. They stay out of sight, catching all the vents as they evolve.

Most hidden cameras are often small, which makes them easy to hide. Today’s security cameras can do more than record footage. The cameras can set off your alarm system and send live recordings on your phone or tablet with two-way audio or trigger motion sensors.

With property crime happening every 4 seconds, hidden cameras remain a good idea for any property. But do you know how to hide outdoor security camera so it can capture everything for you? Read on to learn this and more about your home security cameras.

a man installing an indoor home security camera

Creative Ways to Hide Outdoor Security Cameras

Hiding your security camera isn’t a hard task as long as you are a little creative. Below are ways on how to hide outdoor security camera:

Taller Mounts

Taller mounts are an excellent option since no one can reach them easily. Suitable tall mounts are tall walls and lamp posts. The lighting fixtures or lamp posts that fall under your property are a good hiding place for outdoor security cameras.

When installing the camera, please pay attention to the light source and how it affects the quality of the footage. In addition, you need to confirm whether the camera cables are long enough to reach the mount point.

Doorbell Mounts

Doorbells with security cameras are popular in households. The doorbell cameras are easy to mount and can link to the home Wi-Fi making it possible to receive live footage on your smartphone.

Place in Artificial Foliage or Flowers

Apart from aesthetics, artificial plants make a good hiding spot and are hard to suspect. You can get flower pots and place them strategically within the property to make them less noticeable. In addition, pick leafy plants so they can cover the camera perfectly.

By Use of Camouflage Casings

Camouflage skins make an excellent deceptive hiding place. Ensure the skin matches the color pattern of your hiding place and they blend. Using camouflage casings, you can hide your camera in plain sight. You can have the skins custom-made, or you can opt to buy camouflage wraps online.

Tree Mounts

Mounting security cameras on trees is a tedious task. However, you will reap the benefits. Trees are tall enough to give you good aerial coverage of your property. The wired security cameras might need extra deception to hide the wires, but you can mount them along the trunk and finish off with camouflage wrapping.

Window Mounts

Glasses or windows are a less suspicious spot to hide your security cameras. However, the reflection from the glass may affect the quality of the footage you get. In addition, security cameras with passive infrared technology cannot bypass glass.

The best option is to install a basic security camera without motion detection and ensure you get a continuous feed.

Birdhouse Mounts

For bird lovers with birdhouses on their property, it’s time to put them to good use:

  1. Choose a security camera with a lens that fits the birdhouse.
  2. Confirm the camera covers the areas you want with a good field of view and angle.
  3. The camera must be wireless to make it deceptive.

Mailbox Mounts

Most homeowners have a mailbox outside on their property. Besides holding mail, you can install a tiny hidden camera in it. The camera on the mailbox has a clear front view of your house and can alert you in case of an intruder.

Basketball Hoop Mounts

Besides the basketball hoop being a sports training tool, it can be a thoughtful place to hide your outdoor camera. Ensure the camera is tiny and well-mounted to avoid breakage or falling off when the hoop is used.

an indoor security camera on top of a dresser

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hidden Security Cameras

Hiding your security cameras helps you monitor your property in secrecy and makes it impossible to vandalize your camera. As much as the presence of a security camera keeps burglars away, sometimes they may try to disarm it and get access to your house.

Some of the pros of having a hidden security camera include the following;

  • Hidden cameras help record footage in case of theft or burglary as it is helpful evidence.
  • With the rise of package theft, hidden cameras can help you monitor your packages till you get home.
  • Well-wired hidden security cameras can increase your home value if you consider selling the house.
  • Hidden cameras are impossible to steal and vandalize.
  • Cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity and two-way audio allow you to talk to people on your property with a good internet connection.
  • You have the upper hand if the intruder is familiar with the surroundings.
  • Some of the wireless cameras are solar-powered and recharge when there is sunlight.
  • Wi-Fi lets you connect your camera to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Possible cons of a hidden security camera include the following;

  • Hidden security cameras play no active role in deterring crime when it is actively taking place.
  • Some of the hiding spots may affect the quality of the footage due to poor visibility and blind spots.
  • Even with a hidden camera with the two-way audio feature, you can’t talk to the intruders as that will disclose the device’s location.
  • Some camera brands have low susceptibility to the elements making them less durable.

Specs of a Good Hidden Security Camera

Here is what to look for when shopping for a hidden outdoor security camera:


An ideal hidden outdoor security camera should connect to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to receive live footage on your phone or tablet. Some cameras use cellular data, while others like Amcrest ProHD and LaView have a two-way audio feature enabling you to speak to the other person from any location with an internet connection.


Most outdoor security cameras will cost you approximately $200. It could cost you more or less, depending on your brand of choice. Having a price range and working within it is vital to avoid stretching your pockets.


Wired, hidden outdoor security cameras may be challenging to hide the wires. However, wireless cameras are available, making the installation much more manageable. Wireless cameras are battery or solar-powered. Choose one that works for you.

Battery Life

A good battery-powered camera can last up to six months without recharging. Solar-powered cameras charge continuously as long as there is sunlight.


It is much easier to conceal a smaller camera than a bigger one.


To determine the durability of a camera, you check its IP rating and temperature range. The IP rating indicates how susceptible the camera is to solids and liquids. Quality cameras have an IP rating of at least 65, meaning they can withstand the elements and dust. The temperature range indicates the camera can withstand both high and low temperatures.

Mobile App

The mobile app lets you receive live recordings on your phone, laptop, or tablet. In addition, the app saves the footage in the cloud for future use.


A quality outdoor camera should have a video resolution of 1080p HD and above with a 120-degree field view. In addition, you can zoom in optically too.


The two-way audio feature lets you listen to what the person in the footage is saying, and you can speak back. For hidden cameras, you may want only to hear to keep its location undisclosed.

Night Vision

Infrared night vision makes it easier to see at night. Most burglaries occur at night, and having sound recordings of the event is good evidence for an investigation.

Person Detection

Most cameras have motion sensors. However, better versions can identify people’s movements specifically. This feature allows ignoring irrelevant activities like a dog or cat walking by.

A security camera is installed on the outside of a home.

What to Consider Before Hiding a Security Camera

Below are a couple of things to consider before hiding a security camera. They include the following;

  • Ensure you have an adequate field of view. As much as the camera is hidden, it must have no blockage. You should ensure the recording is clear and remove anything out of the way.
  • If you choose a battery-powered outdoor security camera, take your time to recharge it.
  • Install the wireless cameras within range to ensure they have Wi-Fi access.
  • Choose a hidden camera that blends perfectly with the surroundings. Some people also choose to paint over their cameras for better camouflage which is alright, but you must be careful to avoid damaging the camera.
  • Don’t have any sinister motives for installing a hidden camera. Having a hidden camera for security reasons is a good reason. However, having a camera installed to record people without their consent is sensitive.

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Hidden or visible security cameras have a lot of benefits, like watching over your property, detecting possible intruders, keeping an eye out for your packages, and watching your kids play in the yard, among others. They are a good idea to explore. Now that you know how to hide outdoor security camera, it’s important to also consult the experts to offer assistance. Some camera mounts can be challenging.

If you have trouble installing security cameras inside or outside your home, you need not worry. ONIT Home has professionals who will help you install, troubleshoot and ensure your security device works perfectly. We take pride in our work. Give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331, and we’ll be ONIT!

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