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How to Protect Your Business from Burglary: 6 Essential Tips

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If you own a business, then you understand the major investment that you made in your property. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you protect your business from burglary or other threats of intrusion. The good news is there are plenty of ways you can deter burglars from trying to break into your business. So if you’re wondering how to protect your business from burglary, you’ll want to follow the essential tips below.

1. Check Every Entry Point Before Leaving

First, it’s important to make sure that you check every entry point of your business before leaving. Even though this might sound like a basic tip, as a business owner you likely have a lot on your plate. Being extremely busy means things can slip your mind, even the most essential.

Therefore, as you’re leaving your business, you’re probably thinking about what you have to do when you get to your next destination, rather than the safety of your business. Therefore, before leaving your office, check every entry point. Make sure all the windows are closed and locked. Ensure you or your team locks all the doors as well. This is particularly important if no one is going to be inside the office after you leave.

2. Watch Out for Inventory

Most crimes are called crimes of opportunity, so it’s important for business owners to remove the obvious opportunities by storing their inventory appropriately when the store is closing. While placing attractive items in the window is a great way to generate more foot traffic during the day, this can also entice criminals when the business closes.

Therefore, take this inventory and store it in a safe location during non-business hours. Ideally, this inventory should be stored in a back location behind locked doors. This will remove the temptation of easy pickings, staring at criminals from the windows, and reduce the chances of the business suffering a burglary.

3. Think About the Landscaping and Outdoor Lighting

If you’re wondering how to protect your business from burglary, don’t just focus on how a burglar can break into a business. It’s also important to consider the exterior of the business as well. Think about removing obstructive features where a burglar could potentially choose as a hiding space.

For example, tall hedges and large bushes could offer cover for criminals trying to survey your business. Make sure the outside of your building is lit well. Think about entryways, windows, and even consider installing motion detection lights that activate if someone approaches the business. These simple steps can go a long way toward protecting your business against unwanted visitors.

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4. Do Not Neglect Cloud Security

Don’t just limit the security of your business to physical elements. It’s important to think about internet security as well. The internet is a powerful tool and most businesses could not imagine going a single day without internet access. At the same time, the internet also makes the business more vulnerable to hackers. 

With this in mind, business owners need to prioritize cloud security as well. Some of the biggest virtual threats to business networks and servers today include distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, ransomware, rogue clients, and trojan horse attacks. Businesses need to invest in reliable cloud and internet security systems that can protect the business, its assets, and the information of its customers from harm. This can also improve the confidence that customers have in the security of their information when they shop at the business.

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5. Install a Business Security System

For 24/7 professional monitoring and access to important alerts regarding your office space, business owners should install an advanced security system that can keep them connected to their business. Today, technology has come a long way. There are several advanced security features business owners should consider. Some of the most common features of a security alarm system include:

  • Indoor cameras
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Glass break detectors
  • Smart lights
  • Alarm systems
  • Outdoor signs
  • Cloud storage

Business owners should consider installing cameras at strategic points around the business. The security cameras can detect when someone is walking up the driveway or approaching the business. They might even automatically notify business owners when someone arrives. In addition, advanced business security systems can also be programmable. For example, business owners might be able to activate and deactivate alarm systems remotely, unlock doors, and even call the police.

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6. Leverage Smart Lighting Systems

Finally, if you’re wondering how to protect your business from burglary, you can do so by installing a smart lighting system. These are lights that can be controlled from a distance. In order to prevent a business invasion from happening when business owners aren’t in business, it’s important to give the business the appearance that someone is actually present. With the ability to program lights and turn them on from a distance, business owners can make sure burglars think someone is inside at all times, deterring the threat of a business invasion. 

Smart lights are also efficient energy-savers. Having the freedom to control the lights from anywhere lets you easily schedule lighting to turn off automatically as soon as the last employee finishes their shift and heads home.

Rely on the Professionals From ONIT for Business Protection

These are a few of the most important tips that all business owners need to follow to protect their business against burglary or intrusion. If you’re looking to learn more about business security systems, then rely on the experts at ONIT. We work with best-in-class equipment and offer professional monitoring from top security companies to help keep homes and commercial properties safe. Our flexible financing options make security monitoring a possibility for any budget. 

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