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How to Use Amazon Echo Dot to Improve Productivity

A white Amazon Echo Dot sits on top of a silver laptop in a rural setting.
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Twenty years ago many of us would never expect to see the type of technology that can directly impact your life the way the Amazon Echo Dot can. The portable speaker works as a virtual assistant, reminding its users about important information, such as an upcoming dentist appointment, shifting weather, and the name of an artist for the song they can’t seem to get out of their head. But you can reap the benefits of productivity when you use specific commands with the Amazon Echo Dot. Continue reading to learn more about how you can get things done with the smart speaker.

How to Use Amazon Echo Dot to Improve Productivity

Create a List of Things to Buy

Instead of taking the time to use a pen and writing pad to make a list, call on Alexa.

To make a grocery or general shopping list with Alexa, say “Alexa, create a list.” The device will ask you to name the list, which you can call whatever your heart desires. Although it’s best to stick to something simple that way you can easily ask Alexa to retrieve it. So if it’s a grocery list, call it “Grocery List.” If it’s a list for your cousin Bob’s birthday, call it “Bob’s Birthday List.”

The best part of this trick is all you have to do is use your voice to add items to a list. Also, sometimes when you go to the store, you may forget the items you intended to buy. That is why you should opt to use Amazon Echo Dot to make a list of things you need.

Set Alarms and Timers

You don’t have to be late for appointments anymore. When you set alarms or timers, you’ll know when you need to head out the door to make it to your destination on time. For example, maybe you get carried away perfecting your coffee in the morning. If you want to reduce the time you spend as a barista before work, ask Alexa to set a timer for you. Simply saying, “Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes,” should put you on track for efficiency. 

Similar to timers, you can set alarms with Alexa to alert you of when it’s time to get up in the morning or when you need to get that turkey out of the oven. The process of setting your alarm is straightforward, and all you have to do is say “Set alarm for (time of you choice).” You can spice up and add customizations to your alarms by assigning it to a song. Just say “Set an alarm for 9:15 a.m. to rock-and-roll” and you’ll be ready to, well, rock-and-roll.

These settings are available for when you would like to use the same alarm settings over and over. The alarm settings also come with snooze and stop commands, with the snooze command lasting for nine minutes. To snooze your Amazon Echo, press down on the device’s tap gestures.

Converting Measurements

This trick is naturally an especially handy feature to use when cooking. With this component, you can get simple answers such as how many tablespoons fit in a ¼ measuring cup. All you have to do is issue a command using your voice. The Amazon Echo Dot saves you from delaying mixing ingredients as you get the kind of feedback you want as quickly as you need it.

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Remember Important Events

If you suffer from forgetfulness, you’ll be happy to know Alexa can help you remember just about anything. Say “Alexa, remember Duke has a vet appointment tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.” or “Alexa, remember Bob’s birthday is tomorrow” and Alexa will send you alerts so these events don’t slip your mind.

Another tip is to integrate your smart speaker with your Google, Apple or Microsoft calendar. Doing this gives you the pleasure of using an Amazon Echo Dot to add events to your calendar quickly. So the next time you need to throw something on your calendar, don’t worry about digging through your bag for your planner. You don’t have to type the event on your phone, either. Just say “Alexa, schedule dinner with Paul and Michelle tonight at 8:00 p.m.” or “Schedule appointment with lawyer at 2 p.m.”

Translation Services

Trying to learn a new language? Need to send a quick email to a client who speaks a language foreign from your native language? This is where Alexa’s translation feature can come in handy. To save time searching the internet for translations, simply download the Alexa Skill called “Translated.” After downloading, you can use this skill with your Echo Dot to translate sentences from English into 37 unique languages. 

To use this skill, just ask Alexa to open Translated, then ask for a translation. For example, you can say something like “How do you say good morning in German?” or “Alexa, ask Translated how do you say how are you in Japanese?”

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Need some help researching a topic for work or your kid’s school assignment? Instead of continually having to Google content or flip through notes, ask Alexa to open Wikipedia for a quick review around a topic. To do this, say “Alexa, Wikipedia Alexander Hamilton.” Alexa will recite a preview of the Wikipedia article aloud for you.

Create Routines

Routines are customizable automations you can use for more seamless and stress-free living. This is an especially helpful trick to use when you have smart security devices. Why? Because Alexa can secure your home whenever you ask her to. Depending on the devices you have at home, you can lock your smart locks, adjust your smart bulbs, or arm your system. 

You can also set bedtime routines that can play soothing night-time music, adjust the lighting in your home, and adjust the device to “do not disturb” to mute notifications while you’re getting some shut eye. Creating a good morning routine helps you wake up in a more comfortable and well-informed fashion. Have Alexa slowly turn the smart lights on inside your bedroom while sharing news or calendar updates for the day ahead with you. 

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