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Preventing a Car Break-In With These Car Security Devices

Car video camera attached to the windshield to record driving and prevent danger from driving
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If you often park your car in an unsafe area or leave your valuable belongings in the car, we suggest you invest in a car security device. Car theft is no longer as simple as learning how to hot-wire an ignition; technology is helping keep the car theft number down. However, car security devices are not a sure guarantee to car break-ins, but they offer precautions that will minimize the likelihood of car theft. Having your car stolen is just an intolerable headache and heartache.

What Makes a Car Susceptible to Break Ins

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, more than $6 billion was lost in 2018 alone due to auto theft.

Below are some of the top reasons that make your car susceptible to break-ins:

  • Leaving your car running and unattended
  • Parking in the dark or surveillance blind spots
  • Leaving your car doors, windows or sunroof unlocked.
  • Not securing your spare tire with chains if it’s exposed.
  • Leaving your valuables in view
  • Parking in secluded locations
  • Ignoring warning signs such as suspicious people
  • Ignoring the power of smart security systems

Does Insurance Cover Any Damages Due to Theft?

If you have comprehensive auto insurance on your car insurance policy, it may assist cover some types of theft.

Comprehensive coverage helps to replace stolen auto parts and to repair damage caused by thieves. The extent of help will depend on your policy level and your deductible. Custom components or equipment you’ve put on your car, like a high-tech sound system, are usually excluded from comprehensive coverage if stolen or damaged. However, additional coverage for custom components may be available.

Does Insurance Provide Any Cost Benefits From Having a Security Device on Your Car?

Yes! If your vehicle includes anti-theft features, you can usually save up to 5% or 25% on your comprehensive coverage. In addition, depending on the insurance provider, you may be able to get anti-theft discounts for both factory and aftermarket fitted devices.

Prevent Car Break-In With These Car Security Devices

The following devices will play an important role in ensuring the security of your vehicle:

Kill Switch

A car kill switch is an advanced car anti-theft device. It works by disrupting the flow of power to the fuel pump or other critical systems. This electricity interruption makes it impossible to start the car without flicking the kill switch. A burglar needs to quickly steal and take off before being caught or raiding an alarm. So, anything that makes the car theft more challenging will make them abandon the break-in.

A car kill switch need not be visible for it to be effective. Otherwise, a car thief will notice it, disable the system, and take off with your vehicle, defeating the purpose. Therefore, a great place to put a kill switch is somewhere under the driver’s seat or beneath the dashboard.

It is advisable to get a car kill switch installed by a mechanic. This is because the installation of the kill switch can be a bit technical, which includes working with the car ignition, which is something you do not want to mess up!

Car Alarm

Alarms are the most common car security device. You probably hear at least two or three go off each night if you live in a populated area. The car alarm is activated once a thief tries to forcefully enter the car by opening the door or breaking a window or other parts of its build. Some car alarms are activated with an access code, while others turn off using a key fob.

Car alarms make it hard for car thieves to open a car. Car alarms draw attention with the noticeable loud noise and blaring car lights that are bound to get the attention of onlookers, including the car owner. As a result, a car thief will overlook a car with an alarm and approach one without.

Car Security Device Option #2: a Car Tracking System

A car tracking system uses GPS to monitor your car after it has been reported missing. Some GPS services offer communication services that allow the owner can be contacted in case of theft. Other systems enable remote locking to enable you to lock your car remotely if you suspect suspicious activity or unauthorized entry. Car tracking will offer you peace of mind in the event of car theft.

Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks are among the best-known and oldest car security devices used to prevent a car break-in. So how does this lock operate? A steering lock is attached to the steering wheel to lock it in place, preventing anyone who does not have an access key from driving away with it.

There are two ways of locking the steering. The first one, the steering wheel lock, is placed horizontally and attached at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. On one side, the lock extends more, preventing the wheel from turning in any direction. The second way of locking the steering is to extend the security lock to the front dashboard, preventing any steering movement.

Dash Camera or car video recorder in vehicle on the way

Dash Camera

Car dash cameras are increasingly getting popular among car owners. Dash cameras serve many purposes, including providing car security and evidence in case of a traffic offense.

Some dashboard cameras come with up to 4k vision which provides crisp and clear footage with nighttime vision. In addition, advanced dashboard cameras have motion sensors that can detect sudden movements around your cars, such as close contact with windows and tires. Even better, some offer 360-degree vision, so your car is well covered.

GPS Car Tracker

Most car security systems prevent thieves from driving off with your vehicle. However, the GPS will be able to track your car once the thieves manage to take off with it. A GPS is resourceful to trace the whereabouts of your car, even in hiding.

The benefits of GPS are that law enforcement is alerted, and they are able to help in the retrieval of your car. A GPS is the ideal car security system if you manage a fleet of vehicles in the transport industry and would love to see the movement and trace the actual location.

Remote Locks

Car thieves can easily unlock vehicles. So getting one anti-theft car lock will give the car thieves a tough time. If you forget to lock your vehicle or the key fob unlocks while it is in your pocket, you can engage the remote lock on your smartphone.

Remote locks are convenient in that you can lock and unlock your vehicle on your phone.

Smart Keys

Smart keys emit a radio pulse that communicates with the antennas to lock, start and unlock your car. In addition, the smart key has an encrypted signal that is released each time the door is opened or when the trunk is opened remotely. This smart key is technologically advanced and keeps away non-tech-savvy car thieves.

We recommend you get your smart key installed by a professional.

Parking Sensors

Parking sensors use sound waves and sometimes 360 degrees camera systems that detect any sudden moves around the car. Using parking sensors quickly pick up nearby objects and people and give you a warning when it senses objects approaching.

close up of someone driving on a road that has auto insurance for their car

Benefits of Car Security Devices

  • An extra layer of security. Even law enforcement advises car owners to invest in anti-theft car security devices. This will give you peace of mind and an added layer of security so you will not have sleepless nights thinking of the safety of your car.
  • Protect your precious car. Owning a car is not a walk in the park, so necessary measures to keep it safe should be put in place to protect it from theft. If your neighborhood is rather unsafe, or you tend to leave it out for extended periods of time, such as when you travel out of state or leave in the parking lots of the airports, then it is time to add some layers of security.
  • Get a better car Security Device. Investing in your car security will n to cost you much more than it would if not secured. A Good security device makes it hard for the car thief to disappear with your vehicle r personal belongings and even if they do steal, some security devices have tracking capabilities.

Extra Tips to Consider

To reap the benefits of installing security devices in your car, it’s important to consult professionals. However, consider the following while looking for professional advice and assistance:

  • Check the number of years they have done car security systems installation: Numbers do not lie. If the company that you are considering giving the job has no track record, then there is no proof in the pudding!
  • Recommendations and ratings: Make a lot of inquiries and ask their former clients about their service provision. A common way of vetting a company today is checking out online company ratings.
  • Financing: Does the car security company have a flexible financing option for customers?
  • Do they offer installation services? Some car security services just sell the hardware only and do not offer installation services. Consider a car security company that will install the hardware and as well offer maintenance services like ONIT.
  • Exclusive perks and deals. When you work with reputable companies such as ONIT, you have access to complimentary services and savings that take the stress out of managing your car security device.

Hand holding phone while driving

Looking for More Information on Security? We’re ONIT.

Car thieves have become increasingly tech-savvy, using all the latest technology to break into vehicles, steal or even switch up vehicle identification to avoid car detection. If you are wondering how you will protect against theft, be vigilant and invest in the security systems mentioned above. Also, remember to consult professionals who can do security device research, procurement, and installation.

Keep your car away from theft with Car Security Devices from ONIT Home. Our best-in-class equipment and a team of knowledgeable security experts can help you find the best products and technology to secure your vehicle. You can request your quote online or give us a call at 1-833-433-0331 for more information.

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