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Smart Business Home Security Options For Smaller Companies

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For decades, we have known how important security is for small businesses. Not only is the business data security important, but being able to have excellent digital security is at the highest importance. Small business owners need mobile access- whether they are on premises or not. Instead of using a large scale security system, small business owners can get away with a home security system instead. Having a business home security system translates to easy management, on-the-go control and powerful insight into overall operations.  

Using Alarm.com To Secure Your Business

At ONIT, we believe that Alarm.com is a great resource to small businesses. Small and medium sized business owners are able to monitor their location both internally and externally at any hour of the day, any day of the week. Alarm.com’s app allows you to continually check on your business from your cell phone or laptop. 

Small business home security systems can have access to the following:

  • Alerts when someone comes onto the premises
  • Alerts when alarms are triggered
  • Video verification of instructions that can quicken police response and reduce false alarms.
  • Mobile controls of everyday security measures such as the controls to arm or disarm, access video surveillance, know when video is not recording. 
  • Smart lighting, smart thermostat, and temperature sensor integration that increases energy efficiencies and reduces business cost.  
  • A user-friendly interface for managing all security data in one place.
  • Easily accessible with reliable support whenever you need it. 

What Products To Have For You Business Home Security System

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Smart Locks

Smart locks are innovative and highly advanced door locks. These locks create a platform for users to enable strong and convenient security for their households, or for their businesses. The Z-Wave deadbolt lock will simplify your life as it allows you to lock and unlock your door through a pin number. This pin number can be anywhere from four to eight digits, and is located right on the front of the door in a backlit, button keypad. Users can also enter a door by using the Alarm.com system application. A smart lock is the perfect addition to automate your business security system.

You can leave your smart lock unlocked during business hours so your customers or deliveries do not have to enter a pin number just to get in. If you have specific doors in your business that should not be accessed by everyone, you could lock it through the day without interfering with the other locks. For instance, one lock for the storage room can have their own pin, but a private office can have a different pin. Even though they’re all controlled by an app, each lock is its own unit.

The integration of smart locks is to help inform the business owners. It gives them a way to track who is coming in and out of their business to keep things secured. This level of security is also important to employees as well, giving them peace of mind that it is easy to track when someone enters the business premises.

Security Cameras

ONIT offers the best smart security camera options to fit all your needs, and most importantly, fit your budget. Whether you are thousands of miles away on vacation, it is comforting to have security cameras to give you a clear view of who is at your door, or what is happening elsewhere in your business or on the premises. 

An ONIT indoor camera can detect each and every movement as well as recording and storing video if that is desired. Our CCTV cameras are 1080 HD. Using the Alarm.com app on your cell phone, you will have the ability to survey the office from multiple camera locations or talk to your employees or guests. 

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Smart Automation

Whether you are in the office or on a vacation, you have the full ability to take advantage of smart security equipment. This latest technology has equipment that enhances your safety and your lifestyle. 

Wherever you are, you are able to:

  • Turn your lights on and off.
  • Control temperature on your smart thermostat. 
  • Ensure all your doors are both closed and locked.
  • Monitor your property with live video and recorded video.

There are energy management features that help you save money on utility bills by making your office more energy efficient. Our crews at ONIT can provide one-touch solutions to control your shipping dock or other aspects of your small business. This can include:

  • Control panel
  • Smart locks
  • Smoke detection
  • Heat detection
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Motion sensors
  • Smart doorbell
  • Water and flood detectors

Still have any work worries? Alarm.com offers a great guide for how to reduce your stress and rely on your security system to work for you.

How to Secure Your Business with Home Security 

While using a home security system for your business might feel strange- it is a great resource for state of the art technology, without a hefty price tag. New systems allow for easy availability to what is happening in real-time action. Having a small business means securing a smaller location, and home security systems are a great option. 

Having security for your business is important, and at ONIT, we are here for all your security needs. Using home security for your business is an easy way to protect your building and the people in it. Let us help you secure your business so you can get back to doing what you do best- running your company! 

Contact us today at 1-833-433-0331 to speak to a live representative today. 

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