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Smart Solutions to Protect Your Home and Family This Year

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We’re headed into summertime, which means we have a tendency to keep our doors and windows open, letting critters and anyone free to come in and out of your house. Instead of hoping that your home stays safe, find new security solutions to protect your home. Here are our takes for the top ways to protect your home in 2021. 

Door and Window Sensors

There are two main ways of entry into your home: windows and doors. With those being entry points, you want to add an additional layer of protection around your household. That’s where door and window sensors come in. Think of these as a backbone of your home security, as they consistently monitor the status of your home and any activity that may come near it. This piece of security equipment protects your home through motion sensors, letting you know whenever it is opened and closed.

Ideally, you want to put these sensors on every door and window if you’re wanting to completely protect your home. These sensors work by alerting a signal to a main control panel whenever a window or door is opened and the alarm is on. This then triggers the main alarm, alerting the homeowner over the breach in security. 

This piece of security is small, but don’t underestimate the size. They are incredibly simple but effective in protecting your home against unwanted intruders. The sensor is generally attached with a heavy adhesive, so there is no need to pull out a tool box or make any holes into the walls, window or door frames. The sensor comes in two separate pieces: one piece attaches onto the door and window, while the other attaches to the frame or window pane. This way, if the door or window is opened, the sensor is detached and the alarm will sound. 

Most security bundle packages come with window and door sensors, but you can always buy these on their own and install them within minutes. You can put these sensors on interior or exterior doors, so if you’d like to keep extra security on your children’s rooms, you may do so with these sensors. 

Where To Place Sensors

With so many locations around your home, you might wonder where you can utilize the contact sensors to maximize security. Here are some great options on where you can place these sensors: 

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Main floor windows
  • Windows for any childrens room
  • Door to the garage
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Liquor cabinet
  • Doors that lead to a pool or large body of water

These spaces are used to protect your home and your children from any areas that could be considered dangerous. Walk around your home and find creative ways to secure your house with these smart solutions. 

a finger pressing a ring doorbell outside of a home

Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

When it comes down to it, we all want extra sets of eyes. We want to be able to see every part of a home that’s vulnerable, whether it’s keeping an eye out for intruders or keeping an eye on your children’s location. That’s why every home should have indoor and outdoor security cameras. Cameras aren’t just for recording anymore, technology has advanced in a way to connect your cameras to your phone to make sure that you are notified the moment unpredicted activity happens. 

There are both wired and wireless options with security cameras. Once installed, the cameras connect to your wifi service and allow you to have real-time notifications and live views of what your camera can see. 

Let’s talk facts: security cameras work in deterring break-ins. In fact, they do! ADT shows that having a security camera can keep theft down by 50% or more. Criminals aren’t looking to be on camera for fun, so if a security camera is placed in a spot that is visible to an intruder, chances are they’ll abandon their attempts and move on.  

Whether you’re at home or on vacation 1,000 miles away, having an indoor or outdoor security system is a great way to protect your home. You can do live check in’s if you hear a funny noise during movie night, check on your animals during work hours, make sure your child returned home safely from school or have peace of mind during a trip. The possibilities of security are endless with this great equipment option for your home. 

Here are our recommendations for security cameras. 

A Ring doorbell camera installed next to a bright blue front door.

Video Doorbell Cameras 

Like previous sections mention, protecting your home starts at the front door. If you aren’t looking for a full out security camera at your front door, you could opt for a video doorbell camera instead. A video doorbell camera gives you the same sense of security as a regular camera, but instead it’s mounted to your doorbell. Most doorbell cameras have the ability to access footage from throughout the day, no matter where you are. 

One of the best uses for a doorbell camera is to track your packages. In the last year, online shopping has become the norm. These days, our front door can be packed with cardboard boxes! Knowing this, thieves have found a way to quickly walk up to someone’s patio, take a package, and steal it without anyone noticing. To combat this, people are turning to doorbell cameras to deter that level of crime, often called “porch pirates.” 

How Does a Video Doorbell Work?

Whenever someone approaches your home, the doorbell camera will send you a real-time notification on new activity. Additionally, most doorbell cameras come with a microphone with two-way audio capabilities. This way, you can actively communicate with anyone who is at your front door. 

Think of this device as a regular doorbell, but with advanced technology. You have the same capabilities that a regular doorbell permits, but with an added technological function of real-time video surveillance. Here are some of the top features you should consider when shopping for a doorbell camera to protect your home:

  • High quality and high definition video recording. You don’t want your footage to be pixelated, but instead you’ll want high definition just in the case that you need to turn that video footage over in case of a crime.
  • Wide field of view to make sure that you can see everything necessary. 
  • Two way audio to allow for real time conversation
  • Wired and wireless options, in the case you need it to be renter friendly 

smart phone facing smart lock to unlock front door

Smart Locks

Not sure if you locked the door behind you this morning? None of that matters when it comes to smart locks. This keyless option gives you the ability to lock and unlock your home. A smart lock is a fantastic home device that works through your wifi and bluetooth. This device replaces the standard lock and key option and replaces it with an advanced and keyless option. The design gives homeowners the option to come and go from their home without having to carry their keys or worry about whether or not they locked their home that morning. 

So how does keyless work? Instead of an individualized key, smart locks lock and unlock through a variety of different ways. Typically, you’ll find smart locks with a touchpad and a designated code to unlock it. Additionally, you can use your phone to unlock it or have remote access. 

Each brand of smart locks have different customizable options to change codes immediately and without a limit for how many times the code can be changed. This allows users to give out multiple codes for entry and then change it at the click of a button when you’re ready. If you’re someone who frequently travels and has pet sitters or dog walkers come by, having a smart lock allows you to change the code whenever they’re no longer needed. No more wondering if someone made a copy of your key or calling a locksmith to change the locks. The future of security is technology based and smart locks are leading the way. 

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is another fantastic way to protect your home whether you’re at the office, feeling lazy, or on vacation. Think of this device as a means to get rid of your timers on lamps. Instead, you can control smart lights from virtually anywhere. Many smart lights have smart phone applications that let you control whether a light is on, off, the hue, and the brightness. This allows you to look like you’re at home, even if you aren’t! Typically, a dark home is believed to be empty, while a bright home gives the appearance of someone being there. So, if you’re on a summer vacation and want to keep intruders confused, smart locks are a great option. It also allows you to set a schedule so you can make the most of your smart lights on an everyday basis. 

Next Steps to Secure and Protect Your Home

Having security is a must-have. That’s why ONIT Home is here! We’ve been securing families for over a decade, allowing each customer to feel safe, secure, and protected wherever they are. Our team of experts is here to help you choose a security system and options, making sure you make an informed decision. To find out how ONIT  can help secure your home, visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331 to find out more information. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re ONIT.

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