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The Beginner’s Guide on Where to Place Security Cameras

outdoor security camera system positioned on the house
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You have finally found and purchased the best security cameras for your home or business. The next task involves installing them around your premises. Do you know where to place security cameras?

You can’t just place them anywhere. So it would be best to put them where they will be 100 percent effective in catching and deterring thieves.

In a survey conducted on burglary inmates by KTVB, an NBC- affiliate television station, some confessed that seeing a security camera meant valuables on the premises. Others admitted that seeing a security camera deterred them from stealing in some houses. The thing is, security cameras that are strategically placed can deter or document the crime.

The Best Places To Place your Security Cameras

So how do you place security cameras to document the crime or deter it? Below is a complete guide on where to place security cameras so they can serve you right.

The Front Door

According to InterNACHI® or the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, 34 percent of thieves use the front door to burglarize. It’s also a prime target for parcel thieves. Everyone who enters and leaves your house is recorded via a camera installed at the main door, from family members and babysitters to maintenance and delivery personnel.

Doorbell cameras with video and audio capabilities are excellent choices for the entryway. It is possible to use them as the main camera or in combination with another outside camera focused on the yard or garage.

The Common Areas

Installing cameras in common areas of the home, such as the kitchen or living room, is an excellent way to keep an eye on the kids, the babysitter, the pets, and other frequent visitors like cleaners and maintenance specialists.

Think about putting the most emphasis on the ground-floor rooms with expansive windows since someone may break in via one of them.

Back or Side Doors

If a burglary doesn’t happen from the front door, you can expect it from the back or side door. These are the places that are kind of invisible to other people, so a burglar will find it easy to use the back or side door to break in.

Installing security cameras around your secondary doors gives you the knowledge of everyone using it.

exterior view of low window

Near Off-Street Windows

The majority of burglars, around 23%, prefer entry via a back window, which is hidden from view from the street. In addition, they are less likely to get caught since they are not near any passing vehicles.

Placing cameras in these areas will help you catch and deter burglaries.

Overlooking Your Driveway

Monitoring your driveway means that you will see every vehicle approaching your house. As much as you want to see them when at your door, you also want to capture things such as escape vehicles.

If your driveway has a gate at the end of it, that’s the best place to install your security camera.

Inside Your Garage

Some people tend to forget about the important items stored in the garage. For example, most people don’t think installing a security camera in a garage is necessary.

Burglars can use the tools in your garage to break into your house by breaking windows or breaking locks. So ensure that your garage is fitted with a security camera so that you see everything happening in it.

Main Stairway

To gain entry to the majority of your house, a burglar would have to pass via a central point; this is often a hallway on the first floor or a stairwell heading up.

Placing your security cameras in these areas will enable you to capture events as they unfold and see all breached areas.

On Your Yard

You may think your yard doesn’t need surveillance, but the truth is, monitoring the yard will allow you to keep an eye on anybody who is looking at your property from the outside. It’s also helpful in recording the actions of children, animals, and intruders.

Where You Shouldn’t Place Security Cameras

As much as you would like to know everything happening in your house, there are places you should neglect to avoid legal or privacy issues.

Here are some of the few places where you cannot install your security cameras.

Neighbor’s Property

Although there are exceptions and legalities to this issue, your security cameras shouldn’t also be facing in the direction of your neighbor’s property – to avoid any problems.

However, you’re perfectly fine if the camera covers a wide view that includes your neighbors’ property. If, for some reason, you want to point your camera at your neighbor intentionally, just knock at their door and talk to them. Everyone values security.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

You may have kept your valuables in the bedrooms, but leaving the rooms without security cameras is best. Again, this is for the sake of privacy.

The same goes for bathrooms; it is better to keep the cameras for the sake of privacy. Also, it is unlikely that a burglar would find so much of your valuables in a bathroom.

A white video surveillance camera is installed outside on a beige wall.

Benefits of Strategically Placed Security Cameras

Surveillance technology has had tremendous advancement in the past decade, making it possible for anyone to afford it in their homes.

Not long ago, having surveillance cameras in your home meant a costly and luxurious decision for a home. But these days, lacking a dedicated surveillance system in your home seems like an odd decision.

The availability of surveillance cameras for everyone has seen homeowners counting great benefits. What are these benefits? Let’s take a look together.

Deterring Crime

Just a mere presence of security cameras in your home can stop burglary from happening. However, no one should ever cheat you into installing security camera dummies because burglars can spot one from miles away.

Other than that, a study by the UNC reported that having security cameras has seen a drop in home property theft by half. Most probably, thieves will not rob a house before they case it, and once they spot some professionally installed security cameras, they might abort the mission they had.

Helping The Police

Security Cameras make the best file evidence for many crimes. A security camera can record everything that happens at a certain place and file it for reference.

The police can use the evidence to prove there was a crime or not. In addition, recorded videos can help the police catch the culprit and help them prevent future crimes.

Monitoring Every Activity

Whether it’s the security cameras in your home or your business, they can monitor everything happening on your premises. For instance, if they are installed at your home, they help homeowners check on family members like children, from time to time.

For example, if you have kids sleeping in their room, you can have a security camera to check on them at night when they are sleeping. This saves you the agony of having to wake up each time in the middle of the night to check on them.

Your pets, too- aren’t they family? You can use security cameras to check on them during the day or even at night when they are sleeping or why your dog is asking at night.

Insurance Benefits

After you’ve had a burglary at your premises, you need to make a theft or vandalism claim to your insurance company. The company will ask for proof as expected, and this is where your high-definition cameras will help you.

You can easily document your claim and make it 100 percent valid with actual footage.

female customer service monitoring home security

Which Is Better? Monitored or Unmonitored?

Choosing where to place security cameras is one choice you need to make as a homeowner, but also choosing between monitored or unmonitored is another choice that you have to make.

A monitored system is installed and communicates with a third party who monitors for suspicious activities, possible crime, and break-ins. In unmonitored systems, the monitoring devices are often purchased outright or in monthly payments – you manage the monitoring yourself through your phone and other compatible apps. In monitored systems, the third-party company will call the police for you, whereas it’s your responsibility to catch suspicious activities for the unmonitored.

The fact that monitored systems relieve you of the burden of identifying threats and taking action makes it the better option. When you are out and about, you don’t have to worry about some incidents like fire. The monitored cameras will record this and immediately sign the professionals to handle the case.

There will be an automatic fire response in some of the most advanced security camera systems. However, it also has its downsides, including:

  • High cost compared to unmonitored systems
  • Some require professional installation
  • Potential of false alarm charges

An unmonitored system is not a bad choice either, as long as you can actively do the monitoring. Either way, if you want to relegate your security issues to the professionals, then the monitored system is the best way to go.

viewing a block of security camera footage

The Bottom Line

Securing your home or business is your responsibility. And it starts with purchasing and knowing where to place security cameras. Remember to install them in the right places so you catch the events accurately as they unfold. Burglars will notice the cameras and retreat in most cases, and those who will not notice the camera will be caught red-handed. You can choose to actively play a role in your security by installing unmonitored security cameras. If you have the time to check, you may catch an event hours after it happened or after you notice something is amiss. But if you want to catch events as they happen and get real-time alerts and action, monitored cameras are the best option.

Whichever your choice is, ensure you procure the best equipment. What’s the best way to do that other than going to a trusted technology and home security provider? They know where to place security cameras and which quality you need.

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