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The Benefits of a Smart Light Switch

smart light switch
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The first time I heard that there was an invention of a smart light switch, the young child me was just in shock. I remember as a young child one of the many ways to just erk my parents was to leave a light switch on all day, accidentally of course, but it happened often. I was young and had no comprehension of energy use and that electricity cost my parent’s hard-earned money. Fast-forward a few decades and several innovations, we now have smart light switches.

Where if I had a smartphone at my disposal in high school, forgotten to turn off my reading lamp next to my bed, and wanted to prevent another punishment after school, I could hop on the Alarm.com app and instantly switch it off with a few taps of a button. Sadly, that wasn’t the case and kids from my generation created these innovations to help prevent punishment of future generations. So in this lies the first benefit of a smart light switch. Gen Zer’s… you’re welcome! 

What is a smart light switch?

Smart light switches are built-in and a direct replacement of traditional light switches. It functions just like a traditional light switch but can be controlled via a wi-fi connection.

How does it work?

Your whole home can become smart with the installation of a smart light switch. You can integrate your electric fireplace, your ceiling fans, reading light in your living room or bedroom …etc. In order to utilize the interface properly, you can set a certain mood with the lighting settings, set times in which a lamp will be on when you’re on vacation in order to prevent a burglary, setup the times in which your Holiday lights will be on lighting up in the neighborhood, and you can turn off a forgotten lamp when you are boarding your flight for your holiday. 

Is the investment in a smart light switch worth it?

Smart homes are in creation for a few reasons. For safety and protection, for comfort, for convenience, and ultimately for cost-effectiveness. Let’s walk through a few of those benefits, shall we?


In 2017, there were an estimated 1,401,840 burglaries in the United States. That is 3,840 burglaries happening every single across the United States. Although the circumstances are different in each case, there are many ways to try and prevent becoming a victim of burglary. This is where a smart light switches step in. You can place the smart light switch to your porch light, so that you have full control of when that light turns on and off. You want to be sure to be consistent and not keep that light on all throughout the day.  Smart light switches can also be on a timer to turn on every night at a certain hour to make it appear that someone is inside your home while you are at football practice for your youngest. 

Smart light switches can also help you make sure that everything unnecessarily left on in your home is off and prevent causing an electrical fire. For example, when your young teen daughter uses her straightener to curl her hair in the morning but forgets to shut it off and irresponsibly sets it on top of her bath towel, you can simply go in the app and turn off that switch rather than have the local firefighters come out to save whatever is left of your home.


The nationwide average cost of electricity is about 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. Multiply that by the rating of your light bulb and the hours you leave it on to calculate how much you’re spending on your lights every single month. Now, imagine adding a smart light switch to your daily routine and having the ability to set up certain rules in order to save you every penny that you possibly can.

For example, you have the ability to set up certain rules on your Alarm.com app to help monitor your home, as well as, indicate that when no one is at home ALL lights are out. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your children have turned off all the lights in their playroom downstairs because you already have a smart system installed and set up to turn everything off. This becomes a rule of being more cost-efficient but also airs on the side of convenience.

Which leads us to the next benefit of a smart light switch:


The addition of investing in a smart home is to make your life easier, saving you precious time. There are many conveniences of having a smart light switch installation. For example, imagine that your elderly mother, who doesn’t have the best eyesight, decides to go out for a few groceries in the middle of the afternoon. She runs into a few friends and they decide to go for some tea. By the time she has called you to check-in, it’s already really dark out. Luckily, you installed a smart light switch system in her home so that you can help her maintain independence. You’ll also have the ability to help her around the house by simply turning on a few lights. That way she doesn’t trip in the dark of the evening. You can also turn her TV on so that she can catch the last few minutes of the evening news.

It’s the simple things in life that help us maintain our lifestyle and independence no matter our age.

If you are looking for the best smart light switch on the market, then you have come to the right place! Please contact us at (866) ONIT-SUN to get you all ready to roll with your smart light switch!

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