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The Best Home Security Companies You Should Know About

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Your most valuable asset is your family and the home you live in. Therefore, you want those assets protected by the best home security system available. We will help you determine which home security system is best by comparing four popular security companies. Those companies are Brinks, ADT, Vivant, and SimpliSafe.

Brinks Security System

Brinks home security system that personalized protection and comfort by allowing you to customize your security package. You also have the option to add smart devices or other features.

Special Features of a Brinks Home Security System

The average home security services with Brinks mandates you to sign up for a 36-month contract. However, you can get Nest Aware, a professional monitoring system, on a month-to-month plan.

Is there a way to get out of a security contract with Brinks? You can call the customer service number and be sent easy cancellation documents for you to DocuSign. The procedures will explain the 30-day process of cancellation and what to anticipate for final billing. All cancellation documents are received via email within 24 business hours of your initial request.

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Types of Security Packages

For $39 a month, you get the base Brinks home security monitoring package. The Smart Security Package is $44.99 a month; and for an additional $5.00–at $49.99 a month, you get the two camera/top-tier security package. The only requirement to get these prices is to sign a monitoring contract for 36 months.

If you sign up for the Smart Security Ultimate Package with Brinks, you pay no upfront fees. All you are required to pay is the cost of equipment at $31 a month. When you are looking for an option that provides excellent security for your home, that is just a small fee to pay.

When signing up for a Brinks home security system, you get a professional monitoring system included. However, if you cancel this system, you can reset it and, in most cases, it will still work efficiently.

If you purchase a bundled package, you receive more services for your money than buying each item a la carte.

When you purchase the best home security system with Brinks, all hardware has 2-year limited warranty coverage. During the first two years following purchase, anything that breaks will be replaced.

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ADT Home Security System

ADT has over 140 years in the home security system business and is a leading company. They know how to keep your home secure and safe. All the equipment is simple to use, along with special features to meet your needs.

Special Features of an ADT Home Security System

One of the best features is the touchscreen and the digital control panel. There is also 24/7 monitoring with an alarm and a motion detector. You can also put alarms on up to three doors or windows in your home. Now, that’s security!

The ADT Home Security Basic Package

Ensuring the safety of your home and family should not break your budget. ADT offers a home protection package that costs less than $30.00. For $28.99 a month, you get all the equipment for security you need. For an additional cost, you will get 24/7 professional monitoring via cell or landline.

Professional Monitoring

There is a 24/7 professional monitoring service available with all home security packages offered by ADT. When the alerts signal ADT, a security professional is on hand to respond–this might be environmental hazards to intrusions. Any type of movement triggered by the system will result in an emergency response. However, you do need to enter into a contract to receive this professional monitoring system.

ADT offers a warranty system for all security equipment. Should the equipment break or fail during the warranty period, it is replaced. In addition, ADT offers the option to extend the warranty on equipment if needed.

Three Security Packages Available

ADT doesn’t offer a “bundled” package, but they do offer three security packages to suit almost any budget. Listed below are the three security packages available:

Secure Package

This package offers professional installation, 24/7 professional monitoring, detection of flooding, fire, and carbon monoxide, and all security equipment is monitored.

Smart Package

When you sign up for the Smart package, you get home control through your Smartphone that provides a remote arming and disarming system. You get mobile app access, a touch screen panel and customized alerts, automation, and schedules. In addition, you get everything included in the secure package.

Complete Package

This package includes everything in the Secure and Smart packages as well as other options such as security cameras. You will also have complete live stream access available from your mobile devices. You will have availability to record and save video as well as get text and email alerts.

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Vivint Home Security

When you are looking for a home security system, you can find it all in the Vivint security system. Talk for free with a security professional who knows the best security system for your needs.

There are no activation fees to pay upfront, no interest fees, you choose the contract you want. After you decide what system and equipment you need, a professional will come to your home and install it all. Ensuring everything is connected and in working order, ordering the system in the morning, and sleep easier that night.

Special Features of a Vivint Home Security System

Vivint keeps your home security all on a single app. There is a 24/7 professional monitoring system available that can be controlled from all your devices. This monitoring system assures your family and home are under constant protection.


The minimum monthly service agreement is $29.99 a month. This is in addition to a $599.99 minimum purchase for the equipment needed. Inquire with the representative about financing through a third-party source that may be available to cover these costs. There is also a fee for installation, which can be from $49 to $199. If you purchase the equipment in advance, there is no contract required, you can pay on a month-to-month basis.

Vivant has a system that allows as many as six cameras with sufficient WiFi abilities. However, there is a monthly network maintenance cost of $1.48 for this service.


While you are within your Agreement with Vivant any parts or equipment that becomes defective will be replaced. When you choose the Premium Service, Vivint will repair and replace any part of your system that becomes defective, free of charge.

However, if the Premium Service is not chosen, you have 120 days following installation as the warranty period. Following the 120 days, as long as you receive the services included in your Agreement, we will replace defective equipment without a fee. But you will be charged a fee for the service call in addition to any applicable taxes.

It took several research hours and testing to determine which home security system is best. After serious consideration, Vivint was chosen as the best home security system for 2022.

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SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe offers a complete home security system to guard every window, door, and room from intruders. This system also protects against medical emergencies, water damage, fires, and much more. SimpliSafe also has a 24/7 professional monitoring system on stand-by, ready to call emergency personnel when needed.

Special Features of a SimpliSafe Home Security System

Your SimpliSafe home security system comes with a wireless keypad, motion sensor, base station, and an entry sensor. There are five packages to choose from to advance your coverage levels.

The SimpliSafe security system costs $229 in upfront fees to get the best home security going. After that, it is $14.99 a month to continue the service.

The system works with or Without Professional Monitoring

SimpliSafe can be used even if you don’t choose a professional monitoring system. However, without it, you do not have complete access to every feature of the system. If you don’t choose the professional monitoring service, you will be missing the SimpliSafe mobile app access. In addition, if you have a break-in, you have to call emergency personnel yourself.

SimpliSafe’s Warranty

Equipment for your SimpliSafe security system has a warranty of three years from the original purchase date. If you have any questions, call SimpliSafe and a customer service representative will aid you in resolving the issue.

Contact ONIT Home For Your Security Needs

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