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The Best Smart Home System Companies for 2023

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In a 2017 study by the FBI, the US recorded 1,401,840 million burglaries, with 67.2% of these burglaries being residential burglaries. These burglaries recorded huge losses of up to $3.4 billion. This study shows that many homes have recorded losses due to a residential burglary in the last decade. However, most of these homeowners did not have a reliable home security system or a smart home system to protect them or record the crime. Lacking video evidence of a residential burglary case is very unfortunate as it makes finding the culprits difficult. In addition, filing an insurance claim can be an uphill task. This is where a home security system comes in. A home security system is one part of a smart home system and choosing a good smart home system determines the quality of your home security system.

There are many companies globally offering the best smart home system. Which ones are they? Tag along as we discuss a few of the best smart home companies in 2022.

man installing light bulb into new feature

Best Smart Lights: Philips

The first tools to include for a complete smart home are smart lights. Phillips is a company that one can trust and rely on for the best lights. Unlike traditional lights, smart lights are a smart way of having complete control over lighting requirements, and overall electricity usage. If you have never used smart lights, they are residential or commercial lights that can be controlled remotely.

With smart lighting, users are in control of their lights wherever they are. Many companies offer smart lighting options, but Phillips is one of the most popular yet reliable companies when it comes to smart lights.

Philips Hue lights let users think more apart from lighting. They can help light a home according to the mood of the moment and even help decorate the wall. Philips Hue also allows one to work with any color they want. They have a range of up to 16 million colors of light to choose from Philips Hue also includes timers and sleep and wake-up routines. One can also have daily task routines with Philips. For example, one can set the time for reading and the color that you want at the set time.

With Alexa or Google, users can use voice commands to change the lighting they desire. It’s also possible to choose these lights depending on the feel of the room you want to install the smart lights. These lights are available at the official Philips site, Amazon, Target, BestBuy, Home Depot, among other stores. The best thing about the Phillips lights is that they are readily available. You can get these lights from as low as $40 to as high as $300, depending on the complexity of the lights.

close up of a diy home security ring doorbell

Best Doorbell Camera: Ring

The doorbell camera is another excellent technological invention for smart homes. It not only notifies users when there’s someone at the door but also allows them to see who it is and whatever they are doing. This smart device connects to the already installed doorbell wiring and chimes to WiFi. Users get notifications on their phones or any other devices of choice. When the doorbell camera is on, the app allows you to view a live video from the door.

The Ring doorbell camera is compatible with Alexa. In this case, you will hear, see and talk to whoever is at the door. With as little as $100, customers can get this Ring doorbell camera at Amazon and other online stores. Another great feature is that one can also get the doorbell with a trade-in.

Best Speakers: Amazon

When dealing with a smart home system, there’s a need for good, efficient, and reliable speakers. An intelligent home system often uses voice assistants to be more effective, which is why one needs to get good speakers. Amazon is an excellent dealer in anything under the sun, and smart speakers are another item that Amazon deals with best smart speakers. If you use Alexa voice assistant, you need to have a smart speaker that has Alexa integrated within it. Amazon has speakers with Alexa integrated into them. From as low as $50 to as high as $300, anyone can get these best-selling smart speakers on Amazon.

Best for budget: Wyze

As much as customers want quality products, economical and efficient gadgets are what every buyer looks out for. The Wyze Cam is the most acceptable and most affordable home security available in the market today. Just like other Wyze products, the cam is no exception; it offers quality 1080p video, color night vision, as well as cloud and local storage. Sound detection and voice control are the essential qualities of a spy home security camera.

The Wyze cam offers this effectively. The most convincing thing about the Wyze camera is that it can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. This type of camera has the kind of efficiency expected from third-generation home security cameras. The Wyze cameras come with a home monitoring kit. This camera also comes with ample video storage capacity.

The Wyze camera is waterproof. This means that you don’t have to worry about water getting in and damaging important components of the camera. Whether it rains or shines, this camera will offer the best solution to keep your smart home on watch. The Wyze Cam is available on AmazonMicro Center, and Home Depot at an economical rate of $35.

Best for Daily Use: Google

We all need accommodating and practical gadgets that aid in intelligent home routines. Being upgraded and modified to function with Google features can be an added advantage. One of the gadgets is the Google Nest Hub; you can acquire it for around $100. The display is considered one of Google’s most affordable models, presented on a 7-inch screen. The gadget can be used as a mini-tv and situated in the kid’s playroom. However, based on the device’s function, it is regarded as an adult’s alarm clock.

Among other Google products is the Google Nest Hub Max. This is available on the Google store for $250.The Google Nest Hub Max comes in a bigger size and has an inbuilt security camera. The gadget makes perfect video interactions. However, most buyers have regarded it best for kitchen use, which is the best device for watching TV shows. You can acquire the gadgets on Amazon at varied prices: this depends on each gadget’s specifications.

nest smart thermostat showing 73 degrees

Best Thermostat: Nest

One of the many investments for home improvement is heating and cooling appliances. And nowadays, these tools are available for smart homes too. The traditional HVAC tools work just fine, but the smart system works better. Nest thermostats offer well customized and efficient intelligent thermostats. Due to the increasing market for smart HVAC systems, there are so many companies that manufacture smart AC systems and a high chance of purchasing low-quality equipment. However, through good research, one can be sure to purchase quality gadgets. Nest is a company famous for making the best and high-quality thermostats.

Compared to the already existing thermostats in the market, Nest thermostats will enable one to do the following:

  • Control the thermostat remotely
  • Minimize energy costs
  • Track energy use.

It has been proved that most homeowners who use Nest smart thermostats save about 10% of power compared to their previous gadgets. The company sends a monthly report on its efficiency and consumption. This is the best gadget you need to keep the temperature as low as possible and for the longest time you want. The Nest third-generation thermostat should be the best gadget to get for your cooling and heating system. The Nest thermostats are available on Amazon.

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How to Secure Top Security Deals With ONIT Home

Smart home tools are available, both basic and advanced. The basic ones work just fine and the advanced ones may be a bit expensive. The best thing is that both of these tools are reliable and readily available for anyone. If you value quality, overlook the price tags and go for products that will give value for your money.

Partnering with ONIT Home gives you access to live comfortably with reliable home security options. Our top benefits of teaming up with us for your home security include: 

  • Industry-leading equipment from our trusted partners
  • Security and home automation so you can build your ideal smart home
  • Access all your home security under one app
  • Manage your home from anywhere through remote access

To get started with ONIT Home, visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331. 

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