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The Top Security Cameras That Work Without Internet Requirements

an arlo security camera mounted onto a tree
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Are you looking for Security Cameras that work without internet? You’ve come to the right place. These days many are looking to protect their home or business proactively and are turning to security camera systems for help. While a WiFi-connected device is quick to set up and offers many conveniences, they pose several downsides; Internet-free security camera systems are a better option for many homeowners.

Why Choose an Internet-Free Security Camera

There are several reasons why you may decide to forgo wifi-enabled cameras for security cameras that work without internet. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Lacking Internet Options

Some communities, especially rural areas, still do not have internet access in their homes. Ethernet can be costly to run to your residence, or it may not be an option at all. While your home may be equipped with wifi or an ethernet cable, your barn, garage, outbuildings, driveway, or other outdoor areas may not be. Internet-free cameras can be an excellent solution for these applications.

Slow or Spotty Bandwidth

Even if your home is internet accessible, the internet may not be consistent or high speed. Having a camera that is constantly on your network can result in high latency for the rest of your household. If you don’t have a high bandwidth package on your ethernet, or you use satellite internet, network speed may be a concern of yours. Having a camera that is not connected to your system can allow your internet to function at a more desirable speed.

outdoor security camera system positioned on the house

Increased Reliability

Cameras that don’t rely on the internet can function even during system failures or power outages. Arguably, these can be some of the most crucial times to keep your security system up and running.

Increased Privacy and Personal Safety

While wifi-enabled cameras are continuously improving, there is always some risk of being hacked. Maintain your family’s privacy and safety by skipping cameras that connect to the internet altogether.

Fee Free

Security systems that connect to the internet, especially those that back their data up to the cloud, are more likely to charge maintenance or usage fees. People who want to avoid these costs can opt-out entirely by going internet-free with their new security system.

The Top 5 Security Cameras That Work Without An Internet Connection

Best High-End Camera

Amcrest UltraHD 4k Outdoor Security IP Turret


This single ethernet-connected 4k camera offers a crystal clear 2.8mm wide-angle view and enhanced night vision. You can also program it with four customizable motion-tracking zones. Use the Amcrest Survellience Pro app (for Windows or Mac) to record professionally and record footage remotely. You may record locally only or opt into the storage subscription package for remote, encrypted footage.

At $114.99 per camera turret, it’s a higher-priced option, but this high-resolution camera will allow you to better view more details such as facial features and license plates. It works in bright daylight, low light, and even at night, with visibility up to 98 feet after dark. Amcrest UltraHD 4K offers the best vision for both indoor and outdoor use. It is weatherproof and can endure even the most brutal weather. You may store up to 256 GB of data on each camera via a microSD card.

  • One camera, the system is $109.99.
  • One camera plus Amazon Echo Show 5 (required), the system is $154.98.
  • Two cameras, the system is $234.99.

You may find the Amcrest UltraHD 4K Camera system for sale here.

A white, modern security camera on top of a grey surface with a wire behind it.

Best Wireless Camera System

Arlo Go 2 Wireless Security Camera from Verizon is available for $249.99.

This security system functions a bit differently than most options on our list, but if you’re looking for security cameras that work without internet, this may be the perfect option for you. The Arlo Go 2 Wireless Security Camera uses a Mobile LTE plan. Many campers and rural-dwellers choose to use this system because it doesn’t require internet or power. Arlo Go 2 offers 1080 HD footage even in remote areas.

This system works well in low light with color night vision and has a built-in spotlight for added security. This system is indoor/outdoor and stores all of its footage locally. It also offers cloud storage that holds recordings for thirty days after capture. Arlo Go 2 is unique because it has a mobile app for live viewing, and it even tracks its own location at all times for easy location and recovery. You may use its convenient two-way audio or trigger the camera’s built-in siren to scare off intruders.

This mobile connection also allows for remote live viewing and live alerts, which is more unique among most internet-free options. The Arlo Go uses a Micro SD card, a sim card, and Cloud Storage for added convenience and also works with Alexa for voice control. Arlo costs $2.99 per month for one camera or $9.99 per month for up to five cameras. In addition to the subscription, you must also pay for a cellular data plan through AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, or T-Mobile.

You May find the Arlo Go 2 Security Camera System for sale here.

Best Plug-In Camera System

The Defender Phoenix M2 is available for $199.99.

The Defender Phoenix must be plugged into a power outlet but will wirelessly connect to the seven-inch LCD monitor. It is an indoor and outdoor capable system that can withstand any weather, from rain to snow, sleet to ice, subzero temperatures, and also dust. The security camera can record continuously or with flexible recording options and even has night vision.

You may use the system’s high-quality two-way audio or the built-in siren system to scare off intruders. The Phoenix security system is available in one to three camera packs, and a free 16GB SD card is included in your purchase. That is in addition to the already built-in 8GB of local storage. The Defender Phoenixm2 does not have any fees, contracts, or subscriptions. Once you own it, it is yours to use forever.

  • One camera and a monitor, the system is $199.99.
  • Three cameras and a monitor, the system is $277.
  • Four cameras and a monitor, the system is $339.99

You may find the Defender Phoenixm2 Camera System for sale here.

two gloved hands installing security camera

Best Set for Value

The HeimVision HM245 DVR Security System is available for $219.99.

The HeimVision HM245 DVR Security System boasts an 8-channel expandable DVR that you can connect to up to four more cameras. Wondering how many cameras you need for your home? Be sure to check out our comprehensive article on that. These cameras work well in broad daylight and even on the darkest of nights. Night vision has a 65-foot field of vision with 1080P quality.

The cameras are also waterproof and weatherproof; they can withstand temperatures ranging from -4°F to 122°F. HeimVision cameras feature facial recognition, human, and intelligent motion detection. The system can instantly alert you to these detections and precisely sends alerts with few false alarms.

Each HeimVision HM245 DVR Security System comes with the following:

  • One DVR
  • One Ethernet Cable
  • Four Cameras
  • Four Power Cables (each is 60 feet long)
  • Two Quick Guides
  • USB Mouse
  • Quick Guide
  • One Screw Package
  • One Four-Way Cable Splitter

You may find the HeimVision HM245 DVR Security System for sale here.

Best Budget Option:

The Reolink RLC-520 IP Security Camera is available for $46.79.

The Reolink is the cheapest option of security cameras that work without internet; yet still boasts high-quality 5MP SuperHD views at an impressive 30 frames per second. This system is weatherproof and waterproof for outdoor use and has up to 100 feet of night vision visibility. ReoLink has a free app and also remote access.

You can set the camera to record 24/7 or only when motion is detected. You may sign up for the subscription for remote recordings or simply keep footage local for free using an SD card. No SD card is provided, but you may use up to a 128 GB SD card for local storage. The camera has a 330-foot cable to transmit power and data.

  • One camera is $49.99.
  • Two cameras are $79.99
  • Four cameras are $319.99
  • Eight cameras are $699.99
  • Sixteen cameras are $939.99.

You may find the Reolink RLC-520 IP Security Camera for sale here.

A white security camera installed on a modern, cement beige wall outside.

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