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Home Security Yard Sign: Do They Actually Help Protect Your Home?

a security sign in the front yard of someone's home to keep burglars away
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As you drive around, you’ve probably noticed home security yard signs in people’s yards and stickers on their windows. Your first thought might be that the company is advertising through their security yard sign. However, they may have more weight to the sign than that. So, let’s discuss if these signs help protect your home.

Burglary Statistics

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), 3.7 million home invasions per year occurred from 2003 to 2007. Certain areas are known for high burglary rates, though a person could become a victim in any region. For instance, burglary rates are high in states like New Mexico and Arkansas.

Did you know that burglars will usually knock on your door before they enter? This isn’t because they want to meet you or have any contact with you. The exact opposite is true. Burglars want to make sure that you’re not home.

Some other interesting burglary statistics include the following:

  • Less than 30% of homes have an effective security system
  • Total value of properties taken during burglaries in 2019 was $2.9 billion
  • A burglary occurs once every 25.7 seconds
  • 27% of the time, people are home during the burglary

Burglary Statistics and Security Yard Signs

Moreover, KTVB surveyed convicted burglars. The reviews were mixed. Some criminals reported that a sign didn’t faze them.

However, the University of North Carolina in Charlotte conducted a study on over 400 incarcerated burglars. The results indicated that 60 percent of those interviewed looked for an alarm before they tried robbing the house. The burglars admitted that there’s a higher chance of being caught when a home has a security system. A home security system ranked as one of the top 10 deciding factors a thief considers when choosing a house.

Moreover, your likelihood of a home burglary is 300% higher if you don’t have a home security system. In fact, a study reported by Rutgers showed that crimes in areas with home security signs and systems were less likely to experience problems with crime. The number of robberies in the entire area decreased when people had security signs, even if they didn’t have one.

The Use of Security Yard Signs As Protection from Home Burglaries

security yard sign is a way to deter burglars from choosing your home. An alarm is loud, and it can alert you if your home or the neighbors. The thief then has a more difficult time exiting without being exposed.

The fact that a security sign deters burglars may not come as a shock to you. It may even lead you to wonder if it’s smarter to put up a fake sign or sticker and save money on the cost of a security system. There’s a great deal of risk with this practice, though. Although you could potentially deter a few criminals, many know the major security brands and can spot the knock-off signs.

The individual may look into the window and not see the keypad or a mounted camera and know the sign is a replica and not authentic.

Moreover, it’s not a genuine way to protect your home since there are no repercussions once the thief enters your home as there would be with an alarm system.

close up of two hands adjusting white security camera

Security Yard Sign and Other Home Protection

Bottom line: yes, security yard signs for homes are an effective way to discourage burglars from breaking and entering your home. However, this isn’t a foolproof way to scare off burglars.

Other Security Signs

You could add extra security along with the security sign by adding a “Beware of Dog” sign. When asked, many burglars said that they feared a large dog being inside of the home. Crooks also fear home security cameras.

Motion Sensors

Consider installing motion sensor lights outside, so you know when someone is trespassing at night.

Time-Delayed Lights

If you go out of town or stay somewhere overnight, put a time-delayed light on in one of the rooms, so burglars think you’re home.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Lock your doors and windows when you go to sleep or leave the house. While this seems like common sense, not everyone locks their doors when they’re home or away. Thieves have noted that they didn’t need to break windows or etc. in some houses to enter homes. Therefore, you should make it happen to lock your doors and windows.

Additionally, if you’re upstairs or not close to your doors, it may also benefit you to lock your doors.

Lock Up Valuables

Invest in a safe to store all your valuables in. You should also store your social security card and any other personal information that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Keep in mind that the safe needs to be large or heavy to stop the thief from merely taking the entire safe with them. You could buy a wall-mounted safe as well, which would prevent a thief from taking the safe.

Use the Bank

It’s always good to have cash at home in the event you need it in an emergency. It’s also useful if you receive a surprise visit from the boy or girl scout asking for their cookie or popcorn money. However, you should only keep small amounts of cash on you.

Start a Neighborhood Watch

While it’s beneficial for as many people in the area to have security signs as possible, it could also help for you to ban together and form a neighborhood watch. When criminals know that a town is serious about security, your area will be less likely to have theft issues.

Ask a Neighbor to Watch Your Home

It could be in your best interest to befriend a neighbor. Work together to watch each other’s houses, especially when you’re at work. Make sure you ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your home anytime you travel.

Watch What You Post

Never post on social media that you’re going on vacation or will be gone for an extended period. If someone who has ill intentions sees, you could become a victim of burglary.

smart phone faces camera with four grid camera footage

Benefits of a Home Security System

As briefly mentioned, a home security sign isn’t nearly as effective when you don’t have a home security system.

Gets Attention

When you have a security system, it’ll make a noise that may get the neighbor’s attention if anyone is home. Your neighbors are closer than what police are, so they may be able to assist in stopping the crime.

Alerts the Police

You can have a home security system that automatically alerts the police. Therefore, as soon as the thief trips the alarm, the cops are called and dispatched.

Protect Your Valuables

You’ll protect your valuables, especially the ones that you can’t replace, such as your grandmother’s jewels.

Decrease in Homeowner’s Insurance

A security system could mean you pay less for homeowner’s insurance because you’re less at risk for a home burglary. In some cases, a home security system could save you up to 20 percent on your insurance rate.

The amount you save on insurance may or may not cover how much you spend on the security system. However, you receive all the benefits of the security system and will save some.

Peace of Mind

In addition, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have protection in the event of theft. This is especially the case when you’re away.

With a home security sign, you have a lower risk of burglary. You can go to work and even leave on vacation and know your house is protected. Depending on your system, you may even have other features that can give you peace of mind — such as a locking system you can control remotely.

two men standing and shaking hands in front of a for sale and sold sign

Use as a Perk When You Sell Your Home

If you plan on selling in the future, the home security system could appeal to some individuals. It could also increase the value of your home, especially if you have cameras or motion detectors.

Overall, home security signs may detract some thieves from breaking into your home. Not to mention, your security system is beneficial to the neighborhood and can even save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.

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