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The Best No Drill Home Security Equipment For Your Home

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When you move into a new home, whether as a homeowner or renter, you may not want to mess up your walls. They provide that seamless, decorator look. Outdoors, you may also want to keep the exterior looking pristine. You also want a security system though. As a renter, your landlord might have provided directives in your lease that specify that you cannot install screws into the walls. It’s not that tough to work around because you can simply install a no drill security system.

What is a No Drill Security System?

A no drill security system installs without screws. You still mount the cameras and sensors, but none of the pieces of equipment mount using screws. Instead, they use glue you can steam off, double-sided sticky tape, or double-sided mounting pads. None of these methods mar the walls and you can use all of them in indoor or outdoor situations. They neither require holes in the walls nor do they remove any of the paint or plaster when you remove them following the instructions. You can also set up a table-top camera or rest a camera on your desk.

A white, modern security camera on top of a grey surface with a wire behind it.

Do No Drill Systems Work Like Other Security Systems?

These sets of security cameras, sensors, and sirens work just like the type that you attach to the wall using screws. You could have a professional installer set up your system or you could do it yourself. Today’s security systems provide very simple to install.

Renters and No Drill System

Your landlord could install your security system for you if they would willingly. Your landlord cannot install a security system that views your comings and goings though. That would invade your privacy. When you rent a room, home, apartment, etc. you earn an expectation of privacy. They cannot monitor you in the rented space. If you rent a home with a system already installed, you should obtain the login for it, so you can monitor the app that comes with it yourself. You should change the password as soon as you get it, so no person can be tempted to monitor you.

Can I Use No Drill Cameras Outdoors?

You can use free-standing no drill cameras with night vision outside. You can place it on a ledge, adhered with the removable adhesive. Some of these cameras also come with a post or stand that you can attach them to and stake in the yard. 

If you live in a high-rise apartment, you probably won’t have an outdoor camera because it would be unlikely that your home would get broken into from an upper story. Burglars typically target first-floor entry points, despite what they show in Bruce Willis movies.

How do no drill security systems receive Internet to transmit?

Since most landlords don’t like drill holes, wired systems won’t work for a renter. Wireless systems save the day. These cameras, sensors, and sirens use WiFi signals to transmit data. You can still monitor your home and front and back door using the app that came with the system. You can install an ONIT compatible app on a smartphone or tablet.

What equipment do you not recommend?

While any security camera can provide you with added security, some cameras or security systems function solely through your smartphone or a key fob. If you leave your phone or your keys at work or lock them into your vehicle, you’re locked out totally. We recommend a system that uses a smart lock with a front door code you change each week.

Many companies provide a smart lock or simple security camera, but some don’t use good security for their security devices. Take, for example, the very affordable SimpliSafe $300 system. Seattle security firm IOActive showed that with a $250 device a thief could record your security code during its transmission. That’s not very secure, so we don’t recommend that. We’ve vetted the companies with which we made working agreements, so we recommend those manufacturers over and above all others. We can monitor many pieces of equipment though, and can probably include any security system you already have installed. Call us to ask.

A Ring doorbell camera installed next to a bright blue front door.

Potential No Drill Security Systems

Check out this section of our buying guide to find the best available equipment to suit a no-drill situation. You can install a security system in your apartment so you remain safer, and you can enjoy peace of mind when you’re not at home knowing that ONIT monitors the system for you and you can check your home at any time using a smartphone app.

Alarm.com ADC-V522IR

Alarm.com works well with 2GIG and Qolsys equipment. Apartment residents will appreciate the Alarm.com ADC-V522IR. This ADC-compatible, infrared camera can sit on a desk or table. It records 1080p quality, provides a 113-degree viewing angle, and its IR night vision offers a top range of 15 feet. The camera requires a 2.4 GHz, or a 5 GHz WIFI network connection and you can pair the camera with Alarm.com easily. View the live feed from your security camera using the Alarm.com website.

Nest Hello Doorbell

The Nest Hello Doorbell works well for an apartment or home, but it does not provide all of its functionality for the cost of just the camera. You have to pay a subscription fee to access enhanced security features. On the plus side, it looks sleek, blends with most exterior decor, and you can easily install it yourself if you don’t want a full system. The device alerts you when someone rings your doorbell or approaches your front door. That is the basic feature of the camera. You can subscribe to Nest Aware to access added features, including familiar face alerts and activity zones, so you can know before the bell rings that the one nosey neighbor approached your home. You’ll also get live streaming of the visitor, pre-recorded quick response, and two-way audio so you can converse without letting them into your home.

Ring Peephole Camera

The Ring peephole camera provides an ideal electronic butler. Rather than hire a fellow named Jeeves, you install this camera at your front door. It works whenever someone knocks on your door or rings your doorbell. The person doesn’t need to touch your home since the device includes a motion-activated camera. If any person approaches your door, the camera alerts you. You can watch a live video feed of a person at the doorbell and speak with them using the doorbell camera’s two-way talk. Even if your building does not provide an intercom system, you can still speak with the individual who approached your door without allowing them into your apartment or house. You unscrew the existing peephole and slide in the camera instead. This Ring device uses a rechargeable battery for power. It features 1080p HD video and infrared night vision.

outdoor security camera system positioned on the house

Partnering With ONIT Home For All Your Security Needs

You can purchase a security system from ONIT Home, or you can contract ONIT Home to monitor your existing security system or you can install a mixed equipment system and have ONIT monitor it. You obtain a 24/7 alarm response from the ONIT Home nationwide monitoring stations, all of which are IQ Certified, and five-diamond rated. The ONIT Home systems all come professionally installed using a method that reduces false alarms. You can manage your ONIT Home security system and your smart devices using the ONIT app, the ONIT panel, Alexa, or Google Voice.

Give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331 to get started, or visit us online for more details. Whatever you need, we’re ONIT!

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