Why Is a Summer Storm So Dangerous?

On average, the United States has 10.1 named storms each season, with about 5.9 becoming hurricanes and 2.5 becoming major hurricanes. The most active season was 2020, during which 30 named storms occurred. Even though storms can occur at any time of the year, thunderstorms typically develop in spring and summer. So what makes a […]

Summer Weather Check: Is Heat Lightning Dangerous?

Heat lightning is a unique kind of lightning you can see in the sky without hearing thunder. It’s quite amazing to watch and often happens during the hot summer months. But is heat lightning dangerous or not? This article will delve into what heat lightning is, its causes, and whether it poses any danger to […]

How to Thaw Frozen Pipes to Avoid a Burst

If you experience a particularly cold night in your region, it could cause your pipes to freeze. When this happens, there’s a good chance your pipes will burst at some point, thereby causing some very expensive repairs. In this article, we’ll discuss how to thaw frozen pipes, to avoid this kind of situation. That should […]

What to Do About Frozen Pipes: How to Prepare and Respond

Most homeowners agree that one of the worst things they dread during winter is frozen pipes. Unfortunately, this happens quite often, and it is a common home insurance claim during winter. If this misfortune happens to you, you will not have water in the house, and your pipes may burst. Knowing what to do about frozen pipes will […]