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What Are the Best Smart Light Bulbs For Alexa?

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The best smart light bulbs for Alexa will be those that are compatible with this virtual assistant, and which are able to accept and manage the commands issued. In this article, we’ll review some of the very best smart light bulbs on the market. All of which will be Alexa-compatible. If you happen to be in the market for a wholesale replacement of light bulbs, this article may prove very useful to you. Assuming you already have Alexa setup in your household, it’s a natural step to progress toward a smart home. This is great because many appliances and other objects are managed by Alexa. Keep this article handy for the times when you are out and about, shopping for your smart light bulbs.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is one of the most popular virtual digital assistants available on the market today. Comparable to Google Now and Apple’s Siri, Alexa interprets voice commands and carries out functions to satisfy those commands. For instance, if you want to start a grocery list, Alexa will record each of the grocery items you mention and retrieve them later.

Alexa can help you with any of the following:

  • compile a song playlist of your favorite songs
  • help with your shopping
  • tell you what the weather will be for your area
  • tell a joke suitable for the whole family
  • set a timer and then alert you when the time has expired
  • control any smart products you have in the household, for instance, the smart light bulbs you install for convenience and extra control over lighting.

Although Alexa is certainly not perfect, and does misinterpret some commands, it’s a cloud-based service that keeps improving all the time. Based on artificial intelligence, Alexa will gradually become more in tune with the types of commands you issue. That will lead to a more mistake-free support of your household tasks and your personal preferences.

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Why Use Compatible Light Bulbs with Alexa?

There are some good reasons why you’ll want to use light bulbs compatible with Alexa. First of all, non-compatible light bulbs simply will not work with Alexa. This is because they won’t be able to accept directions or commands from Alexa.

On the front end of things, you would normally issue a command to Alexa, such as, “Alexa, turn all the lights on at 9:00 p.m.”. On the back end, Alexa would trigger all that to happen. This is because the virtual assistant communicates with all installed bulbs in your house. If those light bulbs are dumb bulbs, and cannot interpret commands from Alexa, nothing will happen.

By using compatible bulbs, you can establish a connection between them and Alexa. Then any of the commands issued by Alexa will be complied with. You can expect to pay more for these intelligent light bulbs! However, the benefits you gain will more than offset the cost. If you’re setting up a smart home, having intelligent light bulbs will be one more important step along the way.

Best Light Bulbs for Alexa

Below, you’ll find some of the very best smart light bulbs for Alexa, each of which has some strong features and qualities.

Peteme – 4-Pack Smart Light Bulb

This smart light bulb allows you to modify the brightness, turn the light on or off, and change colors, all via voice commands. Since it has a remote-control device, you can do all this through Alexa, whether you’re at home or somewhere on the road. With this kind of variability, you can change your lighting to match any occasion.

If saving energy is important to you, this bulb can save as much as 80% on energy usage, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get your utility bill. Believe it or not, there are about 16 million different colors you’ll be able to choose from when you install these versatile bulbs in your household.

Kasa – Smart Light Bulb

The Kasa smart light bulb is one that is capable of providing 850 lumens of light, and requires no hub for operation. It offers unlimited lighting possibilities, since it can be dimmed anywhere from zero light to full illumination. Colors can also be changed to literally thousands of different colors, so you’ll be able to support any special occasion in your household. For instance, if you want to decorate the house for Christmas, you might want to use green and red lighting in some rooms.

This is one of the best smart light bulbs for Alexa, and it connects to your secure WiFi network, without requiring any kind of hub for operation. All you really need to make it work is your smartphone, the WiFi connection, and the Kasa smart app. Once this has been setup, you can use your smartphone to control the lighting from anywhere you happen to be.

You can also use simple voice commands to Alexa, and that will accomplish whatever changes in lighting you need. You’ll be able to dim the lights at night, brighten them in the morning, and change them appropriately during the daytime. Colors can be changed to accommodate your mood, or to support any special occasion that may be happening. At just $14.99 a package, these smart light bulbs are not only very effective, but they’re also a genuine bargain.

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Philips – Hue Smart Light Bulb

Philips has been in the smart light bulb business since the beginning, so it makes sense they would have a superior product in the marketplace. At $15.99 for a single pack, you get great value for the price. Using the Hue Bluetooth app, you can control your Hue smart light bulbs either on-site or remotely, and you can achieve whatever lighting effects you desire.

Making the connection is easy, since all you need to do is log on to the Hue app, go to Settings, and select Add Voice Assistant. Once you’ve done that, you can look forward to about 22,000 hours of reliable lighting from your smart bulbs. When you think about it, that’s incredible value, especially when you think about how often you would change your regular light bulbs.

If you care to install the Hue hub, you’ll have control over up to 50 smart bulbs in your home, which should be all of them. You can also add on some features like motion sensing and smart switching, if those would be advantageous in your household. These are some of the best smart light bulbs for Alexa, and they earn maximum grades for brightness, ease of setup, energy efficiency, and longevity of service.

Govee – Smart Light Bulbs

For $44.99, you get a 4-pack of these excellent smart light bulbs, and you can then enjoy choosing any of the 16 million color shades available. It would take you a lifetime to try all those colors, but the versatility should be impressive all the same. Along with all the color options you’ll have, there are also 54 pre-set scenes you can choose from.

When you download the Govee home app and enable microphone permissions. Then, the colors will change in your bulbs automatically when microphone sounds are detected. You’ll also have control of turning the bulbs on and off, dimming the brightness, and setting a scene.

If you have other Govee smart devices in your home, you’ll be able to integrate them through the Govee home app and control them simultaneously. It will be a simple matter for you to brighten the bulbs for daytime and dim them during the evening. When you want to make light bulb adjustments from a remote location, just use the app.

Meross – Smart WiFi Light Bulbs

You’ll get one of the best smart light bulbs for Alexa for just $17.99 on Amazon. Then,  download the Meross app, so you can take advantage of all the special features. By creating a group in the app for all your Meross light bulbs, you’ll be able to control all bulbs through your Alexa voice commands.

You can manage turning bulbs on and off, dimming the brightness, and changing the color of your lighting. You can use the timer to have bulbs automatically turn on and shut off at preset times of day. Once you’ve set a schedule for lighting in your home, it won’t even matter if the Internet becomes disconnected! Your Meross bulbs will still follow that pre-set schedule.

Meross smart bulbs have a greater WiFi connection range than most other smart bulbs. That way, it has a lower offline rate as well. You’ll have endless opportunities for changing colors, dimming lights, and setting scenes with these bulbs. And you’ll love having all that control managed right from the convenience of your smartphone, whether you have iOS or Android.

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That’s because these bulbs can be timed to turn on and off at set times, or they can be set to light up special events in your household. Would-be burglars can be discouraged by seeing a house lit-up instead of in the dark, as they would prefer. If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting, or any other aspect of your home security, we’re ONIT.

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