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5 Must Have Home Security App Features You May Not Know About

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Have you ever questioned yourself on your way to work? Like, “Have I locked the door?” “Did I turn off the lamps?” “What if someone breaks into my house?” or other questions related to your house. If you often experience that, installing a home security app can help you get rid of your worries!

Installing a home security app helps you monitor your house whenever you need to step out for a while or you have to go somewhere for days. Through the app, monitoring your place is now as easy as watching YouTube.

There are some features you can use, such as alarm monitoring, voice command, and live video streaming. Whenever there’s suspicious activity at your house, the home security system will send you signals, either through an alarm sound or a notification on your phone. This way, you can take action right away to avoid unwanted incidents.

With a bunch of options for security systems on the market, you may have a hard time choosing the best one. We got your worry! Check out a list of five must-have home security apps and their features that you may not know about.

1. Vivint Mobile App

Vivint is a well-known home security service that has a bunch of helpful features. In order to use its home security app, you have to be a customer. You’ll need a customer account to register to the mobile app.

Vivint home security system is on a higher budget. The cheapest package is the Smart Security Monitoring which costs $29.99 per month. You can also get more advanced features for $39.99 or $44.99 per month.

Regardless of the high monthly fee, the Vivint app provides broad features to keep your house safe, such as 24/7 alarm monitoring, a smart home app to control electricity, smart security cameras, and advanced security features

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2. ADT Pulse App

American District Telegraph or ADT is one of the most experienced home safety brands in the world. It has been on the market for over 140 years offering protection through their home security equipment to its customers.

ADT is famous for having excellent voice control to do some actions through its app. It also has a well-developed alert monitoring. For example, users will receive a text or an email when the door is open or unlocked.

Other excellent features are Apple watch integration, custom automation, video monitoring, and smart home control. The cheapest plan to use ADT home security is $27.99 per month without any starter equipment needed.

3. Scout Alarm App

As an award-winning monitoring system, Scout has a set of well-integrated systems for their home security products. It offers four packages that differ in the security components. The most affordable package costs $229 which includes a motion sensor, key fobs, door panel access sensor, and yard sign.

Despite the hefty price, Scout is famous for its product quality. It’s well known to have a well-integrated system, cellular and power backups, DIY installation, plenty of sensor options, and self-monitoring options, which are all necessary to look for when choosing a home security mobile app.

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4. Alarm.com Home Security App

What’s not to love about Alarm.com’s app? Downloading Alarm.com’s app lets you receive intelligent alerts and view live video feeds straight from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to quickly see what’s happening back at home. You can also save time by automating your daily security routine, such as locking the door or arming your alarm panel, to get out the door and on your way sooner. 

Other cool features available on the app include: 

  • Talking to guests through the doorbell camera or unlocking the door from the same screen 
  • Viewing and recording video from indoor and outdoor cameras 
  • Receiving important alerts when people enter or leave your home, or when there’s unexpected activity 
  • Tailoring video alerts to your liking and only see specific activity 
  • Activating multiple devices with one touch using Scenes commands 

There are countless ways to enjoy Alarm.com’s app. Just make sure you’re using a compatible system with an interactive Alarm.com service plan.

5. Xfinity Home App

Xfinity Home makes it one of the best home security systems on the market with its standout ability that can integrate all your home technology into the same system. Users can get many benefits from the smartphone app.

Users can monitor CCTV videos live or watch the recorded version on their phone or television. Xfinity guarantees that its security components are compatible with each other. However, Xfinity doesn’t have a video doorbell and wireless camera available.

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Last Bit of Tips and Wrap Up

There are some key features that you should look for when choosing a home security app. These include battery backup, a cellular radio, and a wide option of communication protocol built-in. Make sure to ask the seller about those features before purchasing.

However, the above home security apps are some of the best on the market since many users have left good reviews. All of them provide professional home security systems and equipment to keep your home-sweet-home safe and sound at all times.


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