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Deep Dive Into Nuvis Water Softener and Filtration System | ONIT Home

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Let’s talk about your water at home. The tap water in our homes is readily accessible: we use it consistently without ever taking the time to wonder about the quality. However, our local tap water often contains minerals and contaminants that affect the taste and health of our water. These minerals can also be harmful to our appliances. ONIT Home has the solution to these problems, by professionally installing the Nuvis Water Softener and Filtration System, built by the same manufacturer as Maytag, called The LeverEdge

When it comes to our water, we’re all looking for the highest quality, best tasting, and healthiest water we can get, and all at the best price possible. That’s why ONIT Water supplies families with a whole home filtration system, helping you remove contaminants, avoid health problems, and reduce the wear and tear on your appliances.

Get your free water test done when you contact ONIT Home online or by giving us a call at 1-833-433-0331.

Why You Need a Water Softener and Filtration System 

The reason that everyone should have a water softener and filtration system is due to hard water. Hard water has an impact on your home and your health by way of mineral deposits known as scaling.  You can find the mineral deposits on your appliances, dishware and hair and skin. If hard water touches it, you’re sure to find a mineral deposit. 

Having a water softening and filtration system takes away these issues. 

Impact of Hard Water 

If you aren’t sure if you have hard water, here are some key signs to look out for:

  • Feeling as if there is a film or residue on your hands after you’ve washed them. This is due to your hand soap reacting to the calcium in the hard water to create soap scum. So that residue feeling on your hands is the leftover soap scum, leaving you to scrub your hands longer than normal. 
  • Mineral stains on your clothes coming out of the washing machine. In fact, did you know that clothes wear out faster due to hard water? It’s because the water itself is way too harsh for the fabric, causing you to have less wear than average. The build-up of detergent attracts stains and weakens fabrics, causing clothes to wear out faster.
  • Scaling in a washing machine decreases the effectiveness of soap and detergents, by preventing the formation of suds. This stops the detergent from properly washing the dirt, sweat, and skin cells out of our clothing. The prevention of the primary cleaning action can lead to your clothing smelling sour or feeling dirty, no matter how many times you wash them. 
  • Spots on your dishes, such as glasses or silverware. These spots aren’t from drying or leftover soap, but instead they are left behind from calcium carbonate deposits. 
  • Decreased water pressure. Nobody likes a shower with weak water pressure! Mineral deposits form in your home’s pipes, shrinking the diameter of them and reducing the water flow to your shower. 
  • The chemical reaction between hard water and soap can clog pores, dry the skin, and leave dull deposits on your hair. This can render your hair flat, making it lifeless and likely to fall out more frequently. 

Do you know what’s in your water? ONIT Home is here to test your water for free so you know exactly what type of filtration system you need. 

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How Does Hard Water Happen?

Hard water is a pretty common occurrence in households across the country. Hard water is measured by the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Water systems that use groundwater as their source are most common for having hard water. This is because the water moves through soil and rock, causing the rock to dissolve small amounts of naturally occurring minerals and deposits them into the water. Remember, each city has different levels of these minerals in their soil content, so each city’s water hardness level will be different. There are maps that show what areas in the United States have harder water

Impact of Hard Water on Your Home

Having hard water in your home can lead to different problems. Water affects every aspect of your home. From the water in your appliances to the water we use to drink, cook, and bathe, it plays a major role in our daily lives. Having hard water can reduce the lifespan of your appliances, your clothing, and your cleaning products. 

Having filtered water is a great way to extend the life of these items. Hard water can affect the lifespan of your appliances due to the mineral residue throughout your appliances. Therefore, once you’ve added water systems to your household that help dissolve these minerals, your appliances no longer have a buildup and are able to operate correctly.  Instead of machines working harder to perform their tasks, they will run efficiently and effectively, making sure you don’t have to do it again. 

Now that you know how hard water can affect your home and appliances, you might be wondering what the next steps are. That’s where the Nuvis Water Softening and Filtration System comes in to overhaul your at-home water treatment. 

Impact of Hard Water on Your Health

Having good tasting water is incredibly important! Hydrating your body is undeniably important, so why not fuel your body with healthy water?

Effect of Hard Water on Your Hair and Skin

The minerals in hard water don’t just affect your home and appliances, but also your hair and skin. The hard water leaves deposits in your hair, leaving it lifeless, brittle, and dull. Additionally, it leaves your skin dry and itchy. 

We spent hundreds of dollars trying to get our skin to look the best it can, our hair to have that right bounce, and a higher quality of clothing. Why let your hard earned money go to waste when all the products won’t work as well due to your water? Having hard water creates a multitude of issues that we pay to correct, without realizing that the tap water is the culprit. Skip the extra beauty products, buy a water softener, and have the skin, hair, and clothes that you’ve sought after for years. 

Hard Water Leading to Increased Probability of Kidney Stones 

As a reminder, hard water is when there is an excess of calcium and magnesium. When you ingest water with high levels of calcium and other crystal-forming minerals, your body is unable to dilute it. Since your body isn’t diluting these minerals, they can lead to the formation of kidney stones. 

To avoid this, look to install a water softener, as it removes the minerals calcium and magnesium from your water sources.

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Does Hard Water Have a Taste?

Hard water can taste like chalk or chemicals, due to the minerals in your water. The minerals alter the smell and taste of your water. Hard water also leads to limescale, which can also end up in your water, altering the taste. However, soft water destroys all taste and smell of those minerals, leaving you with tastier and healthier water, straight from the tap. The best way to get rid of the taste is through installing a water softener and filtration system. 

Understanding the Water Softening System

Water softening involves an ion exchange process, removing the magnesium and calcium from the tap water and replacing them with sodium ions. Here’s how it works:

  1. When hard water enters the tank, it flows through resin beads charged with a sodium ion. The sodium ion is a negative charge.
  2. The calcium and magnesium minerals in the hard water are a positive charge. So, as opposites attract, the resin beads grab ahold of the mineral ions, removing them from the water. 
  3. The activated carbon, BlackCat Resin and Quartz filter out chlorine, bromine, and heavy metals. 

This process removes the hard water, filters out contaminants, and leaves you with a soft, filtered water.

Understanding the Reverse Osmosis Home Water Filtration System

Having a home filtration system can assist you with both having great, clean water but also help you save money in the long run. The best choice for a home filtration system is a professionally installed reverse osmosis home water system. These systems remove the majority of the contaminants in drinking water, rather than just reducing them. A reverse osmosis system cleans water through multiple chambers and stages. 

  1. The first stage is the Sediment and Activated Carbon Block Module. This stage removes traces of chlorine and microscopic debris from the water.
  2. Next, the second stage is the Reverse Osmosis Chamber. This removes tiny particles, pollutants, fluoride and trihalomethanes that are trapped by the prefilters. 
  3. Third, the water will go through the Granular Activated Carbon. This removes the organic and odorous chemicals, like hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is known for being a chemical in water that smells like rotten eggs. However, the reverse osmosis system removes it and keeps your water smelling and tasting fresh!   
  4. The last stage is the In-Line Polishing Filter. This removes any remaining foul tastes and odors in the water, boosting the pH and giving you water bottle quality tastes.

Having a reverse osmosis system in your home allows you to have clean drinking water straight out of the tap, giving you and your family easy access to the best water. This system is installed out of sight, allowing you to have ample storage space in your kitchen, and you’ll never have to fill it up. These systems offer easy maintenance only having to replace pre and post filters annually, and replacing the reverse osmosis membrane every two to three years. 

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Understanding UV Light Purification

This is the most effective method for disinfecting water, destroying 99.99% of bacteria and microorganisms, without adding any chemicals.  The Ultraviolet (UV) rays have the ability to destroy harmful bacteria, pathogens, and illness-causing microorganisms right from your water. The UV rays are successful in attacking the DNA genetic core of microorganisms, eliminating any possibility to reproduce. 

UV lights effectively destroy 99.99% of:

  • Pathogens
  • Salmonella
  • Hepatitis
  • E. coli
  • Giardia
  • Cryptosporidium 

Disinfecting your water with UV light filtration is simple and safe for the environment. It works hand-in-hand with other forms of water filtration, such as a reverse osmosis water system. This requires low maintenance, just be sure to change your UV bulb every year. 

UV Light Purification and Water Boil Notices

A solution to water boil notices is to use UV purifiers. Water boil notices are given to cities that have contaminated water, causing residents to boil any and all water in their home until the city deems it safe. However, UV purification is designed to reduce the risks associated with water contamination, taking away the hassle of a boil notice. Instad, you have a method that’s quick, safe, and free of chemicals. 

Make the most of your home by finding out the different services ONIT Home has to offer! From water, home security, concierge services, we’re ONIT! 

How You’ll Save $870 With a Water Softener and Filtration System

Switching to the whole home softening and filtration system reduces your expenses and helps you save up to $870 every year. Here’s how you can make huge savings by making the switch. 

  • You can save up to $324 annually by eliminating bottled water purchases. Having an ONIT water system filters your tap water into high-quality water, giving you the taste you want, without the recurring cost of bottled water. The average person buys 43.7 gallons of bottled water every year, and the more people in your household equals more gallons of bottled water purchased annually. 
  • You’re saving up to $420 every year on cleaning products. Having soft water makes your detergent and cleaning products more efficient. Therefore, you will use up to 50% less of your products around your home, saving you those extra grocery store trips. 
  • Additionally, you’re saving up to $36/year on energy consumption. If you’ve ever looked at your electric bill, you’ll see that your water heater can account for around 13% of your monthly bill. If you have hard water in your home, your water heaters are working harder to warm up the water because of the mineral buildup. Having soft water reduces your energy consumption by up to 20%. 
  • Lastly, you’re able to save up to $90/year on your plumbing and appliance maintenance. Having soft water reduces the buildup, keeping your pipes from clogging. Reducing hard water problems can help you save up to 75% every year. 

Next Steps Towards Healthy Water With ONIT Home

Now that you know the different ways hard water can impact the overall quality of your water at home, it’s time to see how a whole home water filtration system can help. ONIT Home is the top choice to help you with in-home water testing, professional installation, and finding answers to any questions you have about your water. We care about the cleanliness of your water, and the impacts it has on your home and family. 

We professionally install all systems, making sure you can rest easy with a system that works correctly the first time you ever use it. ONIT Home’s professionally installed services ensure that your property’s water is clean, safe, and incapable of damaging household appliances.. To find out more about water filtration systems, visit us online, or visit our blog for commonly asked questions. Shop ONIT Home for all your water softener and filtration system needs! 

ONIT Home is your one-stop shop to create a space for families to enjoy. Bundle your purchases together for a $1,500 voucher to be used with our water filtration, security systems, or solar panels. Or, receive a $2,000 security system for $1,000 with a purchase of a water filtration system. Ready to go solar? Every solar panel system comes with a free home security and water filtration system! Learn more about our bundling deals today by calling us at 1-833-433-0331. Whatever you need, we’re ONIT! 

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