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How Does a UV Light Water Purifier Keep Toxins Out of Water at Home?

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If you want to enjoy clean water at home, a great way to do so is with a UV light water purifier. A UV light purifier offers filtration that’s more powerful than what you can find from the water filter pitchers at your local grocery store. But what is a UV light water purifier, and how does it work to keep the H2O inside your house healthy and clean? 

First, let’s talk about what a UV light water purifier is.

What’s a UV Light Water Purifier?

A UV water purifier is a purification system that utilizes ultraviolet light to remove contaminants and viruses from water. This kind of system has different components:

  • UV Rod
  • Flow Restrictor
  • Filtration System Controller
  • Reactor Chamber
  • Quartz Sleeve

UV Rod

One component of a UV light water purifier is the UV rod, and this rod is the part that emits the UV rays that purify the water.

Flow Restrictor

Another component is a flow restrictor. The flow restrictor ensures that the UV sterilizers do not exceed the maximum flow ratings.

Filtration System Controller

The filtration system controller is one more component of a UV water purifier. The controller is the brain of the entire purification system. It works by controlling how much electricity the UV lamp is outputting, and it also keeps the UV lamp running. 

This is essential to the entire system functioning properly since the lamp is the part that generates the UV rays that get rid of the microorganisms. The controller can vary significantly in complexity. Some controllers consist of a cap that fits over the lamp’s end, and others come with more features, such as low-UV alarms and timers that indicate when you need to replace the UV lamp.

Reactor Chamber

You will also find a reactor chamber in a UV water purifier. The reactor chamber is the component that contains the quartz sleeve in addition to the UV lamp. However, the reactor chamber is more than that. It is also the part that regulates how water can flow throughout the UV water purifier system. Several materials are used to make this part, but it is typically made using stainless steel. Despite this, plastic is sometimes used to make reactor chambers in UV water purifiers.

Quartz Sleeve

Another important part of the UV water purifier is the quartz sleeve. This is a long tube that is shaped like a cylinder and constructed out of quartz glass. The quartz sleeve serves the crucial purpose of making sure that the UV lamp inside the UV water purifier never directly touches the water. 

The UV lamp also sends out the UV light into the water via the quartz sleeve. You should know that the sleeve can become clouded because of contaminants. You should clean the quartz sleeve any time you replace the UV lamp so that the UV water purifier keeps working at optimal efficiency.

What Bacteria, Viruses, and Contaminants Does the Purifier Remove?

A UV water purifier, like the UV light water purifier from LeverEdge, removes many different bacteria and contaminants. These include E. Coli and Chlorine.

  • E. coli. One bacterium that a UV water purifier removes is E. coli. You probably know this as the bacteria that is often responsible for causing some kinds of food poisoning in several different foods. However, a UV water purifier can remove this bacteria from your water, so you do not have to worry about it. UV light is quite effective in removing bacteria from water. 
  • Chlorine. Another contaminant that a UV water purifier can remove from your water is chlorine. Chlorine is often in your drinking water because it is effective in eliminating microorganisms from the water. Therefore, it can be a common concern for homeowners like you. However, chlorine can also prove harmful if there is too much of it in your water. Thankfully, if you have a UV water purifier, you do not have to consider whether your water has too much chlorine in it. This is because the UV light from the purifier will remove the chlorine from your drinking water.

Understanding the UV Purifier and Virus Removal

The UV purifier can remove different viruses from your drinking water, as well. Viruses do have a greater amount of resistance to ultraviolet disinfection when compared to bacteria. However, this does not mean that UV water purifiers cannot remove viruses from your water, simply that they remove bacteria somewhat more effectively. These viruses may cause a variety of different diseases, ranging from less serious diseases like the common cold to more dangerous diseases like typhoid fever. No matter what diseases these viruses may cause, a UV light water purifier will get rid of these viruses. 

UV water purifiers can also remove different protozoan organisms from your drinking water. These infections refer to small microorganisms that typically are only made up of a few living cells. UV disinfection can eliminate these protozoans from your drinking water effectively. The two most common cysts that can cause diseases in people are:

  • Giardia
  • Cryptosporidium.


Giardia is a major microbiological contaminant that a UV light water purifier will remove from your drinking water. This is a microbe that comprises a single cell and is known as protozoa. This microorganism can cause you to have a gastrointestinal disease that is referred to as giardiasis. The more common name for this disease is beaver fever. A few symptoms of beaver fever are cramps, diarrhea, and fatigue. It is also worth pointing out that inadequate filtration or some issues with disinfecting your drinking water can lead to waterborne giardiasis. UV water purifiers effectively remove giardia from your drinking water.


Cryptosporidium is a parasite made of a single cell. This parasite primarily lives in the human intestines and animal intestines. Cryptosporidium can cause a disease that is known as cryptosporidiosis. There are several different symptoms of this disease. However, some of the most common symptoms of this disease are weight loss, dehydration, nausea, and abdominal cramps. If you are healthy, you may feel sick for a few days, but you will rarely feel sick for longer than two weeks because of cryptosporidiosis. UV water purifiers eliminate cryptosporidium quite effectively.

a woman in a white sweatshirt drinking water straight from a glassUV Light Water Purifiers Surpass Water Filter Pitchers in Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Ultraviolet water purifiers are better than water filter pitches in many ways. 

For example, UV water purifiers work to purify your drinking water much more efficiently compared to water filter pitchers. With water filter pitchers, you have to fill up the pitchers frequently. You also have to wait for the pitcher to filter the water before you can drink it. However, with UV water purifiers, you don’t have to worry about this because your UV water purifier disinfects your water much more quickly. 

It’s also important to note that UV water purifiers are more cost-effective when you compare them to water filter pitchers. With pitchers, the filter only works for a certain period. In most cases, this is just months at a time. Afterward, you have to replace it with a new filter. 

However, you don’t have to go through the constant replacing with a UV water purifier. You can simply get the UV water purifier, install it, and enjoy plenty of purified drinking water in your home. You spend much less money because you don’t have to replace the filters.

UV Water Purifiers Are Also a Better Choice Than Buying Water Bottles

One alternative to getting a whole home water filtration system is to buy water bottles. Many families like this option because it provides water that’s gone through a purification process. However, UV water purifiers are more advantageous for several reasons. The first being convenience. UV water filters are already installed in your house. Therefore, you don’t have to drive somewhere to restock on UV water filters as you do with water bottles. You just have to install your UV water purifier, and you’re good to go. 

Another reason UV water purifiers make more sense is that you don’t have to spend money replacing your UV water purifier frequently like you have to when you buy water bottles. You only have to pay for one UV water purifier. With water bottles, you have to go to the store and spend more money on water bottles every time you run out. Simply put, water bottles will cost you more money than a UV water purifier over time because of the constant restocking. Plastic water bottles also take years to decompose. This is harmful for the environment. 

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