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How To Get Cleaner Water With Whole Home UV Water Treatment

Water coming through a faucet at a kitchen sink.
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Clean water is essential for the good health of you, your family and your pets. It also plays a key role in preserving your appliances and keeping your clothes clean. Whole home UV water treatment is a solution that removes troublesome microorganisms from your home’s water supply.

What is UV Water Treatment? 

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are a type of energy that lies on the electromagnetic spectrum. It can be found between visible light and x-rays. Even though you cannot see them, you are exposed to UV rays in the form of sunlight each day you step outside.

Whole home UV water treatment harnesses the power of these rays by using special lamps. These release UV lights that can change the DNA of microorganisms. By doing so, these microorganisms can no longer function correctly or reproduce. Because the microorganisms cannot reproduce any longer, they cannot infect other organisms that they have contact with. Essentially, UV lights destroy and eliminate the toxic DNA hiding in your water to keep your droplets clean.  

Benefits of a Whole Home UV Water Treatment

There are many benefits to choosing a UV water treatment solution for your whole home. These include: 


  • Effective: The UV rays are effective at destroying 99.99% of microorganisms found in your home’s water supply. 
  • Complete: Choosing a whole home system means you’re washing, bathing, cooking and drinking clean water no matter where in your home you’re getting it from. 
  • Better Than Chlorine: Not only is chlorine harmful and odorous, but it also isn’t as effective as UV water treatment, particularly with specific waterborne cysts. 
  • No Lag Time: There is no reaction time or holding tank required when you choose to have a whole home UV water treatment system installed. The process of treating the water is quick and results in instant access to it. 
  • Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA): When it comes to disinfecting water, the FDA has approved only four methods. UV water treatment is one of these four for a reason: because it meets the stringent requirements of the agency. 
  • Addresses Many Contaminants: UV water treatment tackles typhoid fever, flu, coliform, cysts, dysentery, infectious hepatitis, viruses, salmonella, polio, bacteria, meningitis, E. coli and more. 

A whole home water filtration system installed under a kitchen sink.


  • Energy Efficient: A UV water treatment solution has minimal needs for electricity and doesn’t waste any water. 
  • No Chemicals Needed: Using UV water treatment eliminates the need to add toxic chemicals. This means your water won’t smell unpleasant and that you won’t have to handle any harmful chemicals. 
  • Clean: There are no dirty parts that you’ll need to handle or throw away. Dirty parts are also at risk of contaminating your water.
  • Ecologically Friendly: Chlorine and chloramines are chemicals that are toxic. They are also harmful to humans, animals and the environment. UV water treatment is ecologically friendly and contains no byproducts of disinfection. 
  • Reliable: Once you install a whole home UV water treatment system, it works behind the scenes 24/7 to provide you and your family with fresh, clean water. 
  • Almost Maintenance Free: UV water treatment systems need little maintenance from you except for yearly service. This usually entails simply replacing the sleeve and lamp, making UV water treatment a cost-effective solution. 

Eliminate Toxins Easily With Whole Home UV Water Treatment

The simple answer to the problem of how to get cleaner water is to choose whole home UV water treatment. The health of your family and pets is too important to expose them to the chemicals that are involved when other methods of disinfection are used. When you realize that they also leave harmful substances behind, then you have to wonder just how clean your water is if you use another method besides UV water treatment. 

To get clean water for your entire home, the ideal course of action is to reject solutions that seem to be a one-size-fits-all product. Instead, turn to ONIT, an industry leader that provides the technology and products you need to attain your goal of providing clean water for your whole home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve that.

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