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The Top 10 Shower Head Filter For Hard Water Problems

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Hard water contains excessive minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals leave insoluble deposits after reactions with other substances like soap. You are probably familiar with the telltale signs of hard water in your home. For instance, finding rings of insoluble soap scum around your bathtub or your hands feeling slimy after washing with water and soap. Although hard water is not necessarily dangerous, it can lead to unpleasant experiences. It can lead to dry skin, limescale buildup, and pipe corrosion. This is why having a shower head filter for hard water can make your bathroom utility and maintenance more comfortable.

How Does Hard Water Form?

Hard water forms when the water contains specific concentrations of dissolved calcium and some magnesium. Typically, you can measure the softness or hardness of water on a basic scale that categorizes the water according to its minerals. For instance, soft water ranges from 61 to 120 mg per liter. Moderately hard water is between 121 and 180 mg per liter. Hard water is any result above 180 mg per liter.

Hard Water Effects on Skin/Hair

When hard water reacts with soap, it creates a film of insoluble mineral deposits that can dry your skin and hair. This happens because the film makes it difficult for moisture to penetrate through your skin or scalp. As a result, you get drier hair with less resilience to breakage since you will have less natural moisture in your hair and less oil on your scalp.

When dealing with a considerable hard water problem, you can adopt a water filtration system for your entire home. Installing this system ensures you do not have to worry about hard water flowing into your house in different rooms, since it cleans the water at once.

However, if you prefer a small-scale filtration solution, you can buy attachments such as shower heads to aid in making your water softer. You can search for a stylish yet suitable shower head filter for hard water to fit your house’s needs and décor.

What to Consider When Looking for a Shower Head

You need to consider a few elements before purchasing a shower head filter for hard water in your home. First, you need to look at water efficiency and get a design that facilitates efficiency to help conserve water. Second, you want to consider the ease of installation, especially when setting it up yourself. Third, search for the shower head type that best suits your needs while matching your home design. This includes handheld, wall-mounted, rainfall, and dual models. Lastly, verify the price ranges to ensure the product you want to buy fits within your preferred budget limit.

How to Access Water Information via EWG Tap Water Database

You can learn more about your water conditions by getting relevant water information via the EWG tap water database. This database easily allows you to search for your area’s water location by entering your zip code. You can also get tips to increase your general safety and health and minimize your exposure to common drinking water pollutants.

Besides this, EWG provides guidelines to help you understand various water filters and how they function against hard water. The health guidelines on the site enable you to know the types of contaminants you have in your home. This information makes it easier to identify the best shower head and filtration devices to purchase.

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10 of the Best Shower Heads that Filter Out Hard Water

With several shower head filters for hard water available on the market, you may find it challenging to know the right type for your requirements. Below are ten of the best shower heads, all found on Amazon. Use these shower heads to filter your hard water and enhance your bathroom’s comfort:


This AQUAHARMONY shower head filter removes fluoride and chlorine to soften your water and supports efficiency with a flow rate of two gallons every minute. It features a screw-in design that enhances your convenience during installation, saving time and energy. You can purchase it for $59.95 and attach it to any shower head model you have.

AquaBliss Shower Filter

AquaBliss offers this filter from $34.86 and incorporates standard connections in its structure, allowing you to install it easily. You can also comfortably link it to any shower type to help you avoid wholesome bathroom renovations. It uses advanced filtration to eliminate odors, dirt, and chlorine. In turn, this system aids in controlling scale buildup.

Granarbol Filtered ShowerHead

The Granarbol shower head filter for hard water has a 2-in-1 feature that lets you purchase a shower head and filter, which you can add to any standard shower extender. The water filtration technology combines with the latest design to ensure you can enjoy style and comfort in your bathroom. It removes sediments and metals like chromium, lead, mercury, and nickel. It has three spraying modes that enable you to select the one you’d like. There is massage mode, rain and massage mode, and rain mode. The $18.99 product also has a swivel ball construction that allows you to rotate the water spray through 360 degrees for optimal utility.

HarJue Filter Combo

HarJue provides this shower head and filter combo at $26.99 and uses high-quality ABS construction with a chrome finish for style. The multi-stage filter uses scientific and advanced materials like activated carbon and ceramic balls to eliminate sediments, rust, heavy metals, and chlorine from your water. You can conveniently install it within minutes in your home or apartment without requiring additional tools.

Nosame Shower Filtration

You can buy the Nosame shower head filter for hard water at $17.99 and enjoy three spraying modes. This filter includes rainfall, jetting spray, and massage modes to suit different family member’s preferences. The product integrates micro-nozzle technology into its structure, increasing water pressure and flow rate by making the outlet holes denser and smaller. Additionally, it delivers multi-layer filter protection by removing impurities such as chlorine.

Water droplets sprinkling out of a shower head.

AQwzh Shower Filter

This 17-stage filter from AQwzh allows you to remove chlorine and harmful substances from hard water, leaving you with soft water to improve your hair and skincare. It costs $33.86 and includes activated carbon beads, calcium sulfite, silver, and redox media to eliminate odors from your shower system. The shower head filter comes with detailed instructions to facilitate time-saving and convenient setup.

AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered

The shower head filter from AquaHomeGroup features 15 carefully sequenced layers to provide maximum chlorine reduction and unwanted substances from hard water. It supports three operation modes via its adjustable shower head to produce steady water flow and higher pressure. The installation does not need extra tools, meaning the $25.85 package contains everything you need to complete setup in minutes.

FEELSO 2-IN-1 Filter

The FEELSO 2-in-1 package features a shower head filter that enables you to protect your hair and skin from hard water damage by removing harmful substances like chlorine, nickel, mercury, lead, and chromium. Its price is $19.99 and features a premium design with durable ABS plated with chrome. You can also enjoy your showers according to your preference! Given that the product has an adjustable head and supports three water-jetting modes, you choose how you’d like it!

SparkPod Filter Head

SparkPod allows you to soften your bathroom water by eliminating fluoride, chloride, and other toxins in hard water that cause dry skin and hair. The filter includes layers of alkaline ceramic balls and activated charcoal in its design, helping remove odors for a clean sensation after your showers. It incorporates an ABS attachment that you can efficiently connect to any ½-inch pipe within five minutes, making this $44.97 a quality addition to your apartment.

HOPOPRO Universal Filter

The HOPOPRO shower head filter has an 18-stage filtration system that helps remove chlorine, fluoride, and metal sediments from hard water. It also features a universal ½-inch thread, making it compatible with rainfall and fixed shower head models. You can obtain it at $19.99 and quickly install it by hand in minutes using the provided manual.

Benefits of Utilizing Soft Water in Your Shower

Looking at the effects hard water can have on your skin, plumbing system, and hair quality, it is easy to see why switching to soft water is essential. Using soft water in your shower lets you enjoy different advantages that enhance your and your family’s conveniences. It helps you to:

  • Minimize tear and wear on your plumbing system
  • Improve your overall health with better skin and hair care
  • Facilitate efficiency with excellent water flow
  • Make cleaning and maintenance more comfortable

Do You Need to Replace the Filters?

You typically need to change your shower head filter for hard water every six months. Some manufacturers offer their filters with a shorter working period that requires you to switch them after three to four months. How do you know when to replace filters? You’ll replace filters when you notice deposits on your shower head. Additionally, you might find you have reduced water flow during your showers.

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