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Water hardness is one of the most common nuisances with water quality. According to research, 85% of American homes have hard water. As a result, those who have hard water in their homes turn to water softeners, which help remove excess minerals from the water. Adding salt to water softeners can facilitate the process of making the water soft, hence
Reading Time: 6 minutes
Are you thinking of how to test mercury in water? Mercury in drinking water is among the most toxic pollutants, posing a threat to humans and animals. Natural processes, industrial processes, untreated waste dumped in water sources, and agricultural runoffs are some reasons your water may have mercury. Testing for mercury in water becomes paramount to ensuring your drinking water is
Reading Time: 6 minutes
Water is an essential part of our lives. It’s also vital in cooking, food preparation, sanitation and hygiene, and other home uses. The transparent, colorless, odorless liquid is categorized into two types. That is hard water and soft water. So, how do you distinguish hard water vs soft water? While you can not distinguish between hard and soft water based
Reading Time: 5 minutes
If you have a refrigerator with a built-in filter, you may be under the impression that the filter is strong enough to remove contaminants from your water source. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case! While a fridge filter is easy and convenient to use, it’s not designed to clean your water in the way that many homeowners would like.
Reading Time: 4 minutes
Many of us like the idea of having doorbell cameras at the front of our homes to monitor activity and – of course – scare off porch pirates. But properly installing your camera is critical for improving the device’s security and overall efficiency. We break down the key positioning tips that can help you understand how to install doorbell