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Filing Package Theft Insurance Claims

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Porch pirates are the worst! The term porch pirates refers to the folks that steal packages from porches and doorways. These package theft situations are an increasingly common problem and have been costing people thousands in stolen items. Package theft is a growing problem, and ONIT Insurance has a few tips and tricks to help prevent this from happening in the future as well as what to do if you have to file a package theft insurance claim.

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Online Shopping Is The New Norm

Studies show that 75% of Americans shop online regularly, and through 2020, many shoppers have found themselves only shopping online. With retail outlets slowing down and brick and mortar stores becoming less relevant, online shopping has long been accounting for a growing portion of the total market share. With billions of dollars being spent every year, we are seeing more and more theft taking place, and package theft insurance claims get filed.

What to Do If The Package Is Gone

If you think you’ve had a package stolen from you, there are a few things that you can do about it. It’s normal to panic a little bit if you think you’ve had your Amazon package stolen, but take these steps to minimize your worrying.

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Check and Confirm That It Is Stolen

This sounds like an obvious thing to do, but search for your package before you freak out. So many times we get a notification that our package is being delivered, or was delivered earlier. However, you may get to your front door and find nothing! This can be a super deflating feeling; but it doesn’t mean that the package was stolen. Do a little more research around your home. It’s best to do a quick survey around your front door and in the bushes. Lighter bubble-wrapped packages can end up blowing off your porch. Check by plants, or maybe even your back door.

Keep in mind that delivery services, such as Amazon, will put exactly where the package was left. Options can read as “delivered directly to customer,” “left in mailbox,” or “left at door.” Sometimes they will even include a picture of the package at the drop off spot. Check the photo to see if the package is at your door to help you establish correct delivery. If there is a message for where the delivery was dropped off, check that location.

Still no luck? There’s a good chance that someone else has already taken it. If there wasn’t any location marked, you can talk to your neighbors to see if it was left at their door. Another great option is to utilize neighborhood applications, such as Nextdoor, to see if anyone got your package by mistake.

Contacting the Retailer

While every company will have different policies regarding stolen packages, you can typically expect a replacement option or given a refund. For example, Amazon covers most of its packages with its “A-to-Z” Guarantee Protection. Just contact their customer service, and they will send a replacement.  If you’ve made the purchase through one of the company’s affiliated sellers, you may be required to contact them first.

However, even if the company declines to replace or refund your purchase, there are still steps you can take to try to be reimbursed.

Filing a Claim With The Shipping Company

If the retailer tries to pin responsibility for the missing package onto the shipping company, your best bet is to file a claim with the shipping company directly. Luckily, UPS, FedEx, and USPS all have online processes that you can use to report your missing item. However, be aware that some of these processes will require you to wait a few days for the item to arrive first.

Call Your Credit Company

Many credit card companies offer purchase protection for stolen packages, provided that you’ve used their card to make the purchase. Check the card issuer’s website for specific instructions on how to file a claim.

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Homeowners Insurance Claim

If the stolen package is worth more than the deductible on your homeowners’ insurance, you can consider filing a claim. However, your insurance company might raise your premium as a result of the incident. While this is the last line of defense, let’s talk about the first line of defense – A smart security system. Security systems can come equipped with cameras to keep track of who comes at your door and what time they come. Criminals may be less likely to come to your door if they can see a camera.

Visit our partner company ONIT Smart Home to learn more about protecting your home with a home security system, video surveillance. You can get a smart home system with a video doorbell, with low monthly monitoring, to scare away potential porch pirates. Visit us online today to learn more, get a free quote, or talk to one of our experts.

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