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Travel Trailer Insurance: What Does It Cover and Do I Need It?

a couple sitting outside of their travel trailer with two surfboards
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Travel trailers answer the call to adventure and travel trailer insurance keeps you safe. Drive anywhere in the country to see breathtaking sites. Vacation with family. Or maybe have a small getaway to the local lake. Whatever the destination, travel trailers are a perfect way to bring home to the outdoors.

They supply comfort and joy to a vacation. The trailers are pretty expensive but worth every cost. So keeping them safe is of high importance.

Therefore, it’s important to understand what insurance can offer. Don’t spend time worrying about something going wrong while enjoying a vacation. Instead, let’s look at travel trailer insurance, why you need it, and what it covers.

What Is Travel Trailer Insurance?

Like home insurance or car insurance, travel trailer insurance can protect against unexpected events. The policy depends on the type of travel trailer and what resides inside of it. Such as the size, the floor plan, and its commodities. If this type of insurance interests you, get a Free Quote here and find the best policy for you.

A travel trailer does not have a motor. However, it’s best to remember that a travel trailer acts as both a moving vehicle and a home. So, keep in mind what you usually need with auto insurance and home insurance when choosing a policy. There are similar coverage policies that will help decide the best coverage.

The best policy should include fair research to match the best coverage and price. There are many reasons to sign-up for this insurance policy. You may be asking if it’s right for you. 

a couple sitting outside their travel trailer in the daytime on a roadtrip

Why Do I Need Travel Trailer Insurance?

Unlike automobile insurance, there is no legal requirement to have travel trailer insurance. However, unexpected events, the cost of a trailer, and putting your mind at ease are all wise reasons to have insurance. A traveling trailer covers huge distances and extended stays on various properties. There are many chances an unexpected event may occur.  

Auto collisions, natural disasters, or theft are all valid reasons to sign up. It protects and provides coverage for damage to the vehicle. Also, the coverage pays for medical expenses caused inside or around the vehicle. There is no reason to live in fear of losing a vehicle that brings so much joy and freedom. It covers a variety of events. Here are just a few:

Comprehensive Insurance

Typically an SUV or truck will have an attachment to a travel trailer. They can be parked in any designated area and safe to be left for a period. To travel from one destination to another takes a lot of time. Many unfortunate events can happen in between that time. Comprehensive insurance guarantees coverage if something unexpected happens.

Collisions are not the only accidents that happen on the road. That is why comprehensive insurance covers damage not caused by a collision such as:

  •       Wild animal interactions such as a hit deer
  •       Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, or wildfire
  •       Vandalism
  •       Nature interventions such as fallen tree branches or hail
  •       Theft or break-ins to the vehicle

When comprehensive insurance is claimed on a vehicle the company will cover the cost of damage. The company will replace any parts or repay stolen property. It can be a target for burglary or simply a victim to the natural elements. This policy covers the unexpected.

Total Loss Replacement

A travel trailer is a costly investment but is worth every penny. It provides the freedom of travel with the comfort of home. Total loss replacement saves you the cost of the trailer if anything were to happen to it. 

The trailer may sustain damage that the cost of the repairs outweighs its original value. Therefore, this policy pays for a brand-new trailer at the same or lesser value. The best part about this policy is the lack of depreciation. For example, if the trailer had been bought for $70,000 and then destroyed in a fire 4 years later. The total loss replacement replaces the trailer at the same value.

So when the damage exceeds the cost of repair, total loss replacement can be enacted. This guarantees a brand-new trailer at a price of the deductible. Likewise, the policy covers collisions and any damage that may occur to the vehicle. Keep in mind this policy next time traveling across the country. Just enjoy the scenery and relax since the total loss replacement will cover you if anything goes wrong. 

Roadside Assistance

Since a travel trailer must be towed by another vehicle many things can go wrong. The trailer may get a flat tire, the chain to the other vehicle may break, or may swerve into a ditch. There are many scenarios where the trailer just won’t move. Likewise, the vehicle that tows the trailer may experience all the same situations! If anything happens to the vehicle towing the trailer, then the trailer is not going anywhere.

Roadside assistance helps tow the trailer if the main vehicle is broken down. Assistance also helps replace a tire along with getting you to a safe place for further help. Two vehicles that travel at the same time mean double the trouble. Roadside assistance helps even when stranded in the middle of nowhere. This is a helpful policy that makes travel even easier.

an exterior view of a sunset or sunrise and a travel trailer parked on a beach

Is Your Travel Trailer Your Home?

Travel trailers are one of the most exciting forms of travel. Many people made the switch from a traditional residence to one on wheels. It is perfectly legal to live in a travel trailer and many are enjoying adventure through life.

There are permits and special ordinances that must be followed to live inside a recreational vehicle but they are easy to obtain. The switch from a stationary home to a mobile home will provide endless amounts of vacations. You will be open to the world and travel to any place you wish. If you are thinking about permanently living in a travel trailer here is a 2001 list of the best travel trailers for full-time living!

So if the recreational vehicle is your home then it’s important to have travel trailer insurance. This will ensure protection from any damages are injury. You want your trailer to be as safe and cozy as a home – travel trailer insurance will help you. Here are a couple of policies that are great to have if a traveling trailer is your permanent residence.

Full-Timer Coverage

This coverage is perfect for anyone using the travel trailer as a permanent residence. It will cover personal liability which will protect against any harm that may be committed while the trailer is stationary. 

This usually occurs at campsites and other vehicles may collide with the other. Medical payments will also cover anyone who sustains an injury inside or even around the vehicle. This ensures that if any accident occurs on the road or while camped the medical payments will be covered.

Full-Timer Coverage will help through a difficult time. If a trailer is a permanent residence, then there is a higher chance of an accident happening. However, this policy will help make the process less stressful.  

Campsite/Vacation Liability

A traveling trailer cannot be physically traveling at all times. It will eventually be stationary and hopefully in the middle of a beautiful campsite by lush trees and a crystal clear lake. Campsites attract all types of travelers and there may be a full campsite. 

If someone gets hurt around your trailer they may sue you for negligence. The vehicle may have knocked down a tree branch, a person may trip over the branch, and sustain minor injuries. Unfortunately, they can try to sue for damages.

With campsite/vacation liability you will be protected from these types of incidents. That way, although you may not be at fault, or a total accident may occur, you can rest easy knowing you are covered.

the exterior view of a travel trailer with two chairs and a guitar

Insurance Made Easy with ONIT Home

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