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America’s Favorite Smart Home App

alarm.com smart home app with the smart thermostat
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The way we think about home security is advancing. From 24/7 monitoring to contact sensors, the goal is all the same: keeping your family safe. Smart home security is a great way to protect your home. While a smart home can make life safe and easy, the best way to enjoy it is through monitoring. An easy way to  monitor your entire home-ecosystem is with a smart home app. One of the best smart home applicants is the powerful Alarm.com mobile app.

This application has thought of it all; from an easy to understand home screen to crisp live video, the Alarm.com smart home app is the perfect way to monitor your smart home security system. No more getting to your destination and wondering if your door is unlocked or if you forgot to turn on your alarm system. This smart home app has it all, and can be controlled from anywhere.

alarm.com smart home app against home wall

All Your Information, In One Smart Home App

The Alarm.com smart home app allows you to have access to everything in your home on one screen. The application has video cameras, video doorbell, security system, thermostat, smart lights, door locks and garage door openers for you to access. Other services might separate applications for each of these features, but Alarm.com has it all on one. This allows you to control all the amazing features that protect and automate your home from an easy, single application.

The application was designed and engineered to connect your home so you can access all of these key features from a single screen. Displayed together on the app home screen, feature cards can provide a real-time view of what is happening in and around your home. Whether you want to check to see if you forgot to close the garage door, or to see if you left the back door unlocked you can quickly check to assure your home is protected.

With one-touch commands, you can easily manage the devices and systems in and around your home.

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Feature Enhancements

Streamlined architecture makes it easy to control your entire smart home system. The newly added key features help with user experience. Access your live High Definition video feeds with one tap. The video details are easily accessible, and you can view your home with one simple tap. This goes for your smart surveillance systems and your video doorbell. You can also check the history of your video doorbell to see what you may have missed throughout the day. Thumbnail images can help you drill down suspicious activity instead of a passing car, or neighbor walking their dog past your front door.

You can also check the status of doors and windows on the security detail screen. This is helpful if you are attempting to arm your system, and it won’t allow you to until all doors and windows are closed. ONIT Smart Home will also install a Qolsys IQ Panel 2+, which allows you to name each of these sensors. Now, instead of seeing “Sensor 6” or “Zone 5” has been left open, you will get a more defined description – like “Master Bedroom” or “Timmy’s Room”.

Real Time Access

You can access your system in different forms. You can connect to your Alarm.com mobile app using your smartphone, your Apple Watch or your Apple TV. While most people utilize their smartphone to manage and access their smart home system, you can personalize what alerts you receive on these devices and what will trigger an alert.

The app lets you create new notifications and activate or deactivate existing ones no matter where you may be. If you are racing out of town for a weekend getaway, you can quickly text a neighbor with a brand new access code so they can keep an eye on your place while you are away.

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A Smart Home App Customized For You

The app may be able to manage and control all of these amazing features, but we customize every smart home system to fit your needs and budget. Whether you want a complete interactive smart home, or basic security we can provide professional installation.

At ONIT, we believe that everyone should have access to security. That is why we offer Smart Choice Financing. No matter what your budget may be, we guarantee to find you the best and most secure system for your household. Installing home security systems can seem like a big task, but we are here to help you through the process. From our live representatives to our free installation, our goal is to keep you safe and feeling secure. 

ONIT Home is your one-stop shop for all your bundled home needs. We’re currently offering $1,500 in vouchers to be used with security, water and solar. You can also get a free water filtration system and security system with the purchase of a solar panel system, or a  $2,000 security system for only $1,000. That way, you can protect your family from contaminated water and protect them with a safe home. Call us today at 1-833-433-0331 to learn more today!


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