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Top Home Security Cameras for Apartment Renters

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There are some key features that renters often want in security cameras for apartments. These frequently include capabilities such as night vision, cloud storage, mobile app integration, and mobile notifications, among others. Trying to research all the equipment types, brands, and specifications can be a time-consuming job. To save you the legwork, here we have identified what we believe are the best devices in terms of value and security offered by providers to meet renter’s needs. Here are our recommendations for the top home security cameras currently available:

1. Google Nest Cam

Google’s powerful Nest Cam is ideal for apartment security, providing 24/7 HD live-streaming video. The device plugs into the wall and runs through an app you can install on your phone. The Nest Cam integrated Google Assistant into the system, and can also work with Alexa. Intelligent alerts notify you when the camera detects activity in a designated zone.

Optional features include Nest Aware, which recognizes faces. The Nest Cam’s Nest Aware feature distinguishes between people and things. The Supersight feature hones in on individual faces and notifies you if an unfamiliar person is in your apartment. With the Google Nest Cam, you can retrieve snapshots of up to 3-hours past activity.

This exceptional home security camera system even offers 2-factor authentication. Altogether, the Google Nest Cam is an obvious choice for the top of the list of today’s top home security cameras for apartments.

Specifications and Features:

  • Full 1080p HD imagery
  • Wi-Fi-enabled for monitoring any time from any remote location with internet access.
  • 1920×1080 savable, sharable video clips
  • 8 powerful infrared LEDs for clear night vision of even the darkest spaces
  • 2-way audio communication, to talk with your family or pets remotely
  • Versatile mounting with removable wall plate, or magnetically, or on pedestal table stand
  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled / disabled

Pricing: $129.99 at the Google Store. Free shipping.

A 30-day free trial is available. Continue service after the free trial for $6 monthly or $60 annually.

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2. Amazon Blink

This easy-to-use motion-detected wireless security camera system is an outstanding choice for apartment residents. One reason is the camera’s powerful system with excellent image quality. The Amazon Blink, an Amazon product, is obviously ideal for Alexa users in many ways thanks to voice controls. And the camera’s mobile app allows you to monitor what’s happening inside your home anytime from wherever you are. This is a sophisticated system providing state-of-the-art options that make it one of the top home security cameras for apartments.

For more than the standard security features in your Amazon Blink security camera system, you can purchase the Basic subscription service. With that plan, comes advance options such as the detection of specific kinds of noises, like a baby crying, or a dog barking. The system sends you an alert when the noise you’ve specified occurs in your home. You can even designate zones, setting the camera to disable alerts for motion detected in those rooms.

Specifications and Features:

  • Full 1080p HD resolution for sharp imagery
  • Motion alert notifies you of movement inside your apartment
  • Mobile app for 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Two-way audio for remote communication with people or pets inside your home
  • Infrared HD night vision
  • Video and photos for up to 10 cameras
  • Proprietary chip technology provides up to 2 years battery life

A 30-day free trial is available for Amazon Blink service plans. Continue service after the free trial for  $3.00 monthly or $10.00 monthly for unlimited cameras.

3. Arlo Pro 2 Wireless

The Arlo Pro 2 is a wall-mounted system with two wireless cameras, featuring motion detection, night vision, a siren, and other high-end security capabilities.

Its rechargeable batteries can last up to six months, giving you long periods of uninterrupted surveillance. The sharp image quality and array of powerful security features make the Arlo a natural choice to include in a list of the top home security cameras currently on the market. This system features both motion and sound detection.

The mobile app provides convenient remote monitoring of what’s going on in your apartment. The special LookBack function of the Arlo Pro 2 backs up the video, to show you what was happening three seconds before motion was detected. Additional features are available for video subscription plans above the basic level.

Specifications and Features:

  • 2 cameras
  • 2-way audio communications
  • 1080p HD video for clearer details in video images
  • Entirely wireless, no wiring or power cords
  • Weatherproof, for optional use outdoors
  • 7 days of free video and audio cloud recordings
  • Cloud storage included
  • Rechargeable battery included (also has plug-in option)

A 30-day free return policy is available. Monthly service plans start at $2.99 monthly.

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Before You Install an Apartment Security Camera

There are a few things you should know before you purchase a home security camera for your apartment. Make sure you’re clear on the information below, and any other privacy laws or other issues that may affect use of security cameras for apartments.

What Are the Laws for Using Home Security Cameras?

Be sure you understand the laws regarding use of home security cameras, or have a knowledgeable professional perform the installation for you. Installing a security camera in the wrong location can lead to serious legal trouble.

Do I Need My Landlord’s Permission to Install a Security Camera?

If you plan to drill into walls or alter the rental space in any way to install a wired security camera, be sure to obtain written permission from your landlord in advance. Damaging walls or causing other property during installation can result in loss of your security deposit, or even more if the cost of repairing the damage exceeds the amount of your deposit. Consider one of the top home security cameras suitable for apartments, to avoid risk of losing part or all of your security deposit.

Do I Need My Roommate’s Permission to Install a Security Camera?

Generally speaking, under the law, everyone has a right to a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” So, notify your roommate you want to install a security camera, and get his or her agreement before you use the camera. If you don’t share the apartment with anyone and you’re going to use a wireless security camera, you do not need to get permission from your landlord.

Is It Legal to Use a Security Camera With Audio Recording?

Recording audio of other people without prior permission is illegal in many states. Be sure that your apartment security camera does not have an enabled audio recording feature.

Hallway view of the front door to an apartment building with a gold number 9 on it.

Is It Legal to Install a Security Camera Outside My Apartment?

If the security camera shows only your apartment’s doorway, you potentially are legally allowed to install it there. However, this can be a difficult issue, as there may be privacy issues for other residents of the apartment community. Talk with your landlord, to be sure that installing an outside home security camera is permissible.

Let The Professionals Keep Your Apartment Secure

Choosing and installing a security camera in your apartment comes with a different set of concerns than for occupants of single family homes. ONIT provides you with everything you need to make your apartment more secure. We’ll help you identify the best choice for your needs from the top home security cameras on the market today, and our professional will complete the installation and testing process with expert efficiency.

For details on optimizing security for your apartment home or to schedule an appointment, just contact ONIT by calling 1-833-433-0331. Or, visit  ONIT online for an abundance of helpful general information.

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