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How To Prevent Burglary In An Apartment: 6 Steps For Safer Living

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Many people love living in apartment buildings. Some like the idea of not having to handle yard work. Others enjoy the cheaper expenses and appealing amenities such as a pool or gym. However, some risks come with living in an apartment. One of the biggest factors people need to consider is apartment security. When thinking about how to prevent burglary in an apartment building, there are several important factors to keep in mind. By thinking about apartment safety ahead of time, it might be possible to prevent a costly burglary from taking place. Here are several important tips everyone should note before moving in:

Do Research on the Neighborhood Ahead of Time

When looking for an apartment, consider researching the neighborhood or city you have your eye on. Many of us obsess over the amenities, the expenses, and the possible commute. However, it’s also critical to think about the environment in which the apartment building is located.

There are many online tools you can use to look up what types of crimes might be prevalent in a certain neighborhood. With easy access to information on burglaries, car or bicycle thefts, robberies, and other types of crimes, it’s possible for everyone to find a safe apartment building. If the apartment building is in a neighborhood that has a high crime rate, then it might be a good idea to look elsewhere. On the other hand, if crime reports in that neighborhood are sparse, then the apartment building is probably safe as well.

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Change Locks on the Apartment

Many people don’t realize they can change the locks on their apartment. When moving into a new apartment, ask management if they have changed the locks. In some apartment buildings, it’s standard procedure to change the locks when renters rotate. Many apartment buildings will simply deliver a line saying that they collected all the keys from the prior resident. But if you feel uncomfortable, request to have the office change them again. Keep in mind that it’s possible to replicate keys, and you’d rather be safe by switching the locks.

Therefore, when moving into a new apartment building, see if it’s possible to recycle the locks. Talk to the owner of the apartment building about the possibility of installing a new lock to reduce the risk of unwanted access to the apartment. While some apartment buildings might not want to pay for this service, it’s not that expensive and can improve the reputation of the building. It might be worth it to share this information with the apartment manager.

Check the Windows of the Apartment Building

One of the biggest security risks in an apartment is the windows. Many people forget to check the security of their windows before moving in. But doing a thorough inspection of the windows can greatly reduce unwanted apartment access. Some points to note include:

  • See if it’s possible to open the windows. Sometimes, the windows do not open at all.
  • If the windows are located on the ground level, then it’s particularly important to lock them.
  • Even though some windows might not be on the ground level, there might be a balcony outside of the windows. If this is the case, some people might be able to climb a rope to the balcony and enter through the windows. Therefore, make sure they are locked to reduce the chances of burglary.
  • Consider adding a bar lock or a pole to the track of any sliding doors or windows that might open. 

Do not forget to check the windows when moving into a new apartment. They play a key role in apartment security.

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Consider Lighting Automation

Often, burglars will try to become familiar with someone’s routes and routines before breaking in. Therefore, consider automating the lighting within your apartment. Automated lighting is a great tool because it sets your bulbs to a consistent schedule. For example, you can automate the lights to turn on at sunset to create the illusion that someone is home. This also allows someone to come home to an apartment that is already light on the inside. You can also adjust your automated lighting with the push of a button from a phone.

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Install Security Monitoring Equipment

Of course, if you’re wondering how to prevent burglary in your apartment, another simple solution is to install security monitoring equipment. Security cameras, smart door locks, and motion sensors are all effective solutions. However, you can strengthen these measures by finding security equipment that comes with 24/7 monitoring from trained professionals. This simple step can act as a deterrent, preventing burglaries from taking place in an apartment.

How to Prevent Burglary: Ask for Help From the Professionals at ONIT

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