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5 Reasons to Switch to Residential Solar Power

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You probably see solar panels all the time, from residential areas, to airports, and on large buildings. Solar energy has been traced back to being used as early as the 1830’s in England as a way to cook food in a solar oven. The sun itself is the ultimate source for both energy and fuels that are still being used today. Instead of relying on depleting resources for our energy, the focus on residential solar power has come to the forefront of renewable energy conversations.

There are plenty of great reasons to change your energy source from a fixed energy source to residential solar power. Here are five different reasons why you should make the switch to residential solar power today.

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1. Cheaper Energy


Residential solar power is easier on your wallet, thanks to energy costs and incentives. As of 2020, America offers a 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for any household that has residential solar power. By 2021, this incentive drops to 22%. This tax credit will expire in 2022 unless Congress renews it. For added incentive, Texas does include solar panel installation as a property tax exemption.

 Not only does this save you money through government incentives, but also through your electricity bills. In average residential installations, the switch to solar energy can save homeowners an average of $100 a month, translating to $30,000 over 20 years. Or, in sunnier states, like Hawaii, savings could be close to $60,000 in a 20-year span. Our video explains just how residential solar power can save you money.  

For further incentive, ONIT offers you 18 months free solar through our smart choice financing plan.  

2. Residential Solar Power Adds Value to Your Home

It is estimated that by adding solar panels to your home, you’re also adding more of a value to the listing price and becoming more marketable to buyers. There’s an edge to having solar panels on your roof if you’re in the process of selling your house. Buyers are interested in homes that have already made that financial investment, knowing that their energy costs will be lower if they live there. Statistically if a home has solar panels, the sales price of an average home will increase 4.1%, while selling faster and for more money. 

3. Better for the Environment

Taking care of our environment has become a primary focus for a lot of Americans. Residential solar power has become a popular choice to help the environment. Solar power is a form of renewable energy that does not focus on using fossil fuels or emitting any greenhouse gases. The luxury of avoiding those greenhouse gases is that the user’s carbon footprint is smaller.

Reducing carbon footprints leads to positive environmental changes, like avoiding deforestation, not using depleting resources, and slowing the rate of climate change. Residential solar power reduces a carbon footprint by using renewable energy, not utilizing fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions. With the addition of solar paneling at a yearly production rate of 10,000 kilowatt per hour system, your household can allow 118 more trees planted, and 796 gallons of gas saved.

one story home with pool solar panels on roof

4. Long-Lasting

Residential solar power will last you more than a few seasons. On average, solar panels can last up to 25 years. Solar panels are extremely durable. Solar panels can withstand heavy snowfall or powerful winds.

However, make sure that there isn’t any debris that is laying on top of the panels, as that might result in physical damage of the panel, making it deteriorate at a faster rate.  To ensure longevity with your solar panels, make sure to schedule routine inspections through the installer or through your service provider.

5. Works on Cloudy Days

If you live in an area that mostly has cloud coverage, and rarely provides blue skies, you might think that solar panels aren’t going to help. However, that’s just a common misconception. Solar panels work even if the sunlight is reflected or if the sun is partially covered by clouds. If you live in a city that experiences frequent rainy days, solar panels can still be a great fit for you. In fact, rain helps to keep debris off of the panels, leading to better exposure for when the sun comes out from behind the clouds. 

Some cities also provide net metering. As long as you have enough sunny days to fill your meter, you will still have that energy source saved up for rainy days and can be credited through your energy provider! Interested in further understanding about how solar panels will work on a cloudy day? We have you covered, learn more here

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Interested in Making the Switch to Residential Solar Power? 

Contact us today to find out more information about solar panels, and what will work best for you and your family. Our team of trained professionals can help you through the journey to create clean and sustainable energy. We’re excited to help you go green, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

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