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A Guide to the Best Solar Panels for Residential Users

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Solar panels are the ideal power alternatives to keep your home lit and business operational, especially during a sudden power blackout. But that is not all. Solar power systems produce pure energy from the sun and help prevent greenhouse gas emissions that cause respiratory diseases, climate change, and air pollution. Therefore, installing solar panels on your home would be the best thing to do to keep it safe. But to do it successfully, it’s important to know some of the best solar panels to consider.

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the tesla solar powerbank with solar panels on the roof

Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla is one of the companies that has taken over the technology world today. The company offers some of the most advanced and efficient solar panels that provide sustainable power to satisfy the needs of homeowners. Another essential thing about Tesla is that they walk their customers through their design, capabilities, and cost to help customers make the right decisions. They also provide home installation services across the United States, so you will not need to worry about who will help you install the solar panel. After inspecting your roof, they will design it to fit your roof and energy needs.

Tesla solar panels are durable and can withstand temperatures of up to 185°F. In addition, they all come with a 25 year performance warranty. Interestingly, the solar panels are designed with low profile, a concealed edge, and have no visible grid that would attract the attention of thieves after installation. Therefore, you can be sure of the security of your solar panel. Tesla Solar panels come with the following specifications:

  • The wattage of 425 watts
  • Weight of 47.4 pounds
  • Dimensions of 82.4” x 40.9” x 1.57” (including frame)
  • Frame type of black anodized aluminum
  • Operating temperature of -40°F to +185°F

SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower solar panels are also some of the most affordable and best-performing panels you can consider for your home. They are also suitable for commercial installations. Some of the commons series you will find in the market include:

  • Maxeon 2 – 360W
  • Maxeon 3 – 400W
  • Performance Series – 370W to 500W
  • Maxeon 5 Series – 390W to 415W

The Maxeon 2 series uses the Gen 3 high-efficiency cell technology and 104 cell formats to boost power production. As a result, there are cheap and effective residential solar panels available in the market today. The Maxeon 3 is another SunPower series available for residential installations in different sizes from 370 to 400W. The Maxeon 3 also uses the 104 cell formats and Gen 3 high-performance IBC cell technology but boosts power output by a higher range of 22.8% maximum efficiency than other series. As a result, most homeowners like it for its efficiency. The new Maxeon 5 model uses Gen 5 and is built into panels ranging between 390W and 415W to produce sufficient solar power. The design makes them the most potent residential panels in the market today. SunPower Solar Panels, the Maxeon 2, 3, and 5 models, come with a warranty of 25 years against any defects.

A technician is installing solar panels on the roof of a property.

Sunrun Solar Panels

Sunrun is another reputable solar company with potential customers across the United States. According to the Wood Mackenzie report, the company took about 14% of residential solar markets in America due to their quality products. The company is unique in its operations as it majorly deals in solar leases.

For someone planning to get the best solar panels from Sunrun, it is crucial to understand the company. One important thing to note is that Sunrun uses various suppliers for their equipment. Secondly, they signed a partnership with LG, another top solar manufacturer. Since the two companies are working together, one would think that you can enjoy service regardless of engagement. That is not the case. For example, you cannot be sure that Sunrun will install your LG solar panel or offer maintenance services simply because they have a partnership. It’s important to read the purchase and warranty agreements carefully to get everything right. Sunrun solar panels come with a 10-year warranty against installation problems or damage caused to your roof. In addition, the company offers other unique products, including Tesla Powerwall for the whole home backup and the LG Chem battery for essential backup like circuits.

Sunrun also provides battery storage services to its customers through a unique program called Brightbox. In addition, all their battery selections come with a ten-year warranty. The excellent quality of Sunrun Batteries is that they can be installed either indoors or outdoors because they are about 6 inches deep, 2.5 feet wide, and about 4 feet tall to fit in different places. Sunrun has a strong base in over 22 states and has an effective online platform for customers to place their orders. Customers only go to the website and key in essential details, including name, zip code, and address, then wait for a call for more information.

From there, the company will estimate your power bills to establish the extent of your need, then send a team of experts to inspect the quality of your roof and electrical panel to ensure a perfect installation that can take only a day to finish.

Vivint Solar Panels

Vivint Solar is known across the United States for producing cheaper and environmentally friendly alternative energy to homeowners. Most customers prefer Vivint solar panels because they can benefit from solar energy without an upfront cost. Other convincing deals for customers include installing residential solar energy systems, including inverters. Again, the designs are tailored to fit your home without extra charges.

Vivint has also put essential solar items at one stop to ensure convenience for customers. Customers can buy solar batteries and 240-volt E.V. chargers for their homes. You can also have the Vivint Solar Energy App, where you can access all the information needed, including your solar system’s production, storage, and usage. Experts recommend Vivint products because they come with excellent warranties against any defects. When you purchase or lease a solar panel, the company will provide a 10 year quality warranty. You will also get a 10-year warranty for the inverter and a 25 year performance warranty.

What are the Benefits of Using Solar?

Using the best solar panels in the market comes with several benefits, including:

Reducing Air Pollution

Solar energy enhances pure energy from the sun to keep the environment clean. It eliminates fossil fuels like coal and petroleum that pollute the environment.

Creates a Healthy Environment for Human Survival

Using clean energy from the sun, solar panels, unlike fossil fuels, promote a clean environment for human survival. Solar energy promotes safety from heart diseases, lung cancer, and respiratory problems caused by air pollution from fossil fuels with a clean environment.

Reducing Water Usage

With solar panels, you will not need water to facilitate energy production like fossil fuels. It’s because hydropower and nuclear energy require a lot of water during electricity production.

Helps Control Climate Change

Solar energy is and has been one of the best options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel production. Solar panels have ensured a significant reduction of emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) gases that cause global warming, leading to skin cancer and respiratory problems.

A stucco home with solar panels installed on roof.

The Best Direction to Face Your Solar Panels?

Knowing the best direction your solar panel should face would be the most significant determinant of the amount of electricity it will produce. The rule of thumb states that the solar panel should face the true South if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. However, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the solar panel should face the true Northern hemisphere. The directions will ensure the solar panel receives enough sunlight to produce sufficient energy. But while considering the best direction, it is also essential to consider the best angle during installation. The rule of thumb states that one must set the solar panel tilt angle equal to the geographical latitude. If your latitude is 48 degrees, set the panel at the same angle.

Will You Save Money?

Using solar panels can help reduce costs and save money in many ways. Solar panels will help you cut down on electricity bills by reducing the energy you use from the main grid. With electricity, you will be required to make monthly payments to keep operating. However, with solar panels, you don’t have to pay a dime after installation.

You can also save money by taking advantage of the net metering system. This involves redirecting excess energy to the main grid. With net metering, the excess electricity generated by a solar power system is credited back to the customer’s account, making the costs cheaper.

How Do Tax Incentives for Solar Works?

The residential solar energy credit is a federal tax deduction that may be claimed on federal income taxes for a proportion of the cost of purchase and installation of your solar photovoltaic (P.V.) system. In December 2020, the U.S. Congress passed an extension to the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar photovoltaic (P.V.) system from your federal taxes. This 26% applies to installation done between 2020 and 2022. For those that will be done in 2023, the tax credit will be 23%. It applies until its next renewal in 2024.

You’re eligible if:

  • The installation was made between January 2006 and December 2023.
  • The solar P.V. system is located in your residence in the United States or community site.
  • You’re the owner of your solar system.
  • Your solar P.V. system is brand new, or it’s your first time using it.

According to the IRS, the system must be operational during the tax year and provides power to a U.S. residence to qualify for the tax credit.

professional man in hardhat with clipboard overlooking solar panels

How A Professional Solar Installation Company Can Help

Seeking help from a professional solar energy systems provider is the best option when thinking about installing the best solar panels in your home. These professionals have all the required knowledge and skills to get you what meets your needs. At ONIT Home, we provide the best solar panel installations to ensure clean and affordable energy in your home. For more information and to get solar for less, visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331 to get started!

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