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How to Heat a House Without Electricity This Winter

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The winter months are finally upon us. Those of us who live in areas with especially harsh winters must ensure their home is well-heated. Ideally, homes are heated using electricity and/or gas services. However, this is not always possible. Unfortunately, there are times when we fall behind on bills or when we need repairs we cannot yet afford.

Nevertheless, when living in frigid temperatures, heating your home is vital. This is especially the case when you have young kids or elderly family members living in your home. So, rather than relocating or trying to survive without it, here is a list of ways of how to heat a house without electricity.

How to Heat a House Without Electricity

If you are searching for answers to the question “how to heat a house without electricity, here is a list that is sure to help you.

Insulating Your Home

One great, relatively inexpensive answer to the question, “how to heat a house without electricity,” is to insulate your home. This is because the insulation is one of the best ways to keep warm air in the house and cold air out. Here are some tips for insulating your home:

  • Assess Heating Zones: One of the top things you need to do when insulating your home is to assess your heating zones. Are there areas that are naturally warmer than the others? Are there areas you hardly use? For example, is your attic or basement drafty? You want to give draft areas some extra TLC while also doing your best to further insulate the warmer regions of your home.
  • Heavier Curtains: In addition to regular insulation, switching to heavier curtains can be an excellent way to further insulate your home. If you are using sheer curtains or curtains that are otherwise too thin, they do not help keep your home insulated. By swapping them out for heavier curtains, you will eliminate a lot of the issues with draftiness around your windows.
  • Seal the Doorways: As many people know, cold air can enter through cracks and open spaces in your home while also allowing heat to escape. One of the top ways this can occur is through the spaces around your door. Since doors are the passageway between outdoors and indoors, this is an area to focus on when insulating your home. Be sure to purchase a draft blocker and cover any areas that may be allowing your heat to escape.
  • Add Layers to Your Windows: Additionally, you should also add at least one layer of insulation to your windows. While this is a service that can be completed by professionals, you can also take the DIY approach. Specifically, by using double-sided tape and a hairdryer, you can easily add a layer of insulation at a very low cost.

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Create a Candle Heater

One lesser-known method of heating your home without electricity is to make a candle heater. Although it may seem intimidating, making your own candle heater is relatively easy to do. To create the heater, you simply need a terracotta heater and candles. This works pretty well as the heater heats up fast and retains lots of heat for an extended period of time. More importantly, since the heat radiates slowly, this DIY heater continues to heat the rooms after the candles go out.

Get a Wood Stove

Another unique solution to the question “how to heat a house without electricity” is to get a wood stove. Since wood stoves involve fire and can get pretty hot, you should always put the wood stove near a window. Although this is not an ideal solution for the long-term, these stoves can certainly heat your home quickly and can obviously be used to make food as well. However, to avoid injury or a fire, you should always be sure to handle your stove with care.

Use A Kerosene Heater

If you are searching for a bonafide way to heat your home without electricity, a kerosene heater is a premium quality choice. As one of the traditional fuels used across the globe, kerosene is both inexpensive and effective. Just one gallon can allow you to heat various areas of your home for 12-16 hours. However, keep in mind that these heaters are no longer popular because they emit gasses that can lead to combustion. Therefore, you must be very careful in terms of how you are handling and storing this device as well as the kerosene.

Soapstone Heaters

Another DIY answer to the “how to heat a house without electricity” issue is the soapstone heater. These heaters have been used by campers, survivalists, and those who need temporary but effective heat sources. The best part about this heat source is that it requires no open fire. Instead, you simply need to set the soapstone box near a heating source. The soapstone then absorbs the heat and radiates it for hours.

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Drink Hot Beverages

One creative answer to “how to heat a house without electricity” is the hot beverage. While this is technically not a way to heat your home, it is a way to raise your individual body temperatures and make everyone more comfortable. Try drinking hot coffee, tea, cider, or even warm milk and other similar beverages. This can be an easy way to raise people’s individual body temperatures while also allowing them to relax and decompress. Read some of our favorite recipes here. 

Pitch a Tent

Indoor camping can be fun, and in the case of an emergency, it can be pretty valuable. Pitching a tent can be a great way to trap heat in a small area where everyone can come together. Pick the warmest area of your home to pitch the tent. Add sleeping bags and blankets, and this area is bound to heat up quickly and remain warm for hours at a time.

Get Active

Although it may not seem like a way to heat your home, being active is actually a great way to make your home warmer without electricity. This is because exercise and moving around cause your body to heat up. Especially when there are multiple people present, this can be a free, easy way to heat up any given area. One way to go about this could be to stretch or do yoga as a group before using an alternative heating source to raise the temperature further.

Stick Together

If you are heating a home for a group of people, the best thing you can do is stick together. Try to huddle up and stay in the same areas as much as possible. This is because human body heat can be a great way to heat any room without electricity. Additionally, by insulating the space and using at least one additional heat source, the room is likely to remain well-heated for hours at a time. Also, layering up and using/sharing blankets can also help raise everyone’s temperature to more comfortable levels.

A team is installing solar panels on a roof outside.

Solar Panels

Although this is not an overnight solution, installing solar panels could be a long-term solution to the matter of “how to heat a house without electricity.” Take the time to learn more about solar panels, how they’re installed, and how you can use them to help you keep your home warm while also reducing your dependency on electricity.

Solar energy is preferred by many because:

Get a Generator

Using electric generators can also be a great way to heat your home while off the grid. Electric generators are built to function in the absence of general electricity. This makes them a highly sought-after method of acquiring electricity to heat your home and provide power to your home overall. So, once you have solved your heating issues for the short term, it may be time to do some research on electric generators. This is an investment that can provide you with heat, electricity, and more for many years to come.

ONIT Home Knows How to Heat a House Without Electricity

Overall, being forced to find ways to heat a home without electricity can be scary and intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be! By carefully considering the methods on this list, you will find a variety of ways that can safely and effectively heat your home. While there is no foolproof solution in terms of how to heat a house without electricity, these methods are tried and tested and can help get you through this challenging time safely and efficiently.

If you’re ready to make the jump to solar energy, contact ONIT Home today for a free quote! You can visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331 to take advantage of our special offers.

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