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Solar Power Facts vs. Fiction: Is Solar Power Too Complicated and More

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Having solar panels allows you to generate your own energy in a clean, renewable way. There are a lot of misconceptions about solar power and it’s complications, but we are here to separate solar power facts and fictions.

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Solar Power Explained 

Most people can find solar power to be complicated just because they don’t fully understand what it is, or what it does. Websites can overcomplicate what solar power is, and the solar power facts aren’t as easy to understand. If we skip through all the scientific terms, you’ll find that solar power is a pretty easy concept. 

Simply explained, solar power is when solar panels collect energy from the sun and transform it into usable energy for homes and businesses. The sun strikes the solar panel and generates an electrical current (DC). The current then goes into an inverter, converting it from a DC energy to an AC energy. AC energy is commonly used as electricity to power homes. Your unused energy goes through the utility meter into a grid. Electricity is drawn to the grid when it is needed.

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Is the Installation Process Complicated? 

If you choose the right company: Fiction.

Most complications with new products occur during the installation process. The best way to avoid complications in your installation process is to make sure the company installing the panels is professional and knowledgeable about what they’re doing.

Installing new solar panels has never been easier with a company like ONIT. We make sure that your roof is in good condition for the panels and perform a quick installation with guaranteed benefits from the beginning.

Solar Panels Have a Long Lifespan

This is one of our solar power facts.

The average lifespan of a solar panel is 25 to 30 years. For that life span, you will not have to worry about your energy cost being too expensive.  

Solar Power Maintenance Is Complicated


The biggest maintenance stems from installation. After that, there is not much to do except let the systems work. Solar panels lay tilted on the roof, so rainfall clears the accumulated debris. Live in an area that does not have frequent rainfall? There are still easy solutions. The cleaning process only needs to be done two to four times a year. To clean, all you need is a leaf blower and either a hose, or another method to spray them down with water. 

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, make sure the water poured to clean away the snow is lukewarm. You can also use a squeegee. Just make sure that you do not use hot water. Hot water damages solar power panels. The panels are made from tempered glass, so they are very sensitive to strong temperature differences. Too much of a temperature difference causes the panels to crack. 

For panels on the ground, the only maintenance is to keep the panels clean. The easiest way to accomplish this is to sweep the panels with a broom. 

house with 5 windows full roof of solar panels

The Panels Are Too Weather Dependent

Sometimes Fact, Sometimes Fiction

If you live in a heavily overcast city, the investment for solar panels probably isn’t the move for you. If you don’t create enough energy to keep for net metering, then you aren’t able to fully take advantage of all the benefits that solar power can have. 

Did you know that solar panels can still collect solar energy when there is cloud coverage? All you need is a little sun sneaking out to power your panels. Yes, cloudy weather means there will be less energy generated than on a sunny day, but rest assured your panels are still generating electricity. 

However, if you are not positive whether or not you receive enough sunlight for solar panels, read our guide to further explain what to look for, and if your home is a good candidate for solar panels. 

Getting the Solar Tax Credit Is Too Complicated


Did you know that you can get a tax break for installing solar panels? It’s true. The federal government will reward you with tax incentives for investing in a greener energy source. This tax credit is available through 2022, unless the federal government chooses to renew the incentive.

There are three main steps to getting this added to your taxes.

  • Step One: Make sure that you qualify. In order to qualify for 2021, you would need to install your panels by 12/31/2020. If not, you can roll it over to 2022.
  • Step Two: Complete the IRS form 5695
  • Step Three: Add your renewable energy credit information to your regular 1040 tax form.

The Switch From Electricity Companies to Solar Energy Is Too Complicated

There’s an upfront investment when you switch to solar panels, which can deter people from purchasing. However, there is a full return on investment with solar panels, so there’s no fear in not getting your money back. Additionally, when you’re creating your own energy, you are not relying on energy companies that seem to get more and more expensive every year. 

The switch to solar energy is also great for the environment, giving you a reason to be proud of your investment and dedication to keeping the Earth greener and pollution-free. 

Don’t delay the process, start today! 

a man on a roof installing a solar panel

ONIT Solar Isn’t Complicated


At ONIT, we make it easy for you to make the switch. There are many solar power facts and fictions, but know that using ONIT will secure you with the best panels at the best price. To get the process started today, fill out your information for a free quote or give us a call at 1-833-433-0331 to speak with a live representative.

ONIT’s expert team can help make your green energy goals a reality. And when you install a solar power system with ONIT Home, you can install a whole home water filtration system and smart security system for FREE with installation in two weeks. Additionally, we’re offering $1,500 in vouchers to be used with solar, water filtration, and home security. Contact us today at 1-833-433-0331 to learn how you can enjoy this special offer.

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