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Using Solar Power For Camping? Here’s the Top 10 Products You Need

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When you take on the great outdoors while camping, get the power you need can come directly from the sun. With solar energy products, you can get lighting, heat, and other things you need while camping. This is done simply by powering your products in the sun throughout the day. It is also good to mention that solar energy is great for the environment. Below are the 10 solar products you need so that you can get the maximum solar power for camping and enjoy your upcoming trips.

1. Solar Camping Lantern

Being able to move around outside of your tent at night and early mornings means you need some form of light. With the solar camping lantern, you can get the light you need powering by the sun. The LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern can give you anywhere from 8 hours to 30 hours once fully charged with light. Use it inside your tent at night when you and the family are winding down after a long day outdoors.

2. Luminaid 2-in-1 Lantern and Phone Charger

Do you need a lantern to keep inside and charge your phone at the same time? If so, the LuminAid PackLite Max 2-in-1 Camping Lantern and Phone Charger is the best option. It offers you enough lighting within your tent so that you can get dressed and get ready for bed. You can even enjoy some games with your friends before calling it a night. While it provides light inside, you can also charge your smartphone to stay connected if you want to. It is easy to pack away, but it does require at least 12 to 14 hours of direct sunlight before it is considered fully charged. Once changed, however, it can provide up to 50 hours of light inside your tent, ideal for longer camping trips.

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3. Solar String Lights

If you are setting up a campsite for a few days or a week of camping, you may want to invest in Brightech Ambiance Pro Solar String Lights. While the night sky may provide some light while you are outside enjoying dinner, the immediate morning around you should be good, too. Solar string lights are waterproof and are not affected by the weather outside. While you are off during the day taking a hike, fishing, or other fun outdoor activities, your solar string lights are back at camp, absorbing the sunlight and getting charged for the evening.

4. Solar Camping Shower

If you plan to do some backcountry camping and get away for a few days, you should pack a solar camping shower. The PAOOTICI Solar Shower Bag holds up to 5 gallons of water that heats in the sun. It keeps that heat until later when you are ready for a warm shower. While warmer camping trips are suitable for cool creek water showers, that is not always ideal. Some trips where the temperature is a little lower in the evenings mean that you want your water to be warmer. While you are out for the day, hang your shower bag from a branch facing the sun. The shower can get the heat it needs and keep it. This bag will also tell you the water temperature inside so you know what you can expect when you start spraying the water.

5. Solar Camping Fan

Many of us enjoy sleeping with a fan or need one to keep the air circulating. This is not always easy to do with camping unless you have a solar camping fan. The BusyPiggy Solar Camping Fan with LED Lantern provides a solar-powered option so that you can have your fan throughout your camping adventure. This fan comes with solar power on the top so that it can get a full day’s charge of sunlight on the brightest days when camping. Have it charged before you come out on your trip. Set it out on-site when the weather is sunny so that you can recharge it. It can be hung up easily in your tent. It also has several speeds so that you can get the comfort level you want while you are sleeping.

6. Consider a Solar Portable Oven

When you are out backpacking the country and needing to stop for camp, you need to carry portable cooking equipment that can be charged through solar energy. This is why the MrMapMax Solar Oven is the ideal solar power for camping option on a camping trip. It is meant to work year-round in both warm and cold temperatures. As long as there are days when the sun is shining, it will capture the rays from the sun and keep the heat. With a temperature of 550 degrees, it can quickly cook a meal in 20 minutes, making it even easier. All you need to do is make sure there is sun out, and it has a direct view of the sun before and while cooking. Clean up, and storage is easy so that it is packed away for easy travel.

7. Solar Stove

While it does not cook as much food as a solar oven, the solar stove is an ideal purchase for one or two camping people and need adaptable equipment. The GOSUN Solar Portable Stove is one of the most portable solar power for camping options available. It fits easily into a backpack for travel or anywhere outside when you need to cook. It is economically friendly, as it does not release any chemicals into the air. This makes this solar stove one of the cleanest ways to cook while out in nature.

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8. Solar Panel Kit

Are you planning a long camping trip off the grid that will keep you away for days or weeks? If so, you may need to carry a solar panel kit to help with the different needs you will have out there. With the DOKIO 160 Watts Portable Solar Panel Kit, you have a variety of options for your solar power. This kit is designed to absorb the maximum amount of solar energy from the sun and ultraviolet rays. You can use this to charge any electronic items, lanterns, batteries, or anything else that needs power.

It is designed to give you the comforts you seek while out camping. This solar panel kit is also portable and fits easily into your camping gear so that you do not have very much additional weight. It is a complete solar kit that is available and ready for any emergencies you could find yourself in and need to get power right away.

9. Solar Motion Sensors

While you are out camping, your safety is also essential. With Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Camping Lights, you can get the protection you need at night. This solar power for camping option alerts when the lights come on at the first sign of movement. This alerts you that animals or others may be nearby and approaching your camp so that you can be prepared. They are weather-proof and even absorb energy on cloudy days. Just set them up before you leave to soak solar power on their panels, and they will store the power through the night for your protection. They are easy to move and relocate as you travel and set up camp in different areas along your trip.

10. Solar Powered Radio

While you may be going camping to get away, there may be emergencies where you need a radio and need to get help. With the Emergency Weather Radio Solar-Hand-Crank-Radio, you can charge and use a radio to reach out for help when you need it. While the goal is not to use the radio while out on your trip, you do want to have it charged before you leave and set it on sunny days to have it if you do need it. It does pick up national broadcasts of weather forecasts which may impact your trip and allow you to get prepared. There is a solar panel at the top of the radio that gathers and maintains the solar rays.

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