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My At-Home Water Smells Like Chlorine in Texas…What Gives? 

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There’s nothing more refreshing than a shower or as relaxing as a warm bath. But, what happens when your water smells like chlorine? Suddenly, your shower isn’t as refreshing and your bathtime feels more like pool time. How does this happen?

Believe it or not, chlorine is used as a disinfectant with our water treatment systems. However, there are times when the chlorine smell and taste are stronger, leaving homeowners wondering what happened. Let’s go over a few reasons why your water smells like chlorine right now and why owning a home filtration system is the best solution for it. 

Why Does My Water Smell Like Chlorine?

Let’s get straight into the facts. According to the CDC, chlorine is added to our drinking water to kill bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Each state uses different processes to achieve their goal of disinfecting water. Check with your local municipal water district to see exactly how they handle chlorine in water.

Why Texans May Experience Chlorine Smelling Water in March

If you live in Texas you may have noticed that your home water source is tasting and smelling like chlorine right now. Confused? Don’t worry, there is a reason for the sudden change. Right now, the North Texas Municipal Water District is changing the disinfection process that they use for water treatment. 

Their disinfection method is a two-step process that treats the water on-site at a treatment plant, then adds a chloramine disinfectant to the water. This chloramine disinfection is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. Together, this helps maintain water quality from pipes to homes and businesses. 

However, during the annual change in disinfectant processes, the district stops adding ammonia and only uses free chlorine. While this maintains the outdated water quality practices set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there’s no denying that the water smells strong. 

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Health Effects of Chlorine on Users

Perhaps the added chlorine prepares us for summers spent in the pool, but it actually can aggravate our skin and respiratory system. According to the New York State Department of Health, when chlorine enters the body as a result of breathing, swallowing, or skin contact, it can react with water to produce acids. These acids are corrosive and can damage the cells in our body on contact. 

As far as immediate effects of chlorine, common side effects and symptoms include the following:

  • Airway irritation 
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Chest tightness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation 

Ways to Solve Your Water Smelling Like Chlorine 

Temporary Fixes On Reducing Taste or Odor of Chlorine 

There are a few different home remedies that can minimize the taste or odor of chlorine in your water. For example, if you’re sensitive to the taste you can place a pitcher of water in the refrigerator overnight. Or, you could crush a 1,000 mg Vitamin C tablet straight into your bathwater. 

Permanent Changes to Remove Chlorine From Your At-Home Water Sources

While doing a quick fix seems easy, it’s like putting a bandaid on a wound that requires more attention. The best fix for when your water smells like chlorine is to look into a home filtration system. A water filtration system does more than remove chlorine, it also removes other harmful contaminants that lurk in our everyday water source. 

A home filtration system goes beyond what grocery store filters, like Brita or Pur, can do. Our water from the tap is the easiest and most efficient way to get water in our household. However, most of our tap water contains minerals and other contaminants. The city’s solution? You guessed it, adding chlorine to the water with other chemicals to make it safer to consume. 

How ONIT Home Can Solve Your At-Home Water Issues With Water Filtration Systems That Remove 99% of Chlorine

First things first, ONIT Home offers an at-home water test to find out exactly what’s in your water. Visit us online or call us today at 1-833-433-0331 to set up your free at-home test!

With a filtration system, you’ll never worry on whether or not your water smells like chlorine again! Our systems remove 99% of chlorine in water, giving you better tasting and smelling water. Having a home filtration system can assist you with both having great, clean water but also help you save money in the long run. The best choice for a home filtration system is a professionally installed reverse osmosis home water system with ONIT Home. These systems remove the majority of the contaminants in drinking water, rather than just reducing them. A reverse osmosis system cleans water through multiple chambers and stages. 

How a Reverse Osmosis System Works

  1. The first stage is the Sediment and Activated Carbon Block Module. This stage removes traces of chlorine and microscopic debris from the water.
  2. Next, the second stage is the Reverse Osmosis Chamber. This removes tiny particles, pollutants, fluoride, and trihalomethanes that are trapped by the prefilters. 
  3. Third, the water will go through the Granular Activated Carbon. This removes the organic and odorous chemicals, like hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is known for being a chemical in the water that smells like rotten eggs. However, the reverse osmosis system removes it and keeps your water smelling and tasting fresh!   
  4. The last stage is the In-Line Polishing Filter. This removes any remaining foul tastes and odors in the water, boosting the pH and giving you water bottle quality tastes.

Having a reverse osmosis system in your home allows you to have clean drinking water straight out of the tap, giving you and your family easy access to the best water. This system is installed out of sight, allowing you to have ample storage space in your kitchen, and you’ll never have to fill it up. These systems offer easy maintenance only having to replace pre and post-filters annually, and replacing the reverse osmosis membrane every two to three years. 

We offer three different versions, so call us today at 1-833-433-0331 to find out which system is best for your home! For now, check out our three options below.

ONIT Conventional Series

This fully automated whole home systems remove minerals from your water, extending the life of your plumbing, making your water better for your skin and hair, all while improving the taste of your water! The media inside the water softener and filter tanks work together to filter out chlorine, bromine, and heavy metals throughout your tap water.

ONIT Ranger Series

Gain higher filtration performance with catalytic activated carbon filter medium available in the ONIT Ranger Series. An additional fourth medium improves the overall removal of contaminants like chloramine from your tap water. Remember, chloramine is chlorine and ammonia. Plus, you get a 5-year supply of hydrating and cleansing soaps for radiant skin worth a $1,000 value.

ONIT Delta Series

Maximize your filtration capacity with ONIT Delta Series two-tank design made for a powerful clean. The filter’s 50% reduction in system maintenance makes it virtually hands-free. You also get to enjoy a 5-year supply of hydrating and cleansing soaps for radiant skin worth a $1,000 value.

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Did We Mention That You’ll Save Money Annually With a Water Filtration System? 

Switching to the whole home softening and filtration system reduces your expenses and helps you save up to $870 every year. Here’s how you can make huge savings by making the switch! 

  • You can save up to $324 annually by eliminating bottled water purchases. Having an ONIT water system filters your tap water into high-quality water, giving you the taste you want, without the recurring cost of bottled water. The average person buys 43.7 gallons of bottled water every year, and the more people in your household equals more gallons of bottled water purchased annually. 
  • You’re saving up to $420 every year on cleaning products. Having soft water makes your detergent and cleaning products more efficient. Therefore, you will use up to 50% less of your products around your home, saving you those extra grocery store trips. 
  • Additionally, you’re saving up to $36/year on energy consumption. If you’ve ever looked at your electric bill, you’ll see that your water heater can account for around 13% of your monthly bill. If you have hard water in your home, your water heaters are working harder to warm up the water because of the mineral buildup. Having soft water reduces your energy consumption by up to 20%. 
  • Lastly, you’re able to save up to $90/year on your plumbing and appliance maintenance. Having soft water reduces the buildup, keeping your pipes from clogging. Reducing hard water problems can help you save up to 75% every year.  

Are You Ready to Get Rid of Your Water That Smells Like Chlorine?

We professionally install all systems, making sure you can rest easy with a system that works correctly the first time you ever use it. ONIT Home’s professionally installed services ensure that your property’s water is clean, safe, and incapable of damaging household appliances.. To find out more about water filtration systems, visit us online, visit our blog, or give us a call right now at 1-833-433-0331 for commonly asked questions. Shop ONIT Home for all your water softener and filtration system needs! 

ONIT Home is your one-stop shop to create a space for families to enjoy. Bundle your purchases together for a $1,500 voucher to be used with our water filtration, security systems, or solar panels. Or, receive a $2,000 security system for $1,000 with a purchase of a water filtration system. Ready to go solar? Every solar panel system comes with a free home security and water filtration system! Learn more about our bundling deals today by calling us at 1-833-433-0331. Whatever you need, we’re ONIT! 


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