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What is a Smart Light Switch, and How Can It Advance Your Daily Life?

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Advancing our homes is a fun, simple DIY to make your everyday life easier. A popular addition is adding smart light switches in replacement of our old light switches. A smart light switch gives you the ability to adjust your lighting through Wi-Fi, a hub or through your smartphone. They can help you create a daily schedule with remote access, or just allow you to turn the lights off while you’re in bed. There are many uses for smart light switches, and countless reasons why you should invest in one today.

What is a Smart Light Switch?

A smart light switch is a Wi-Fi enabled switch with buttons that allow customization of lighting control in your house. This is done through a wall switch that looks similar to a standard light switch. 

These devices work through buttons that send wireless signals that control regular lights or smart lights. A smart light switch can do the standard procedures like turning lights on and off. They also have the capability to adjust brightness or cycle through “scenes.” Scenes are different presets that have pre existing color and brightness combinations. There are some advanced smart light switches that can have built in motion sensors, others that link to smart outlets, which can allow a user to control lamps, Christmas lights or space heaters. 

There are two main forms of smart light switches: in-wall (wired), or on-wall (battery powered). A smart light switch will require some setup using a smartphone app. There are some smart light switches that are run through Wi-Fi, while others will require a Hub for the system

living room with large lights and lamp

Three Reasons To Get A Smart Light Switch

You’re Still Able to Control Lights With a Switch

With smart light bulbs, one knock is that using your wall switch can sometimes interfere with your daily schedule for the lights, and sometimes cause complete network loss. It’s natural instinct to use a light switch for a room, and sometimes guests or family members do not realize that it could negatively impact the smart light bulbs. 

To curb this issue, you can use your smart light bulbs for your lamps, and use smart light switches for your everyday rooms.

A smart light switch can work with brightness/dimming and setting scenes, which are two of the positives for smart bulbs. This way, you can still use your natural instincts to change lighting with a wall switch, without disrupting the bulbs. 

Not sure what smart light bulbs are? Read more about smart lights here.

Young woman controlling home light with a digital tablet in the living room. Concept of a smart home and light control with mobile device

It Can Be a Cheaper Up-Front Investment

A smart light switch gives similar capabilities to a smart light bulb, without having to replace every light bulb in your home. With a cost of $7 per smart bulb, and smart light switches can be as low as $19.99, this can save you some money. Using a smart light switch in lieu of smart bulbs would be cost-effective in rooms that have multiple light bulbs in one single light feature; such as a dining room with a chandelier. This way, you can continue to use the bulbs you already have. 

If you’re still wanting smart bulbs in the future, you can always purchase the smart light switch and slowly transition all your lightbulbs as they burn out, rather than making a big project at the beginning. 

The Automation Features Are Helpful, Practical, and Useable 

If you aren’t as interested in smart homes and wondering where the benefits for you could be, the answer could be the automation features. These lights can come on and off with sunrise and sunset. That way, your front porch isn’t dark, or your electricity isn’t running when the lights don’t need to be on. You can also automate your lights in your bedroom to slowly brighten in the morning, creating a faux sunrise to help you wake up. Conversely, you can slowly dim your lights at night through automation, so you can create a bedtime routine. 

If your smart light switch includes the fan feature, you can automate when your ceiling fan turns on and off. For people who are extra cold in the morning, this could be a great feature to make sure you don’t stay under covers and oversleep. The fans can also automate with whatever temperature it is in the house, so if your air conditioning and heating are off, but you want to have the fan on when the house temperature is at 72, no problem. The moment the house is 72 degrees, your fans will come on. 

lutron smart light switch

Recommended Brands for Smart Light Switches

Lutron Caseta 

Includes: Smart light switch, Hub, Remote, Dimmer Switch, Smart Bridge

The Lutron Caseta does require a Hub, so it will not slow down your Wi-Fi. They are both easy and reliable to use through the Hub, a remote, or through your phone. This can be found on Amazon.


The Aqara smart light switch is run through Wi-Fi. These are a great option for affordability and versatility. You can have a single rocker, or double rocker. The double rocker allows you to control two light switches in one design. These do not have dimming capabilities, but are reliable and budget friendly. These can be purchased on Amazon


Leviton has many different options for smart light switches. There are simple switches and more technically advanced, like the switch that works through voice control.  Some have Amazon Alexa built-in, giving you the option to adjust your lights, listen to the news, play music, learn about the weather and control other smart home devices. There isn’t a hub or smart speaker required to make this work, everything has already been built into the switch. You can find their products through the website or on Amazon

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