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5 Reasons Why Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance is Important

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Air conditioner maintenance isn’t something we think about often, but we certainly should. Everyone’s worst nightmare is to be told that you need your air conditioner replaced right in the middle of the summer. Not only do you now have to shell out money for a new air conditioner, but you also have to go without proper air conditioning in what is probably a major global heatwave this year, with temperatures reaching higher than they ever have before in a lot of areas.

If avoiding replacing the air conditioner isn’t reason enough to get regular air conditioner maintenance, you might want to consider things like keeping performance up and saving on electricity bills by replacing and repairing any faulty wiring in your air conditioner. Even the air quality in your home will suffer if you don’t invest in regular air conditioner maintenance. 

Keep reading to find out more reasons why you need to get regular maintenance for your air conditioner to avoid replacing it.

Avoid Hefty Repair Expenses

Almost all home appliances need regular checks and maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Just like it costs less for you to have your car checked regularly than it does for you to have it repaired after breaking down, it will cost you less to have your air conditioner checked every year than being told air condition replacement is the solution to your problem.

Even if you don’t need air conditioner replacement, you might still need to have major parts replaced. Depending on your warranty and how well air conditioner maintenance has been performed recently, you may or may not have to pay for this out of pocket. 

We talk more about how regular air conditioner maintenance is important for your warranty later in this article.

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Save Energy

Your air conditioner might be working fine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s working as well as it should, and drops in performance are only causing you to spend more money. Fixing faulty wiring, cleaning out dirty filters, and making sure the motor is working fine are great ways to keep air conditioner performance up and avoid being told that air conditioner replacement is the only solution. 

When your air conditioner is not in top condition, it’s only going to take it longer to cool your space to desirable temperatures and it will only drive your electricity bills up without you even realizing it. If you want to save energy and save money on electricity bills, invest in regular air conditioner maintenance.

Keep AC Performance Up

Not only will regular air conditioner maintenance keep your device from using too much power, but it’ll also help you keep your air conditioner’s performance up. Your air conditioner is already working in overdrive when it gets too hot outside, and you don’t want it taking too long to do its job or not be able to do its job at all because of dirty air filters, leaking pipes, faulty motors, or any other issue. 

A trained professional will be able to catch and fix any of these issues during a regular maintenance check, which is why they’re so important to do every year.

Avoid Issues in the Middle of Summer

If you don’t stay on top of your air conditioner maintenance, you might face a lot of issues right when you need your air conditioner the most. One likely scenario is that your air conditioner stops working at all right in the middle of summer, and it might leave you without any cooling in your home for at least a day or two while you get someone to fix it. 

To avoid having your air conditioner fail on you when you need it the most, make sure it’s in top condition at the start of summer.

Your Warranty Might Depend On It

If you look closely at the “exclusions” or “eligibility requirements” for your air conditioners, you might find that your warranty is only applicable if you provide regular air conditioner maintenance. In case you need an air conditioner replacement or have any of your parts replaced but haven’t been looking after your air conditioner properly, you might end up having to pay for that out of pocket. 

To avoid this from happening, have your air conditioner checked regularly by a professional.

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