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Are Lithium Solar Batteries the Top Choice for Solar Panels?

a lithium solar battery used to power panels
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Lithium solar batteries are becoming popular among those with solar systems. According to statistics, the global market for solar batteries was 114.8 Million US Dollars in 2019, it’s projected to reach 360.4 Million US Dollars by 2027. If you’re wanting to purchase a new solar battery but don’t know if a lithium battery is worthwhile, you’ve come to the right place. First, let’s have a close look at lithium solar batteries.

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What Are Lithium Solar Batteries?

Lithium solar batteries are rechargeable batteries that use lithium ions to store excess energy from a solar system. The lithium ions are stored in a chemical form called an electrolyte. The lithium ions flow from the anode to the cathode when the battery is discharged, creating an electrical current.

Are Lithium Solar Batteries Best for Solar Panels?

Yes. Lithium solar batteries are the best option for solar panels. This is because they are durable and long-lasting, meaning they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Also, the battery requires low resistance charging but delivers high current, meaning it’s efficient.

They’re also light, making them easy to transport. In addition, lithium solar batteries can store more power than other solar batteries. They also require less maintenance, making them cost-effective.

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Benefits of Lithium Solar Batteries

Lithium solar batteries offer many benefits when compared to other solar batteries.

Increased Efficiency

Solar batteries with lithium-ion cells are more efficient than traditional solar batteries. In addition, they are fast at charging and provide high power density, making them ideal for solar-powered homes and businesses.

Increased Longevity

Batteries that are powered by lithium solar cells have a longer lifespan than other types of batteries. The lithium cells do not suffer from memory effects, a common issue with different battery types. This means that you will not have to replace them as often, saving you time and money in the long run.

Low Maintenance

Lithium-ion solar batteries require very little maintenance because they don’t require regular topping/watering.

It’s Safer

Lithium solar batteries are also much safer than other batteries since they are less likely to experience a thermal runaway event.

A thermal runaway event is when a battery experiences a sudden and uncontrolled increase in temperature. If the battery overheats, it can catch fire or even explode. Lithium batteries are less likely to experience a thermal runaway event because they have a lower risk of overcharging.

Factors to Consider When Buying Lithium Solar Batteries

If you’re setting up a solar energy system and looking for a lithium solar battery, there are some factors you need to consider. This is to ensure that the battery will meet your power needs.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity is how much power the battery can hold when fully charged. This is measured in watt-hours (Wh) or Amps-hours(Ah), and you’ll want to find a battery with a capacity that meets your needs.

You can increase your storage capacity by connecting multiple batteries to form a battery bank.

Depth of Discharge (DOD)

DOD is the total percentage of power your battery can discharge safely without the need to recharge it.

Number of Life Cycles

A battery’s life cycle is the number of times you can completely charge and discharge your battery before it loses its performance. The Depth of Discharge greatly affects the number of battery cycles. Most DOD range anywhere from 80% to 95%.

Battery Management System

A battery management system (BMS) is a system that manages a battery pack and its thermal environment. BMS keeps the cells within their operating temperature range and maximizes the pack’s capacity and life.


Like any other electronics, a lithium battery can malfunction before using it for long. So it’s good to consider the warranty period of the battery. If you find a battery with an extended period, it ideally means that the manufacturer has trust in it.

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Top Lithium Solar Batteries Recommendations

Before choosing a lithium solar battery, evaluate your power needs for your home. A battery that can work in your friend’s house may not necessarily work well in your home.

BattleBorn 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

BattleBorn is among the best lithium-ion battery manufacturers in North America. Their BattleBorn 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery is one of the best lithium solar batteries on the market. It uses lithium-ion deep-cycle technology and can be used to run van, RV, marine, and off-grid systems. It’s made of the highest quality, as the terminals are made of brass to give it a long life.

You can continuously charge the battery at 100Ah, but the manufacturer recommends charging at 50Ah or less. This is because a higher recharge rate shortens the lifespan of the battery.


  • Dimensions: 12.76 × 6.86 × 8.95 inches
  • Weight: 29 Pounds
  • Depth of Discharge: 100%
  • Battery Protection: Built-in Battery Management System
  • Life-Expectancy: 3000 – 5000 Cycles
  • Warranty: Ten years
  • Price: $799


  • Made of durable materials
  • Lifetime customer support
  • It has a 200Ah surge protection for 30 seconds


  • A bit heavier than similar batteries

Lion Energy Safari UT 1300 Lithium-Ion Solar Battery

Lion Energy Safari UT 1300 is among the most robust energy output in the market today. It has four prismatic cells that compact it and make it more energy-efficient. In addition, the battery is made of strong ABS material and performs better in most weather conditions.

The Safari UT 1300 offers over 3500 cycles at 100% DOD, meaning you won’t have to worry about discharging your battery to 0%.

It has a BMS that helps protect the battery from overcharging or discharging. If the BMS senses that the battery has gone out of its parameters, it shuts down battery power. The battery also comes with a reset button you can use if the BMS cuts off the battery power.

This battery can power homes, vans, boats, RVs, and golf carts.


  • Battery Capacity: 12.8V / 105Ah / 1344Wh
  • Dimensions: 10.20 x 6.60 x 8.80 Inches
  • Weight: 23 Pounds
  • Depth of Discharge: 100%
  • Shell Life: Two years
  • Battery Protection: Internal Battery Management System
  • Life-Expectancy: 3,500 – 6,000+ Cycles
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price: $999


  • It’s lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • It has 3,500 – 6,000+ Cycles, which is a good number


  • Lifetime warranty is limited

ExpertPower 12V 200Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery

ExpertPower 12V 200Ah Lithium delivers efficient power, with a flat discharge curve above 12V for up to 95% capacity usage. It’s suitable for most weather with a discharging temperature of -4°F to 140°F and charging temperature of 32°F to 140°F.

It has a unique built-in BMS that protects the battery from overcharging, discharging, overheating, and overloading. You can use this battery for marine, RV, and off-grid.


  • Battery Capacity: 12V / 200AH
  • Dimensions: 20.6 x 9.5 x 8.6 Inches
  • Weight: 48.3 Pounds
  • Battery Protection: Built-in Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Life-Expectancy: Life Cycles: 2500 with 100% DOD; 3600 with 80% DOD; 7000 with 50% DOD
  • Warranty10 Years
  • Price: $899.99


  • Cheap considering its capacity
  • Lightweight compared with similar batteries


  • 2500 cycles is a bit low

Zooms 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Zoom’s 12V 100Ah battery uses prismatic LiFePO4 cells to provide high power output, stability, low self-discharge rate, and lighter weight. In addition, it offers 4000+ cycles, making it one of a kind in the market.

It has a durable shell and a strong BMS to protect your battery from damage caused by overloading, overcharging, or overheating.

You can use this battery in almost all outdoor power needs because it’s safe and can be used in different scenarios.


  • Battery Capacity: 12.8V/100AH
  • Dimensions: 13 x 6.82 x 8.48 inches
  • Weight: 25.4 Pounds
  • Depth of Discharge: 100%
  • Battery Protection: Built-in Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Life-Expectancy: 4000 – 8000 cycles
  • Warranty: Five Years
  • Price: $404.88


  • Very affordable
  • 4000 – 8000 cycle is impressive
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • The warranty period is short.

SOK Battery 206Ah 12V LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

The SOK battery was established only four years ago, but its products are becoming popular each day. The SOK Battery 100Ah 12V is a lithium iron phosphate deep cycle battery with a durable metal casing.

This is one of its kind in the market as it offers 4000 – 8000 cycles at a very affordable price. It can handle most applications. It’s reliable, durable, and safe to use. The amazing thing is that it comes with a Bluetooth4.0 feature that supports iPhone or Android smartphones.


  • Battery Capacity: 12V/206Ah
  • Dimensions: 10.83*7.87*11.22 inches
  • Weight: 48 Pounds
  • Depth of Discharge: 100%
  • Self Discharge: <3% / Month
  • Battery Protection: Built-in smart Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Life-Expectancy: 3000 – 8000
  • Warranty: 7 Years
  • Price: $1,200


  • Lifetime customer support
  • Durable and strong
  • It’ comes with heater pads


  • It has a seven-year warranty, while similar batteries offer a ten-year warranty.

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