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How Much is a Tesla Battery and How Does it Work?

Tesla Energy's home battery, Powerwall, is seen newly installed in a home for power outages or rolling blackout
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Power outages can be disappointing, especially when they force you to stop. That is when you will think about Tesla solar panels to avoid such situations in the future. However, you cant talk about the Tesla solar panels without mentioning the Powerwall batteries. Tesla Powerwall batteries are crucial in storing solar energy for backup. So, if you experience a blackout or your grid goes down, your lights will still be on to help you carry out your duties. Most people like the Tesla Powerwall batteries to store solar energy for later use. This is especially when the sun stops shining or when the integrity goes down. This is essential because it also reduces overreliance on the grid. If you would like to have excellent power independence and maximize savings energy costs, then the Tesla Powerwall battery would be the best solution for you. 

However, due to the many types in the market, it would be better to consult a professional. They will help you get the right thing for your needs. The best thing is to visit certified Tesla Powerwall dealers if you plan to get one this year. But before that, let’s go through this summarized Tesla Powerwall battery guide to have a deeper understanding of what it offers. We’ll look at how much is a tesla battery, the features, and reasons why you should consider it for your household.

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Why Do You Need a Tesla Powerwall Battery?

Before you get straight to the answer to the question, it’s essential to understand the basics of the battery and how it works.

So, let’s go straight into it. 

In simple terms, Powerwall is a rechargeable and integrated home system that stores power from solar energy. It’s designed to help you stay on when the grid goes down. In addition, it works with solar to allow you to store power for later use. According to Tesla, their Powerwall can keep your light for up to seven days during a power outage. However, this is not the case when the energy you use exceeds the amount the solar panel is capturing. Either way, it will reduce your electricity bills as you enjoy clean energy for your home.

Tesla Powerwall Battery specifications

Tesla batteries vary from one model to another. However, their Powerwall measures 14kWh, 13.5kWh. Using measurements of 1,150mm high, 755mm wide, and 147mm deep, you can mount the Powerwall on the wall or floor. According to the company, most clients like their Powerwall because they are child and pet and child friendly. They are also waterproof. They come with a 10-year warranty that guarantees. The warranty guarantees customers will keep at least 80% of performance by the end of the period. In addition, Tesla says the Powerwall can function optimally in temperatures between –20°C and +50°C.

The Powerwall also produces quality power at the peak rate of 7kW, with the highest continuous rate of 5kW. You can also check how much you can get. According to Tesla, a typical household may get up to 10 kWh of electricity in a day.

How Much is a Tesla Battery?

The Tesla Powerwall is quite expensive. But if you need a product that will fulfill your needs, you will go the extra mile to get it. A single battery can cost up to $10,500, inclusive of supporting hardware. This price could change depending on the complexity of the system. For example, you can connect up to 10 units, but the fewer you install, the cheaper it will be. The installation costs do not include the permit and upgrading fees. But it would be easy if you already have a Tesla solar panel for easy integration.

Tesla Powerwall Payment Plans 

Now that you know how much is a Tesla battery, are there any payment plans? Tesla offers cash or loan options depending on what is convenient for customers. In addition, the company considers homeowners’ preferences in the financial options. This includes how long they plan to stay in their homes. Customers can change the options before installation. However, they cannot change the policies, warranties, and guarantees.

How Do You Purchase with Cash?

This is the easiest and fast mode of payment. You will pay for the complete system upfront and carry it home right away.

Purchase with Loan

With this option, the company will allow you to own the solar energy system as you make payments. Wondering how much is a Tesla battery installment? Well, the payments will be based on agreed terms. Most clients consider this option the cheapest way to enjoy clean energy without financial difficulties. You will also start saving immediately once you install your system. This is because loan payment is lower than the monthly bills. You will see your loan payment plan based on the system size and the installation location. Once you finish the loan, you’ll realize great savings in electric bills.

The company will invoice you 30 days after installation. If you have any concerns, you can raise them through the loan provider. The monthly loan payment will assume the pre-payment within the first 18 months of owning the system. This is the same as the Federal Tax Credit system.

the tesla solar powerbank with solar panels on the roof

How Does the Powerwall Battery Work?

With a Powerwall battery, you can be sure of long-term financial and security benefits. In addition, each system is configured with metering, monitoring, and intelligent controls. These promote easy customization using Tesla App. You can use Powerwall independently, but it is used together with solar in most cases. The system can contain up to 10 Powerwalls, including Powerwall+ and the traditional ones. Most Powerwall+ contains some unique features that focus on solar integration to enhance clean installation with fewer tools.

According to Tesla experts, integrated revenue-grade energy metering is essential in monitoring your energy production and consumption. This improves the management of your home energy. It will also help you claim clean energy incentives in addition to getting the upper hand in the virtual power plant space. With the benefits of power plants, you can be sure of an efficient and sufficient energy flow in your home.

Experts recommend Powerwall + because it can power heavy equipment. Solar integration gives a quality off-grid experience by improving solar charging during power blackouts.

How the Powerwall Works with Solar

You probably want to know how the Powerwall works with solar systems. If you don’t, it operates in a simple but exciting way. When the sun rises, you’ll see the solar system beginning to power your home immediately. But even as this happens, if the home needs extra power, it can pull it from the utility grid — the solar charges the Powerwall during the day. The idea here is that when the panels produce more electricity than what the home requires, the Powerwall stores the surplus energy for later use. It can be used when the utility grid is offline or at night when the solar system doesn’t produce energy. The process continues like that every day when the sun rises. The solar recharges the Powerwall to ensure you enjoy a continuous flow of clean energy.  

How the Powerwall Works Without Solar

When you are not using solar, the Powerwall will depend on electricity. Therefore, the fluctuating rates of your electricity will determine it throughout the day. For example, the Powerwall will charge when your utility electricity cost is low and discharge when the price is high. This is important because it will generate automatic savings. It will also detect grid outages and provide backup power for your home. However, with Tesla Powerwall, even though the Powerwall can work without solar panels, you will need to buy a solar panel. This is because Tesla no longer sells the Powerwall without a solar roofing system or solar panels. 

Are there Alternatives to the Tesla Powerwall Battery?

Like most products on the market, there are alternatives to Tesla Powerwall. For example, you can get affordable options from LG, Power vault, Samsung, and Nissan companies. Though the alternatives may not be as powerful as the Tesla Powerwall, they can equally serve your needs. But be sure to consult certified dealers to ensure you get the best chance to help you the way you want.

What is the Lifespan of Tesla Powerwall?

As indicated in the warranty, the Powerwall works optimally for ten years. Others can still give realizable service for up to 20 years. 

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