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How Long Do Solar Batteries Last: Understanding Your Investment

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If you’ve been thinking of an alternative energy source, then solar power is a great option. And solar batteries are useful in providing free and sustainable power for later use. Solar batteries will also minimize the energy bill’s cost and act as a back-up source of power in your home.

Despite powering your home with green and sustainable energy, solar batteries will also cost you a fortune. Before putting a solar battery in your home, you will need to be familiar with its durability. So how long do solar batteries last while feeding your nest with energy? 

We’ll help you find out.

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How Long Do Solar Batteries Last

There are several solar batteries on the market today. But not all are the right fit for your home because they have different properties. 

In terms of life span, most solar batteries will last between 5 to 15 years. This duration is enough to serve you and your home with adequate energy. But what factors determine just how long your battery can last? They include: 

  • The Battery
  • Temperature
  • Warranty 

The Battery

Solar batteries are available in three different types: Lithium-ion, Saltwater and Lead-acid. 

Each of these solar batteries has different lengths of cycle. In solar terms, cycle refers to the charge and draining of your batter. Similar to our smartphone or other device using a battery for power, the battery will need to charge when drained. 

One of the common ways to increase your battery’s lifespan is to check on the type of battery before making a purchase. How long your battery will last throughout the day depends on the amount of energy your home uses. 


The environment you store your battery will determine if it will last for a few years or over a decade. Both cold and hot temperatures are not ideal for your battery. Therefore, it’s advisable to store a solar battery in a place with a moderate temperature.


Warranty is an essential factor to consider while purchasing your solar battery. Always make an effort to get one from the manufacturer indicating the duration they will cover up for any damage.

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Factors That Influence the Price of Solar Batteries

Before installing a solar battery in your home, spend some time researching the price range for your purchase. Solar batteries come in different types and their prices also vary. Here are factors that influence the cost of solar batteries.

  • Capacity. Capacity is the total amount of energy a solar battery can store. Most batteries used in homes have a storage capacity ranging from 10 and 20kWh. 
  • Balance of System Equipment. Setting up a solar battery at home comes with other expenses. To complete the setup, you’ll need to purchase equipment such as load panels and a back-up gateway, which can be quite expensive.  
  • Labor. Installing a solar battery requires a lot of work and experience. Of course, it’s not always wise to do the work all on your own. Setting up the battery requires a team of experts with years of experience. Consider seeking help from a company that does proper installation services.
  • Miscellaneous. Miscellaneous expenses tend to occur in any activity. While purchasing a solar battery, the need of tools like disconnect switches and conduits may arise to complete the setup.

Which Type of Solar Battery Last The Longest?

As mentioned before, solar batteries come in three types: Saltwater, Lead-acid, and Lithium-ion.

Lead batteries appeal to some homeowners because they’re typically the more affordable option. However they do have a short battery lifespan which can be seen as a major drawback to some.

Saltwater batteries are relatively new to the energy storage arena. They don’t have heavy metals, but use saltwater electrolytes. However, the saltwater battery’s newness might intimidate homeowners seeking a more tried and true product.

Lithium-ion, on the other hand, is more commonly used. They also have a higher depth of discharge (Dod), providing you with more battery to use.

But how long do these solar batteries last? The three types of batteries have different cycles. While lithium-ion is best for more cycles, lead-acid and saltwater contain fewer cycles hence a shorter lifespan.

Spending extra coins on Lithium-ion batteries won’t do you harm since they have a high depth of discharge (up to 100%) and last long.

Why a Homeowner Should Have Solar Power Batteries at Home

Solar power batteries play various significant roles in homes. Homeowners should install solar power batteries because they will:

  • Provide you with free energy for later use
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Serve as a back-up
  • Dependent on your own supply of energy

What Is the Return on Investment for a Homeowner?

A homeowner can get a higher or lower return on investment, depending on the type of solar battery they install at home. The reduction in electricity fees is also an appealing draw for many homeowners, making the battery’s expense worth it.

Bottom Line

Having solar batteries in your home will save you money and help you control your monthly energy bill. They also work to give your family back-up energy that’s convenient when those inconvenient power outages come rolling through. 

Solar batteries work best when you pair them with an industry-leading solar power system. Here at ONIT, we can help you build a residential solar power system that’s customized to your home’s needs and fully function to save you money and give you a jumpstart on going green.

Contact us today to start enjoying clean, sustainable energy.

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