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How to Reduce Energy Bills at Home During Summer

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The warmer months are approaching quickly, which means that people will slowly stop keeping their heating/air conditioning units off. This can lead to an increased price in energy bills. Learn how to reduce energy bills at home, in six steps. 

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Why are Energy Bills so Expensive in the Summer?

Summertime is often when many of us start to feel the heat. With temperatures across the US rising to their peak in the summer, our electricity bills also rise. And let’s face it, none of us want to sit sweating in the comfort of our own home. The crucial need for comfort drives many Americans to blast the air conditioning non stop during summer months. The demand for more energy automatically increases demand for power. In return, the demand for power from the grid makes electricity rates spike. This makes your energy bill even higher than it should be! 

More recent factors have also been contributing to an increase in energy bills. Accord to The New York Times, high electric bills in summertime stems from an uptick in natural gas prices. Utilities and energy regulators are working to prevent lengthy and unpredictable power outages by strengthening electric grids from severe weather and natural disasters. These improvements will contribute to higher electricity bills.

How to Reduce Energy Bills at Home 

Check on Your Air Conditioning Unit

Did you know that a clogged air conditioning unit filter is 5-15% less effective? Maintaining your air conditioning unit helps it run more efficiently, saving you money. Make sure to maintain the filters, coils and fins. It’s also important to replace or clean air conditioning filters, as this maximizes the air conditioning units. Dirts and debris obstruct airflow and can impair the evaporator.

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There are a couple of options when it comes utilizing a thermostat to reduce energy bills. First, you can adjust the thermostat on particularly hot days to keep the temperature just cool enough to keep you comfortable. For example, a thermostat set above 75 could save 10-15% on your energy bill. 

Another option is to have a programmable thermostat. That way, if you have a schedule (for instance, you are gone between 12-4pm) you can automatically program the thermostat to be at a higher temperature. It can be difficult to remember to adjust the thermostat before you leave. However, the programmable thermostat will do it for you, on a schedule. 

Another option is to take a step forward and buy a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats also are programmable. Some smart thermostats also have motion detectors. Therefore, when motion is not detected then the air conditioning will automatically stop. Smart thermostats save you money! Some companies, like Nest, have customers reducing their cooling costs by 16.1% and their heating prices reduced by 13.9%. 

Use Fans or Opened Windows Instead of Air Conditioning

Instead of pumping air conditioning all day, take breaks through the day or night. If you live in a windy area, or a place that drops temperatures at night or in the morning, take advantage of this! Open up your windows for a bit and turn on your ceiling fan. If possible, keep windows covered with blinds and curtains to prevent the sun from beating down and heating your home. 

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Switch Appliances to EnergyStar

If you’re ready to make appliance changes, make the switch to EnergyStar appliances. These products meet the energy-efficiency guidelines as set forward by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce greenhouse emissions. For example, if they use 15% less energy than other appliances, that can save you around $85 through the unit’s lifetime. 

How to Reduce Energy Bills Tip #4: Use Electricity in Non Peak Hours

If you didn’t know this already, energy companies charge more for energy usage during peak hours. Therefore, wait until after 6:00 pm to do things like using your oven, running your dishwasher, or washing/drying clothing. This is particularly important on days when the outdoor temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Invest in Solar Energy

Converting your energy to solar energy is the best way to save money in the long run. Creating your own energy allows you to cut your energy bill. option for Americans every year. This investment is known to save families thousands of dollars on electric bills in the near future.

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), as many as 87% of U.S. households used some form of air conditioning in recent years, up from 68% in 1993. In fact, the EIA estimates that 18% of annual residential electrical use is for air conditioning, and it also forecasts that the average American homeowner will spend over $400 throughout this year’s summer cooling season (June-August).

Each state has their own solar incentives, along with the federal tax incentive. Learn about what your state’s tax incentives are, today. 

Other than the money incentives for having solar panels, there are endless benefits that solar panels bring to your household. You can increase your home value, they do not make noise, and they pay off on your return on investment. Solar panels are a renewable energy source, helping climate change and keeping the air in our atmosphere cleaner. 

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